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[CONCEPT] The wardrobe system with renders! - Please implement a wardrobe system!
30. Nov 2022, 23:56 (UTC)
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# 1


Title: [CONCEPT] The wardrobe system with renders! - Please implement a wardrobe system!

Family Name: Eriane

Region: North America

The Wardrobe System (With Concept Renders)

Hello everyone! I have made some conceptual renders once again, these sketch conceptual renders are intended as a means to help generate interest for a long-overdue Wardrobe feature. I have included the images and description on how it would work. I have revised and updated these concepts since early December and was last updated on January 3, 2023. The older concepts are kept at the bottom of this post for reference.


Thank you all for your support! [CM] Cadry mentioned in this thread (Page 3) and pinned it for review and these concepts were shared internally with the Black Desert Studio! I can't wait to see what might come from this! Please take a moment and provide further feedback so that I may make improvements to these concepts.

What is a Wardrobe System?

A wardrobe system is a feature where the player may be allowed to create and organize their valuable pearl costumes and create unique combinations with the ones they have unlocked. It also gives players the ability to see what costume pieces they have not unlocked, the ability to set Combat or Lifeskill effects separately from the costume itself (as long as it has already been unlocked), set idle animation based on what has been unlocked. Let's begin with the illustrations!

You can enlarge the images by clicking on it.

The Wardrobe System (Main)

Proposed Concept Concept with Explanations

1  - Wardrobe Groups

In order to manage your wardrobe you will need to have something called a wardrobe group. These groups are created using Patrigio's Wardrobe, which would formally be Patrigio's Apparel Bag. The suggestion would be that we could convert them over into groups. Each group can be named and fully customized. Deleting a group does not delete the pearl items or the expansion group. You can keep adding new groups by purchasing them directly there or from the shop. Or if you like, get lucky with the night vendor or work on that weekly quest.

You may choose to name your Wardrobe group for convenience! Right clicking or using the Menu button on a Group will permit you to Delete, Rename and Move the group Up and Down in the list.

You can conveniently increase your group limit by clicking on "Get More Slots!"

2  - Main Window

Here you have a preview of your character, the 10 available slots to customize, a button to change the background like in the Beauty Album, select an action pose, zoom / rotation buttons, Hide clothes to reveal underwear (Preview only), and more. Let's go through each feature one-by-one.

2.1 - Dye Set

The wardrobe function would permit players to Dye each set to their liking. This means that dyes would no longer be bound and require the player to keep changing dye whenever they want to use a different wardrobe combination.

2.2 - Rename

Each outfit can be given a name and it is possible to rename the outfit. This button allows the player to rename their outfit.

2.3 - Animation

Another new feature where players may select the animation they desire to fit their given costume. Some costumes have unique animations and poses which are exclusive to be used only with that costume. However, with this feature, any unlocked animation may be applied.

2.4 - Selected Effect

The expansive nature of the waredrobe feature could permit the player to choose which set effect they wish to use with their selected costume. Now you can wear your Shark costume into battle with the camouflage effect!

Set effects would include combat, all lifeskills (cooking, alchemy, etc...), camouflage and so on.

The player MUST have the effect already unlocked from at least one of the costumes.

2.5 - Outfit Piece Visibility

Each outfit piece may have its visibility toggled with a checkbox. This is convenient when you want the set effect but don't necessarily want to see the outfit piece.

2.6 - Hide Clothes

This feature can be toggled ON/OFF in order to view underwear only. This is only for preview and does not get saved.

2.7 - Change Background Weather

This feature is already available in the Beauty Album and Pearl Shop. It permits the preview window to reveal the player in different sets of lightings. This does not persist after the window is closed.

2.8 - Character Action

Select from a list of actions for the preview character to perform.

2.9 - Zoom and Rotate Buttons

These buttons permit the player to finely tune the preview window so that they may see exactly what they want.

Alternatively holding control or shift keys with the middle mouse button will have the same effect.

