Black Desert beginnt in Kürze.

Das Spiel wird gestartet, wenn Ihr den Launcher installiert habt.

Installiert den Launcher, um das Spiel zu starten.

Sollte der Launcher bereits installiert worden sein, wird das Spiel gestartet.
Startet den Launcher manuell, wenn er sich nicht automatisch öffnet.


1 Ladet die Datei BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe herunter und installiert den „Black Desert“-Launcher.

2 Bitte startet das Spiel, sobald die Installation beendet ist.


UTC 1 : 59 02. Dez 2023
CET 2 : 59 02. Dez 2023
PST 17 : 59 01. Dez 2023
EST 20 : 59 01. Dez 2023
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The Complete Guide to Unlocking All Social Actions
01. Jul 2023, 22:58 (UTC)
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# 1


Introduction to this Guide


Welcome everyone to this very comprehensive guide to Social Actions. In this guide I will present to you every social action and how to unlock them. I could not locate any singular guide available and whenever I would attempt to unlock some, certain key information were omitted. This guide was created from the ground-up in an attempt to make it easy for anyone to jump in and unlock everything.


I will also provide a list of pre-requisites and then also add them to each Social Action so that you know what to prepare for. You may choose to binge it from start to finish or you may wish to do it incrementally. However you decide to do it, it is entirely up to you.


Finally I would like to mention that I have also provided nifty advice on which ones to complete first and for the icing on the cake, if you don’t want to see the quest spoilers, I have made it possible to open and close the directions.


I hope you enjoy this guide; this required many days to complete but I thought that not many people have unlocked all Social Actions. This is your chance to unlock them all!

Notice: The Sit social action was releaesd on August 2. This guide will be updated tonight to reflect those changes. You can sit using /legcross


Table of contents

  1. 1. List of Social Actions
    1. 1.1 Default Social Actions
    2. 1.2 Obtainable Social Actions
    3. 1.3 Unique Shai Social Actions
    4. 1.4 Other Social Actions
    5. 1.5 List of actions similar to social actions (RP)
  2. 2. The Complete List of Pre-Requisites
  3. 3. Social Action Optimization
  4. 4. Unlocking the entire list of Social Actions
    1. 4.1 Leveling Social Actions
    2. 4.2 Proudly & Narcissist
    3. 4.3 Confident
    4. 4.4 Fighting Spirit
    5. 4.5 Flirt
    6. 4.6 Fighting Spirit
    7. 4.7 Dreams Come True
    8. 4.8 Combat Training
    9. 4.9 Tasting Wine
    10. 4.10 Proposal
    11. 4.11 Reject
    12. 4.12 Investigate
    13. 4.13 Blow The War Horn
    14. 4.14 Quiet
    15. 4.15 Hold Beer
    16. 4.16 Laugh While holding beer
    17. 4.17 Drink Beer
    18. 4.18 Hold Broom
    19. 4.19 Sweep with Broom
    20. 4.20 Move Forward While Sweeping & Discuss while reading
    21. 4.21 Read Book
    22. 4.22 Articulate while reading and laugh while reading
    23. 4.23 Please Read Quietly
    24. 4.24 Discuss while reading
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# 2
1.0  List of Social Actions


1.1 Default Social Actions

Social Actions Default Command Keywords
Sit See Notice** ----



What’s up, Yo

Casual Greeting


Hello, Hi



Lol, :)



(__)*, Hnng

Get Angry


Gosh, Damn



Some change, Money please



T-T, (weeps)



Wait, Stop



No, No way



Tsk Tsk, Clap



Huh?, What?



Apologies, I’m sorry



Come in, Welcome



Too bad, Almost



!!!, Hey

Answer is “O”



Answer is X




1.2 Obtainable Social Actions

Social Actions Default Command Keywords


Family or Character-Wide



Good job, Good work

Lv. 15 and up


Follow Me


Here, Follow me

Lv. 20 and up




Sorry, My bad

Lv. 25 and up




(Yawn), Bored

Lv. 30 and up


Lie Down

/Lie Down

Lie down, Tired

Lv. 35 and up




(Tongue out), Idiot

Lv. 40 and up




I lost, I admit

Lv. 45 and up


I’m the Best


Told you, See

Lv. 50 and up


Polite greeting


Order, Captain

Only available to guild members




Wow, Oh yeah

Only available when an armor costume is equipped




Boring, Sleepy

Only available when an armor costume is equipped


Warm Up

/Warm Up

Again, Easy

Only available when an armor costume is equipped




Proud, Valiant

Complete: “To Lema Island” (from Lv. 53, complete “Pirates That Threaten Calpheon” via Rubin)




