Black Desert beginnt in Kürze.

Das Spiel wird gestartet, wenn Ihr den Launcher installiert habt.

Installiert den Launcher, um das Spiel zu starten.

Sollte der Launcher bereits installiert worden sein, wird das Spiel gestartet.
Startet den Launcher manuell, wenn er sich nicht automatisch öffnet.


1 Ladet die Datei BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe herunter und installiert den „Black Desert“-Launcher.

2 Bitte startet das Spiel, sobald die Installation beendet ist.


UTC 7 : 25 21. Jul 2024
CEST 9 : 25 21. Jul 2024
PDT 0 : 25 21. Jul 2024
EDT 3 : 25 21. Jul 2024
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29. Okt 2022, 04:03 (UTC)
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About Us

Engage in casual progression and PvP, where camaraderie reigns supreme.

Whether you're a returning player or a seasoned adventurer, we're seeking self-motivated individuals with a passion for PvP, group grinds, Atoraxxion and other events. From grinding to life skilling, our members have excelled and are eager to help others progress and achieve similar goals.

Tailored to those aged 18 and above, join us at

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Hi! I'm a returning player. I played since beta, but I've been gone for a couple of years. I used to be one of the highest ranked sailors around, but that's been a long while.

I'm coming back to the game because I miss the camaraderie found within the guild(s) that I was in back then. I don't do node wars, and I have 3 kids and a job, so I'm pretty casual, but I'm a team player, and very social. I usually play after 9 or 10pm pacific time (US), sometimes late at night, and I'll drop in sometimes in the morning or afternoon (again, pacific time).

Are you all online or on discord VC around those times? does this sound like a good fit?

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Hi, I'm a returning player. I've been playing Berserker on the NA server since 2016. I live in the EU so I decided to migrate over to the EU server. I'd love to join your guild. My discord is Arma4606 or Arma#4606 .

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