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[CONCEPT] Improving The Pet Menu System + Redesign Concepts (Updated: January 11, 2023)
30. Nov 2022, 16:39 (UTC)
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# 1

Title: [CONCEPT] Improving The Pet Menu System + Redesign Concepts

Family Name: Eriane

Region: North America


Improving The Pet Menu System

With Concept Renders



Presently the Pet System is enjoyable but there are various improvements that could be made to improve the quality of life for players and as well as modernizing the user interface in a way that would behave more appropriately within the game's environment. I will be providing screenshots and details explaining how everything works together. The biggest quality of life improvement would be that we would no longer be restricted with only 5 Pet Slots but can create as many as the new limit is given since the UI would permit it.

Improtant Notes:

Plese note that I am in the process of designing these concepts therefore there will be a mix of V1, V2 and Mockups included but I do plan to complete this. Likewise, if you like this idea please feel free to like this post and provide feedback, I'm always excited to implement new features that are being requested. And if you want you can also browse my other thread which was considered by the Black Desert Online Studio here: New Wardrobe System. Also my next project is Workers 2.0. I am about half-way done with that but haven't published yet. Please look forward to it!


1. Main Pet Window

The present Pet Window provides easy to access information about the pets you have out but there are many features which could be improved. Most notibly being able to feed your pets by exact quantities or quickly peforming actions such as setting all pets to Active (Slow, Normal, Fast) etc... In order to illustrate the differences between the current pet window and the new concept I will begin by comparing both

You can enlarge the images by clicking on it.

Current Design

Proposed Design

Pet Window Explained

1.1 - Action to Get Here

You can get to this menu by clicking on the Pet Icon button or pressing the Open Pen Menu Hotkey

1.2 - Changes

The following changes are for the Main Pet Window

●  1.2.1 - Obvious changes to the UI

●  1.2.2 - Click to change pet speed can be either on a per-pet basis or global. Clicking on this would first determine if all pets are of the same speed. If not, it will start on speed 1 and set everyone to normal. Then it will change it to fast on the second click and so on.

●  1.2.3 - Swap between Pet groups button would allow easily swapping between different pet groups. It would open a menu to the side of the Viewfield and

●  1.2.4 - Individual pet toggle buttons are shown at the top of the pet list for ease of use. Notice that item pickup toggle has been removed since I couldn't think of a reason why that exists. The removal of the button would keep the UI more clean from clutter.

●  1.2.5 - List of Pet buffs are still shown for each pet near the Pet Details panel.

●  1.2.6 - The Pet details panel shows the Pet's level in clear detail and also the hunger and XP level of the pet. Presently not all information is present.

●  1.2.7 - The background color and foreground colors used are dependent on the Pet's rarity and if the pet has reached max level. I tried using "MAX" insted of "10" but it looked too wordy

●  1.2.8 - Pet Effects are now easily presented and also shows a list of effects that are not currently in effect due to the pet being "disabled" or "too hungry".

●  1.2.9 - Pet Feed button brings a menu where you can either feed Max, once, or a given amount.

●  1.2.10 - Manage Pet Group button brings up the Pet Manager window

1.3 - Comparing Active vs Inactive Pet

This could occur when the player tells a pet that they shouldn't be doing anything anymore. (Toggled by speed)

Active Inactive

1.4 - Swap Pet Groups Panel

Placeholder - Swapping pet groups should also be easy. Currently I am still designing this. Will post it in a few days and elaborate on this.

1.5 - Pet Groups Panel (Active)

Full Panel Preview Context Menu

2 - Viewing Pet Groups

This could be what the Pet Group system looks like when you go to manage it.
Pet Manager - Group Viewer

2.1 - What Makes this Important

Presently if you want to manage pet groups you have to go through the tedius process of scrolling through a single menu system and designating a Group number. With this system, you no longer have to worry about it since managing pet groups and pets within groups is very easy and quick to use. There would no longer be a 5 Group limit but rather the groups could be (hypothetically) as many as necessary by clicking on the [ + ] button at the bottom of the group list.

3 - Browsing Pets when adding a new pet

Let's begin by viewing the Pet Browsing window. This occurs when the player wants to replace a pet or add a new pet to otheir roster.
Pet Browser

3.1 - New Features

The following are new features that could be added to this sytem

●  3.1.1 - Dedicated Window
●  3.1.2 - Sort By Button allows users to organize their Pets by Name, Level, Rarity, Type
●  3.1.3 - Search input box - Allows users to search their pets

●  3.1.4 - Number of Owned pets gives the player feedback on how may pets they own
●  3.1.5 - Pet Container is a box with the Pet, their stats and what groups they are tagged in. Note that only a set limit can be shown for which group they are tagged in using this design
●  3.1.6 - If the player is creating a new group, they could perhaps click multiple pets to select from the list instead of having to go back and forth between menus.
●  3.1.7 - Confirm button will save the changes, otherwise, clicking X or pressing ESC will go back to the group viewer.

●  3.1.8 - Ability to view currently selected pets for multiple selection (will explain in a bit)

●  3.1.9 - Container which displays pet information (will explain a bit)

●  3.1.10 - Ability to toggle which pet to take out (visible / hide). We may want the benefits of each pet but we don't necessarily want to see them out. This would apply for others to see / not see as well.

3.2 - Selecting Pets

The following happens when you click on a pet from the viewport window and is added to the list on the right and then when the player clicks on the pet itself in the menu on the right
Selecting Pets in a list
Viewing Details of the selected pet

3.2.2 - Reason Why This is important

Currently we are stuck scrolling through a long list and it's pretty bothersome trying to find the RIGHT pet. But now with the proposed abilities of being able to SORT BY and Search, you could easily find the pets that you are looking for. Additionally, you're able to view more details than you ever could. Currently you have to make a lot of assumptions through mental calculations on what the final result will be like or search database websites to see what pets do exactly what. Here, all the information is presented to the player.