Best, Great

Complete “Trophy Report” (from Lv. 53, complete “Pirates That Threaten Calpheon” via Rubin)




Please, Begging you

Complete “The Chief’s Graddaughter” (from Lv. 18, complete “An Inn in Velia” via Artemio)




I, I am

Complete [To Level 50!] Giant Catfishman Qoobe (available from Lv. 49) OR Looking for Adventurers


Fighting Spirit

/Fighting Spirit

Fight, Bring it

Complete [Co-op] Illezra’s Servant (Available at Lv. 52 if the questline “A Prophet of Altinova” is completed) OR [Boss] Illezra’s Servant


Wave Flag


Cheer, Swing

Only available to guild members


Dreams Come True


wish, hope, dream

Complete the Kamasylvia main quest “The Heart of Kamasylve”, or the new Kamasylvia main quest “[Kamasylvia] The Heart of Kamasylve”


Combat Training


Boxing, Fighting, Training

Complete “Pride of the Outback” (complete [Lv. 53] Tragic End of Mercenaries, [Lv. 54] Mediah Merchant’s Union Support, [Lv. 54] Five Rings of Illezra, and [Lv. 55] King of the Arena)


Tasting Wine


Wine, Liquor, Grapes

Complete “[Trading] Trading Begins” OR “What I Can Do” (at least Gathering Apprentice 4, completed “[Gathering] The Northern Wheat Plantation’s Problems” via NPC Norma Leight, accept Lady Leight’s “Letter of Introduction”)




Propose, Confess, Love

Complete the quest “[Gathering] Calpheon City Decoration I” (Trigger: Gathering Professional 1 & City Artist NPC)




Next time, nope

Obtain title “Hated by the Black Spirit” (Fail to enchant item 8 times)




Investigate, Search, Rummage

Complete the quest “Clean Revenge” (Trigger: Accepting Valencia II main quest)


Blow the War Horn

/War Horn

Toot, Horn, Assemble

Complete quest “A Gift for a Hero” (Requires reaching Lv. 58 and completing quest Deian’s Schemes)




Hush, Quiet

Complete the quest “[Co-op] Rarity Equals Higher Price” (Trigger: Reaching Lv. 58; Completing the quest “[Co-op] Qualities of a Hunter”


Hold beer


Drink Beer, Clink Beer

Complete “Bedder’s Cooking Ingredients” (prerequites: at least Cooking Apprentice 6). Press RMB to cancel the action.


Laugh while Holding Beer


Drink Beer, Clink Beer

Complete “Beer for a Thirsty Worker” (prerequisite: at least Cooking Beginner 10). Press Z while holding a beer to use.


Drink Beer


Drink Beer, Clink Beer

Complete quest “After Daily Work” (Trigger: Reach Lv. 53). Press F while holding beer to use.


Hold Broom


Broom, Sweep

Complete quest “Leader of the Ahib” (Trigger: Kamasylvia Part II quests) or the new kamasylvia main quest “[Kamasylvia] The Final Report”


Sweep with Broom


Broom, Sweep

Complete quest “Yahq’s Troubles” (Trigger: Reaching Lv. 50; Complete quest “Trouble at Gayak Guard Post”). Press F while holding the broom to use.


Move Forward while Sweeping


Broom, Sweep

Complete quest “Noble Sacrifice” (Trigger: Complete Duvencrune Lorca sub-quest). Press W while sweeping the floor to use.


Read Book


Read, Research

Complete quest “Normalized Currents” (Trigger: Sycraia story related quests). Press RMB to cancel the action.


Articulate While Reading


Read, Research

Complete quest “Art of Sharing” (Trigger: Duvencrune Nerman story related quests). Press RMB to cancel the action.


Laugh While Reading


Read, Research

Complete quest “Art of Sharing” (Trigger: Duvencrune Nerman story related quests). Press Z while holding the book to use.


