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05. Jun 2023, 21:18 (UTC)
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Family Name: Awgust

Region (NA/EU): EU

Suggestions/Comments: Request for Archer Succession and Skill Rabams in BDO


Dear BDO Development Team


I hope this message finds you well. I am writing as an avid Archer enthusiastic in Black Desert Online to express my heartfelt request for the implementation of Archer Succession and Skill Rabams.


The Archer class has captivated players with its unique playstyle and versatility. However, i feel that the addition of Succession and Skill Rabams would further elevate the gameplay experience. Succession would provide a new path of progression, allowing Archers to specialize and unlock a distinct set of powerful abilities. This would deepen our connection with the class and offer exciting new possibilities for strategic gameplay.


Furthermore, the inclusion of Skill Rabams would greatly enhance our combat mechanics. Skill Rabams, which combine two existing skills into a single, more powerful skill, would add depth and flexibility to our rotations. They would enable players to unleash devastating combinations and adapt our playstyle to different situations, making the Archer class even more engaging and rewarding to master.


I kindly request your consideration and attention to this matter. Your commitment to continuously improving Black Desert Online is highly appreciated, and the implementation of Archer Succession and Skill Rabams would undoubtedly invigorate the Archer community and contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game.


Thank you for your time and dedication. I eagerly await any updates regarding these requests.



Best regards,

[BDO Adventurer]


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Archer doesn't need a succession at all. He has awakening from the very begining and it's what makes him unique from the rest of the classes.

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I love the Greatbow, personally, and almost never use the crossbow, especially since Gaping Darkness was ruined.

However, there are those who might fancy using the crossbow exclusively.  No harm in catering to those players, right?

I mean, PA has ....... done things ...... to other systems that broke the game far worse than Archer succession ever could.....

Also, on the topic of Archer, his and Ranger's range should be made equal to Maegu's.  Realism, right?  Longbows can shoot pretty far......



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