4 - Pet Upgrade System (PLACEHOLDER)

The current pet upgrade system is good but I believe it can be better since the entire UI mockups have changed. There are also some issues with the current system. For example, you cannot currently rename pets. Secondly, Enhancing pets requires the user to scroll through a long list. I believe that the new design would be better used because it is less clutter and causes less confusion.


I have not yet completed the V2 Concept! I will have this done in a few days. The v1 concepts are found at the bottom of the page for documentation.

2/15/2023 - As much as I want to finish this part, I cannot find time to do it. I have to study real hard for the next couple of weeks and whatever time I have to relax I'll be playing BDO. I might be able to put some effort in this but realistically this sudden opportunity came up unexpectedly. Once I'm done with my studies I'll be sure to come back here.

5/11/2023 - I am preparing to make additional improvements to this and complete the concept now that I'm back. Please stay tuned!

Current Design Proposed Concept

Image Concept Not Yet ready
Image concept not ready yet

5 - Other Ideas that may work

The following ideas are more suggestions that could possibly enhance the pet experience. Credit is given by user submission.
Idea Credit
Ability to only view certain pets but still have them out. Meaning, if you only want to see 1 pet, then you could toggle this.
Ability to Rename Pets AgitoZeal
Reminder to bring back visibility of pets feature Rux

If you like this idea...

Please be sure to upvote this, reply, share it with your guild etc etc... The more people get hyped about the idea of a wardrobe, the more likely they will implement it. I know they talked about wanting to do it before but it's been a very long time. I don't have any Reddit or social network account so feel free to share this idea however you like!

Legacy concepts

Other Ideas:

Wardobe System With Renders!

If you want to see my other thread about "New Wardrobe System" Click Here! I'd love to get your support!

Workers 2.0

I'm also working on "Workers 2.0" This thread is not yet ready to be published.

Thread History:

●  1. Improved the Pets counter in the second image so it's not just a text but a feature to use the pearl shop for more pets.

●  2. I'm working on the Enhance system (formally exchange) but will do this after eating. I removed "buy more" button with enhance since I forgot that was a thing. Got plenty of ideas on improving this please stay tuned!

●  3. Added the new Pet Enhance concept

●  4. Posted changes and complete OP overhaul, January 8, 2023

●  5. Added Pet Browser and Pet Selection and expanded on their details, January 11, 2023

●  6. Added Other ideas and credit to users, January 30, 2023

●  7. Realized that the pet visibility wasn't included in the revision. Added it. May 11, 2023

8. Just bumping the thread, forgot I had not completed this thread fully. Will improve it later., May 26, 2024

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 30. Nov 2022, 22:24 (UTC)
# 2

Thank you all for upvoting this thread so far! I apprecite it and hope that PA takes notes :)

If you do like this idea please make sure to not just like but also comment. I don't know how they decide what idea goes in their feedback bin but I imagine that more comments = more likely to be considered. Take care!

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Dez 2022, 00:20 (UTC)
# 3

Ok, first off, GREAT idea, and GREAT mock-ups! Additionally... Gilbert_Gosphy??? It is clear you are a genius! LOL

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Dez 2022, 03:31 (UTC)
# 4
On: Nov 30, 2022, 16:39 (UTC), Written by Tooshaitopost

... Please excuse the crude drawings of the pets and icons. ...

Totally disagree.   The crude icons should be included in the revised interface.


Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Dez 2022, 14:43 (UTC)
# 5
On: Dec 1, 2022, 00:20 (UTC), Written by Nomadica

Ok, first off, GREAT idea, and GREAT mock-ups! Additionally... Gilbert_Gosphy??? It is clear you are a genius! LOL

LOL appreciated!

On: Dec 1, 2022, 03:31 (UTC), Written by Entropoid

Totally disagree.   The crude icons should be included in the revised interface.


oh dear.. Imagine the horror if they did! At least it would appear as-if a shai drew them at least.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 03. Dez 2022, 20:58 (UTC)
# 6

It's been 2 days and no more replies. I'm hoping to get more feedback for a new revision of this system. Are there features you guys would like to see in it that have been long overdue? Let's build this revision concept together :D

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 03. Dez 2022, 23:03 (UTC)
# 7

I don't have anything to add, but the mock ups are very pleasing to the eye to look at. You did a really great job with it (:

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 08. Dez 2022, 21:49 (UTC)
# 8
On: Dec 3, 2022, 20:57 (UTC), Written by Tooshaitopost

It's been 2 days and no more replies. I'm hoping to get more feedback for a new revision of this system. Are there features you guys would like to see in it that have been long overdue? Let's build this revision concept together :D

Currently, if you re-order your pets, the summon order doesn't change, and if you exchange your pets, they get pushed to the bottom. Haunted for years by that. Needs to be fixed to reflect the re-ordering.

I'm T5ing my first and favorite pet, so I wanted to "min/max" her skills via pet exchange, and now, my OCD tells me that I need to exchange the rest of my pets to fix the summon order... But, I own one of each pet ever released. :( rip wallet

I love your idea, btw!

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 06. Dez 2022, 02:32 (UTC)
# 9

Love to have abilities searchable and more team options.

Like to be able to label teams. 

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 06. Dez 2022, 06:37 (UTC)
# 10

Awesome idea!  Devs need to work off this blueprint!

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