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Um das Spiel zu starten, bitte „Black Desert“-Launcher Installation durchführen.

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UTC 0 : 59 06. Okt 2022
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PDT 17 : 59 05. Okt 2022
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Feedback - Warrior
12. Aug 2022, 15:49 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Aug 2022, 15:49 (UTC)
# 1

There are some unused class features that require improvements, this does not create an imbalance, but it simplifies the game on the warrior class. Considering that he moves without SA, it is very difficult to play a warrior in the open world.

A warrior has an excess of stamina, but no movement stability, these upgrades can balance, improve the deficiency and get rid of excessive stamina.

1.) Delete CC with SHIFT+Q(Frenzied Strikes) and add SA or FG

2.) Replace Core: Frenzied Strikes with Core: Heaven's Cleave which will add SA or FG

CC from Frenzied Strikes no one uses, neither in PvP, nor in PvE. Everyone cuts off this skill due to the presence of a short buff

On the Heaven's Cleave skill, increase Stamina consumption to 200.

3.) Replace Core: Pulverize with Core: Reckless Blow will add SA

You yourself gave us the opportunity to always use the Pulverize skill with the wrath of the black spirit, which is why Core does not work on this skill, why do we need a Core that is never used by anyone?

As with the Reckless Blow, prohibit the ability to restore stamina during the Pulverize skill.

4.) Delete CC with SHIFT+Q(Frenzied Dash) and add SA

Increase skill cd to 30 seconds

No collision while moving

Increase stamina consumption to 400.

5.) F(Flow: Knee Kick) replace with S+F(Chopping Kick)

Nobody uses this skill Flow: Knee Kick, and if someone uses it, only because all the other skills in the cd are the most useless skill, with a terrible radius and without any protection.

Replace this skill with Chopping Kick so that the warrior can quickly move from the awakened stance to the main stance.

On the Chopping Kick skill, increase stamina consumption to 200.

6.) Delete CC with SHIFT+X(Frenzied Spear) and add SA or FG

Increase stamina consumption to 300.

PA you may notice that warriors don't use Enhancement skills

Because they are all useless, improve at least one


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