Black Desert beginnt in Kürze.

Das Spiel wird gestartet, wenn Ihr den Launcher installiert habt.

Installiert den Launcher, um das Spiel zu starten.

Sollte der Launcher bereits installiert worden sein, wird das Spiel gestartet.
Startet den Launcher manuell, wenn er sich nicht automatisch öffnet.


1 Ladet die Datei BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe herunter und installiert den „Black Desert“-Launcher.

2 Bitte startet das Spiel, sobald die Installation beendet ist.


UTC 14 : 2 28. Mrz 2023
CEST 16 : 2 28. Mrz 2023
PDT 7 : 2 28. Mrz 2023
EDT 10 : 2 28. Mrz 2023
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The fate of the RU region
20. Jan 2023, 04:49 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 20. Jan 2023, 17:28 (UTC)
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I don't know if there's much that NA/EU admins can do about it. Pretty sure the contracts are between KR and RU. It would be nice to have a server migration option, as I saw a request here being made, but I can't think of any game where the publishers would bend their ear to such a plea. Gamefail wouldn't do it, AGS would refuse to do it till the 25th hour... 

Yours is an extraordinary circumstance, but, in true modern fashion, chances are the reply would be "our thoughts and prayers are with you". Still I wish you luck in finding the proper channel to and people to find a solution to your predicament.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 21. Jan 2023, 10:28 (UTC)
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good afternoon, I am also a player from Ukraine. And I really want you to make a transfer to the euro server, because it is very difficult to play in the Ru region due to the toxicity of Ru players and there is no desire. I have been playing for a long time, I love the game and there are a lot of stacks.
Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 21. Jan 2023, 11:31 (UTC)
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On: Jan 20, 2023, 17:07 (UTC), Written by Jacquelien

This forum is no place for politics nor accusing a group of people of committing certain things. 

You must be the smart one

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 22. Jan 2023, 12:24 (UTC)
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I started playing bdo for more than 7 years, I tried to start again, but it is difficult and not interesting to play on the ru segment, it is impossible to play at all, constant freezes and problems with the server, terrible delays, high ping, there is no such problem on euro, but starting from the beginning is boring for me for a long time 16 years, there is no time, unfortunately, I had to delete the game. At the moment, I don't quite understand why it is not possible to transfer the account, since all intellectual rights and information will be assigned to the developer and not to the owner of the servers.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 25. Jan 2023, 09:51 (UTC)
# 25

Strarting over is a player's choice. But caring about players is game developer's choice.
I hope that Pearl Abyss will hear ukrainian gamers.
And hope that noone will ever face the cruelty of war.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 26. Jan 2023, 22:47 (UTC)
# 26

Good afternoon, I am also a player from Ukraine, for about 2 years I played in BDO in the Ru-cluster, at the beginning of this year I switched to the EU-cluster. Before switching to the EU, I hoped that there would be a transfer of accounts from the RU to the EU in BDO, as in the WOT game in the fall of 2022, but as it turned out, there was no transfer in BDO. I had to create a new account on the EU and start all over again. I would like to be able to transfer at least accounts that have Ukrainian IP addresses.

Thanks for reading to the end.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 17. Feb 2023, 11:17 (UTC)
# 27

Good Day! Being a ukrainian-speaking in a russian server is not a pleasant experience. When I started this game on Steam, it automatically threw me on a RU region, region I was already familiar with. It was unpleasant, but tolerable, though given a choice, I absolutely would choose EU. No choice was given. Year later, a genocidal war started by Russians is ripping apart my country, my life and lives of my friends and relatives are changed forever. Some of them died to indiscriminate russian attacks, some were traumatized, all want nothing to do with RU anything.

   As you can imagine, playing a RU server being a Ukrainian is unpleasant, Moreover, it is unacceptable. Just like some of my compatriots are prisoners of russian murderes and maniacs, we, ukrainian players on BDO are prisoners on RU region. Please, Give the UA players a chance to leave the clutches of chauvinistic and genocidal people that hold them hostage, give us an option to transfer servers.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 21. Feb 2023, 18:59 (UTC)
# 28

Good evening, I'm from Latvia.
We also support the Ukrainians in real life, and every gamers, who was forced to play on the RU server all this time.

I will open one more fact, the whole Baltic region, which is in Europe and the European Union, was forced to play on the RU server from the start of the game. When trying to register for the EU, we were mercilessly banned.

In the end, we didn't even have any other choice than to play RU for all these 8 years.

From the start of the game, we supported the PA, both with money and support of people mass, when they were in conflict with Gamenet (this was ex-localizer of the game in Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States and some other countries).
I suggested to move our accounts to EU a year ago, but the only thing we got when players needed PA support was a spit in the face - a gamepass code.
"Ok, you can play now on EU, but all your progress of 8 years is going down the drain."

I'll repeat: we do not need pearl items and everything that we bought in a pearl store.
We need our characters and gear, which we exped and enchanted with our sweat, blood, hemorrhoids, and sleepless nights.

Make a paid transfer, please, and we'll buy all pearl benefints again.

Or make the opposite choice, so all of us will have nothing to pay for, if you disrespecting our lifetime.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 22. Feb 2023, 01:11 (UTC)
# 29

Look when the crush happened in Korea, PA was very sensitive to it because families of workers were affected. I think they should be sympathetic to a literal war where whole cities have been reduced to nothing but rubble.

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