2.10 - Wardrobe Outfit Status Panel

This panel displays the status effects of the outfit set as well as any additional features it may have such as a custom animation.

2.11 - Cancel and Save buttons

These buttons will close the window while saving or not saving.

2.12 - Wear Set

This button allows the player to equip the outfit selected. Alternatively, the outfit slot may be dragged-and-dropped onto a Quick Action container to quickly equip it.

3 - The Wardrobe System (Equipping)

Proposed Concept Concept with Explanations

4 - Action to Get Here

Right clicking on a outfit piece will transition to this screen where the player will be given the ability to change the costume piece based on what they have unlocked.

5 - The Unlockable system

Each outfit piece available are displayed on this screen. If it is colored, it is unlocked, if it is grayscaled, it hasn't yet been unlocked (locked).

The outfit piece that is currently in use is set to orange and the one currently being considered is highlighted green-blue.

The purpose of the collection system is to give the player the knowledge that other outfit pieces exist and give completionists a visual guide towards what many may consider true end game, outfits!

I will now describe each feature:

5.1 - Go Back, Cancel and Confirm Selected

These buttons will return to the Preview Window by saving or not saving depending on the player's choice.

5.2 - Unlocked Pieces

This interface displays the number of pieces for that slot unlocked out of the total amount available.

Unlocked Locked

5.3 - Sorting Dropdown List

The sorting dropdown list permits the player to organize the pieces by various means.

●  5.3.1 - View All which displays all of the outfit pieces

●  5.3.2 - View Owned which displays only the owned outfit pieces

●  5.3.3 - View Not Owned which displays all of the outfit pieces the player does not yet own

5.4 - Outfit Piece Preview List

This scrollable container allows the player to preview ans select the outfit piece that they desire. When an outfit piece is seleted, the box changes colors and it displays the name of the outfit piece at the bottom of the window.

5.5 - Completion Panel

This panel displays information for the player to better understand how they are doing with their outfit collection. This is not specific to the ouftit slot but shows in general the stats of the character. I have grayed out the Karlstein outfit "not available for this class" in order to prevent confusion for players who may not know this fact about Shai.

6 - How it could interface with the Pearl Inventory System

There may be some questions about how this would affect the player's ability to manage their pearl items and whether or not they may eventually choose to melt their outfits. Rest assured I have answers!

6.1 - Pearl Items are Still Pearl Items

When you purchase pearl items they would still appear as pearl items until you right click on it to consume the outfit or costume piece to be bound to your character. At this point, the items would then disappear from the pearl inventory and appear in the Wardobe system.

6.2 - Melting the Outfit Piece

Now that the item is inside the wardrobe what do you do if you want to melt it? It's simple. Select a outfit slot and browse for the outfit piece you wish to melt. Right click or press the Menu Button and a new menu will appear. Select "Return to Pearl". This will remove the outfit item from your wardrobe and will be placed in your pearl items tab. You can use the existing system to melt the piece. If you change your mind you can add it again to your wardobe.

Please keep in mind that if you do this you would lose any set effect and be unable to use any outfit animation if it has any.

You will also be unable to equip that item piece until it is restored to your wardobe.

7 - Beauty Preset Selection

A wonderful suggestion made by Bubblepuff which could be used to Tag beauty sets with the outfit selected. This means that players could select which beauty preset to use with a given outfit. For instance, if you wish to have Brown hair and a ponytail with a dress, you could save it to that wardrobe preset.

I have prepared a button which could illustrate this idea.

If you like this idea...

Please be sure to upvote this, reply, share it with your guild etc etc... The more people get hyped about the idea of a wardrobe, the more likely they will implement it. I know they talked about wanting to do it before but it's been a very long time. I don't have any Reddit or social network account so feel free to share this idea however you like!

Legacy concepts

Other Ideas in the works:

If you want to see my other thread about "Redesigning the Pet System" Click Here! I'd love to get your support!