Please Read Quietly


Read, Research

Complete quest “A Recorded Myth” (Trigger: Chenga Sherekhan Adventurer’s Tome related quests). Press E while holding book to use.


Discuss while Reading


Read, Research

Complete quest “Door of Truth” (Trigger: Drieghan Azunak related quests).


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# 3

1.3 Unique Shai Social Actions

Social Actions

Default Command



Family or Character-Wide

Dance: Hip! Hop! Shake it!


get down

Create Shai


Dance: Feeling Groovy



Create Shai


Dance: Let’s Jump On It!


rock out

Create Shai



1.4 Other Social Actions

Social Actions

Default Command



Family or Character-Wide

Masquerade Bow


Hey there, Greetings

Buy Heidel Masquerade Outfit from the Pearl Shop




Graduation, Graduation Cap

Can be used if you have the “Graduation Cap” obtained from graduating in Season Sever.


Lie Down * Halloween Edition

/Lie Down

Lie down, Tire

When wearing the body piece of Bloody Costume, you lay down like a vampire. It replaces the normal laydown social action. Does not apply for other Halloween outfits.



1.5 List of actions similar to social actions (RP)

There are other social actions that you can perform that is not a part of the default list. Here is how you can do them.

Play dead is a skill used only by shai which makes you appear dead. It requires the player to be level 50 or above and consumes 5 Combat Points. Alternatively you can simply die if you're more of a hardcore method actor.

Crouch can be done by pressing the Q Key when not in combat.

Crawl can be done by pressing spacebar while crouching.

Slow walk can be done by pressing the SCROLL LOCK key.

Leaning back can be performed when the player walks backwards into a wall.

Sitting on Ledge / Chair can be performed when the player presses Q (Crouch) at the ledge. Please keep in mind that not all ledges can be sit on. You can also walk backwards against a ledge or chair to sit in/on it.

Change Sitting Animation if you press Q again while sitting, you will change your sitting animation.

Different Idle Animations: You can change your idle animations by selecting a different outfit. Some outfits have different animations, and this is different on a per-class basis. To find out what the unique animation can be, visit the pearl shop to preview the outfit.

Laying back on Donkey: This can only be done with a shai. While on a donkey you can lay back on it and slowly cruise around town.

Laying in bed: You can lay in your own bed, on someone else’s bed, some benches and also in your own tent.

Using Broom: While holding the broom you can press F to sweep and right mouse buttom to stop sweeping. If you press W while sweeping you can move forward and S will make you sweep backwards. Please keep in mind you will need the related social actions to do this.

Read Quitely: While holding a book press E and you will play the Read Quietly social action.

Laughing while holding beer: Press Z while holding beer.

Play Music: All classes can now play beginner instruments but only at Beginner level. Shai can play all instruments but please note that you must unlock instruments before playing. There are also instrument items that you can rent or obtain from events that plays a specific song. Custom / community songs can be played using the Album feature.

NOTICE: Only Shai may play instruments on the live server (with exception of item instruments). Please stay tuned while this feature is being prepared to be added to the live server.

Bonfire (Campfire): Shai can craft a bonfire and place it on the ground. This fire is great for RP but it also has the perk of HP recovery (HP +25 for 10s), energy recovery (+1 for 10s) and cures hypothermia. This works for player allies as well! Combine Bonfire with sitting and music playing.
Dive into water: You can dive into water by jumping and pressing the E key. This does not always work but it can. You will still be affected by fall damage if you're diving too high and if you try to dive onto a boat you may roll and possibly hit your head in a unique animation.
Crafting: Technically I would say this could work for RP as well. You can use simple crafting such as simple alchemy.





2.0 How to use Social Actions
You can use social actions multiple ways. The first method is by pressing the ENTER key to open chat and there will be a Social Actions Button. The second method is to press the ESC key and click on Community then Social Actions.

Press ENTER then click on the S button shown on-screen Press ESC then Community and then Social Actions

Disabling or Remapping Social Actions

Optionally you may prefer to change how certain actions are triggered or perhaps you would rather remove them entirely whenever you are chatting. To do this, open the Social Actions menu and remove keywords as shown in the image to the right.



