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Awaken Kunoichi - Why Is Lunatic Nerfed?
12. Okt 2022, 19:15 (UTC)
652 3
Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Okt 2022, 19:16 (UTC)
# 1

Why was lunatic discus nerfed to not be cancelable , you have removed these cancels which were movement :
Discus >Danse Macrbe - Movement skill

Discus > Moon Storm- Damage + Small Movement

Discus > Halo - Protection with a small gap , we expected this.

Do yous even test your classses ? This is a bigger nerf then what yous added for buffs. Please add back the cancels for lunatic. We know PA hates kuno but seriously not saying about cancels being removed is a massive problem, Stealth nerfing was meant to never happen but here we are. This makes PvP significantly worse, yous changed how kuno plays just by this change. Either Revert it or make the skills that were cancellable , back to being cancelable.

EDIT: Is the retagging so all awaken kuno players switch characters ? or are yous wanting them to fully quit as thats how it looks right now.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Okt 2022, 21:33 (UTC)
# 2

Every single positive change they made to kuno today has unnecessarily nerfed aspects of her kit, with the exception of the extra moonstorm cancels.

-You no longer have any way to cancel Lunatic Discuss, usually you could cancel with Danse Macabre. This is a nerf to our engagement and movement abilities in PvP and PvE.

-You no longer can flow into the last hit of Moon Storm after using Lunatic Discuss. You used to be able to do this before the 12th Oct patch, and nowhere is it stated that this was removed or taken away, the same goes for no more Danse Macabre cancel. They tried to make Discuss a better skill but it's now just a damage nerf, worse movement, longer duration while unprotected and ultimately performs worse in PvP and PvE.

-The quick Block Jump animations from Halfmoon, Danse macabre and Lunar Dash don't work if you play with the pre-awakening version of Block Jump. There are reasons why many players prefer the normal version to go into shortsword stance instead of awakening. (Better engages and it is safer to use). We kinda getting screwed here.

-Locking shadow slash to use halfmoon from shortsword stance. How are we supposed to use heart-aiming? This is a nerf to combo damage a lot of the time. A lot of people use shadow slash for other reasons too like re-positioning & better smoke screen cancels.

-The quickslottable version of Lethal Spin Spree added from shortsword stance is MUCH SLOWER than the normal version... Why is there a slow windup animation before it spins? "improvements" in their own words.

-As for FG on Chaincrash, I mean sure, maybe I'll use it? Sometimes? I'll be using up more stamina for it being a stationary skill though. We don't need more protection. They should have just listened to my suggestion on the class feedback post regarding this skill (page 19 btw)

Please PA, make changes to kuno that we are actually asking for.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Okt 2022, 20:11 (UTC)
# 3

Family Name: Bokurano

Region: NA/EU

Class: Kunoichi (that one class incompetent devs from PA hates)

Suggestion: Either u change staff working on class balances or hire some quality assurance experts - just kidding read what me and others kuno enjoyers have to say.

Hello there,
My name is Bokurano. I've been playing BDO for 5 years by far. Im die hard kunoichi main with 5 year experience on this class. For startes, im very, very, very patient person, but my anger is reached climax, ZENIT. Tell me guys, why do you keep on nerfing kuno, every "class balance" patch is like lets nerf some kuno's pve, and buff hers pvp. WTF? How you incompetent devs could came with that conclusion that almost THE WEAKEST class in the game in terms of pve can get nerf dmg on one of three main dmg abilities when others do shit. You nerfed lunar discuss this patch, the last stronghold of her dmg. How can you say it's an improvement, this skill dosent need fucking less cld, cuz this game is one combo game, u do not enter in long fights especially with assasin type class. U stole like 20% of dmg on this skill, and tried to make up for that with lower cld, but if u would do the math and try to imagine how fight will look u will come to conclusion that its nerf. Im fan of the olun valley spot, i really, really like it there, just before patch i could do easily 3,8/3,9 trash with agris and blue loot scroll there with decent party, rn. with the same party i can't do 3,6 on full buff up (yes i have whole addons, the same as before, and no my combo can;t be changed by this shitty change u did today). So, i dont know where did u get an idea u came with, but i reccomend on rethinking this change cuz it's shit. If u want to balance kuno dont twist her dmg, just make gameplay smoother, for example lunatic discuss same as before but slightly faster lets say 15% and do it on every of her skill that feels slow.


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