Update: 2/29/2024:

Dear Pearl Abyss, please let us know if there will ever be a wardrobe feature. It's been like 2 years since this feature has been requested. We really, really, really would love this quality of life feature! Thank you!

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Dez 2022, 02:09 (UTC)
# 2

I like the idea!

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Dez 2022, 02:56 (UTC)
# 3

This is a great idea, a wardrobe feature would make a huge difference and is needed! Building and saving outfits in a system like this would flow better with gameplay, and make it easier for swapping outfits. I really like the idea of the unlock system too, this reminds me of GW2s wardrobe system which is great! There could also be an option to preview the outfit pieces you dont own, to see what it would look like with your character. It could be similiar to the Pearl shop previews, but also showing the currently unavailable skins, and what they look like mixed with other pieces, or just the outfit itself too! It could help a lot having that in game, instead of trying to search to see what something looks like online :D. Really love your idea and the visuals showing it, hope something like this can be implemented!

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Dez 2022, 14:46 (UTC)
# 4

Thanks for your support! And I agree, if they could have a mix and match preview system wow, that would be a game changer! I'm sure the devs would have fun doing this, I know I would.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Dez 2022, 16:59 (UTC)
# 5

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a really good system for outfits, and aspects of it are similar to what you describe.  SWTOR also has SO many different costume options, obtainable by both in game and real-life currency.  Obviously the ability to move wardrobe pieces from one character to another is done simply due to the fact that the game only has 6 different body types, and BDO's are all class-based, but since SWTOR makes its money through subscription and P2W, and BDO makes the lion's share of its money from outfits........ One would think that outfits and wardrobe systems would always be Black Desert's top priority.

P.S.  Being able to divide outfits into Top, Bottom, Helmet, Gloves, Shoes, Cape..... The subsequent combinations would be REALLY cool.

Also, gifting us sweaters at Christmas would be pretty rad...... for those that like to see folks sporting festive sweaters!

(and no, please don't bomb this thread with down-votes due to the sweater suggestion!)

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Dez 2022, 18:01 (UTC)
# 6

Hi Musa, I agree completely that outfits are a fun way to spend money in this game. I must have spent many benjamins just on outfits and yet my real life wardrobe isn't even worth that much. Go figure? Do you happen to have a screenshot of the wardrobe system in SWTOR? I'm googling it but not finding examples, just what the outfits look like. I might have the terminology wrong.

I think seeing what wardobes from other games might  be a good source of inspiration so if anyone is familiar with another game's wardrobe system please feel free to post them here. The initial concepts were just made as first draft with no other game to be inspired from so I could always refine it better with the ideas shared here. :)

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Dez 2022, 20:01 (UTC)
# 7

Holy effort. I hope PA implements this. 

Also, the Wardrobe typo in the popout window is pretty funny for some reason. 

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Dez 2022, 21:57 (UTC)
# 8

Definitely need this, More outfits are gonna keep coming out then we're just gonna have clutter eventually. 

Pretty sure they had this in the works just not much information or updates on it. 

^From this...

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 03. Dez 2022, 01:13 (UTC)
# 9

Here is the Costume Creator from SWTOR:

The game has several different pieces of gear, and they all combine to make sets, or you can go into what they call the "Outfitter" from your Character Page, so that you can custom make your own outfits.  You can save these outfits by using in-game currency.  The best part?  You can throw the items away that you used to create the outfits, so that they don't clutter up your inventory.  If you want to reload the outfit, just select it from the list.  Pretty sweet deal.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 03. Dez 2022, 03:03 (UTC)
# 10

That's really neat, I really like the live preview and the fact that you can buy them directly. I imagine that PA could implement "Buy piece" and "Buy Set" buttons. Being able to color parts is something I forgot in the concept, it would be nice to be able to save the colors on a per-outfit basis instead. This would require them to basically redo the whole dye system to some extent though but IMO that's budget time well spent lol

This is inspiring for the next revision. :D

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