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UTC 0 : 58 06. Okt 2022
CEST 2 : 58 06. Okt 2022
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Unskippable, forced stupid, tutorial thing?
13. Aug 2022, 00:24 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 13. Aug 2022, 00:29 (UTC)
# 1

I had a level 1 character in Heidel I used for fail stacks and storage. This was a level 1 character from Nova release so I had already skipped through whatever the tutorial crap was back in those days. But went to swap to her while enhancing and now she's teleported to Sand Grain to do that stupid walk slow and follow that dumb chick thing tutorial crap. NOBODY HAS EVER WANTED TO HAVE TO SIT THROUGH YOUR LAME CUTSCENES. And being forced to walk slow IN ANY GAME for some stupid story thing is the worst design ever. I can't even just bring up Black Spirit to swap the stack.

I know PA has never actually planned any development tasks with any foresight and just randomly does crap by throwing darts at a board. But please for the love of god remove heads from rectums. Then make all cut scenes skippable and don't do anymore of that slow walking crap.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 13. Aug 2022, 12:03 (UTC)
# 2

Though less expicit, I´ve critizised this before, too, but apparently the majority of the community does not bother enough to have more critizism being heard. Your throwing darts comparsion kinda nails it imho. I am under this impression too. However this also gives us some of the whacky or unique stuff that I still enjoy in this game. Though the randomness of things that also get abandoned quickly afterwards is a bit much, agreed.


Yesterday I looped into the Baleons questline with my seasonal char and though I am pretty sure I did this at the end of last season already I had to go through all the unskippable cutscenes there again. To make it better: Now if you HOLD ESC you get returned to the char selection screen (before it was ESC -> exit dialog). So they are very well aware of the annoying nature this can have to players. So I decided that I will not make another char in this game again - okay, unless there is something really kickass on the horizon which justifies the nuisance. 

Now don´t get me wrong: I think some of the new story is actually an improvement over the old and I even read a few dialoges, felt somewhat entertained. Still, I should be able to skip. The solution with the TLDR they offer when skipping the eternal winter cutscenes is a very good one (smart solution, cudos PA!): It gets you actually interested into wanting to know more but does it not in a way that bothers you.

Another issue I have is: Dear devs, you do a good job at supporting all resolutions and offering customization to adjust things for them.

But: your cutscenes do not fill up the screen of an ultrawide monitor, instead they have black bars all around (even top and bottom), making them look BAD, look way worse than the normal game. There is no need for this behavior cause the cutscenes are ultrawide format after all, hence black bars on "normal screens". Also, the top right text (hold R to skip) was actually cut off on my 3840x1600 resolution. Would be nice if you fixed at least that. I wouild be happy to enjoy cutscenes more on a nice cinematic screen. Thank you.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 16. Aug 2022, 09:12 (UTC)
# 3

Hold R to skip cutscenes

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 16. Aug 2022, 13:03 (UTC)
# 4
On: Aug 16, 2022, 09:12 (UTC), Written by Flibbles

Hold R to skip cutscenes

You can't skip 90% of the new cutscenes. Skipping it will send you to the character select menu.


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