3.0 Social Action Optimization
I would first highly recommend that you are at least Level 58 before going through this entire adventure. Ideally you should complete the entire Chenga Questline first. You should consider doing [QUEST] Rowboat Construction as the first thing because it can take hours to complete. This is found in Combat Training (Suggested Quests). If you have completed the Simplified questline on this character and haven’t already completed the entirety of Combat Training, you will have to use a different character for it once you reach a certain point. All quests there are family related so once you complete a quest it completes it for everyone.

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# 4
4.0 Unlocking the entire list of Social Actions
It’s now time to unlock all of your social actions but before that, please make sure you have taken a look at the complete list of Prerequisites if you want to be prepared.


4.1 Leveling Social Actions

The following Social Actions are unlocked just by reaching a specified level. Here is the list:

Social Action

Default Command




Lv. 15 and up

Follow Me


Lv. 20 and up



Lv. 25 and up



Lv. 30 and up

Lie Down

/Lie Down

Lv. 35 and up



Lv. 40 and up



Lv. 45 and up

I’m the Best


Lv. 50 and up


4.2 Proudly & Narcissist (Click to Expand)



4.3 Confident (Click to Expand)


4.4 Fighting Spirit (Click to Expand)


4.5 Flirt (Click to Expand)


4.6 Fighting Spirit

4.7 Dreams Come True

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# 5
4.8 Combat Training
Adventurer's Warning: This is a very long questline and requires a lot of effort unlike the previous Social Actions. You will be rewarded with a family-bound Social Action meaning you only need to complete this once. The big bold header was used to emphasize that this quest is not like most other Social Actions. Get a cup of tea and some snacks, it's about to get involving.



Level 55+

A lot of energy (400+ recommended but not required)

At least 8 spare CP (more the better, try around 16CP).

10 Scantlings (Chop Logs into scantlings)

Introductory Guide

As mentioned previously this questline is very long (68 Quests) but you will only do to this once. It is possible that you have completed some quests using other characters and so on. These quests don’t all need to be completed in the order that they appear. However, I will go through and help guide you. Please be sure to read this quest in full so that you can be better prepared.

In the event that you need to complete the Amity Game, please take warning that some NPCs may not be possible or rather are impractical to play the game. Instead I highly recommend hat you use Greet (F5) until you have completed your task.

If I did not cover something that you were stuck on, please reply and I will add it here. For the sake of not making this guide too long, I will only add portions where some people may get stuck or want to be prepared for.


[QUEST] Rowboat Construction


Now that you have completed these quests, place your materials in the shop and hire any needed workers. I recommend blue grade or higher if possible but any worker will be fine. The quest will have given you workers and materials.



Assign your workers to craft the Rowboat. While this is happening you can look at your Quest Log (O) and see what your next quest is starting from the quest Past Glory. You may have already completed some of these already. If you are having difficulties understanding the Quest Log, you can Unselect the tickbox where it says Hide Completed Quests which will unveil both the quests that you have completed and those that you haven’t completed.


Ghost of the Past

This one is a bit tricky so I wanted to add some details about it. You have to speak to Ahon Kirus in Tarif. Then once you are done, a quest marker with a grave icon will appear somewhere near Heidel. Go there to speak with Derek to complete your objective.

Lifting the Veil

This quest has a tricky part to it. Once you get the Glass of Reflection, you will need to place it in a residence and use it then go back to Ahon Kirus and chat to complete the quest. You can temporarily purchase a residence in Tarif for 1CP.



Illzera's Threat

You need to go up the very tall building in Tarif and interact with the book to accept this quest. It is an easy quest to complete and you can just continue to follow it until Kirderf's Sacrament.



Kirderf's Sacrament

Adventuer's Warning: You will need 100 Energy to complete this quest! You will need to swim in the water to unlock a chest for 100 energy.

A Lucky Coincidence

You will need to interact with the Experiment Journal. It’s located on the Second Floor of the building.


Weight of the World

Speak with Allan Serbin and accept the quest Weight of the World. You will be tasked to summon a creature but before you do, this part is very important...

(1) You will need to go to Brorum the Trade Manager and accept the quest “Weakness of the Living Legend”. You will need to request Holy Water from Leona in the Calpheon church (it will be the last option down the list) and then you will speak with the High Priest Lehard Motenon who will give you the Holy Water.

If you can’t interact with the priest because you lack knowledge, you will need to play the Amity Game or Greet (F5) with Bipache in Abandon Land.

(2) You will afterwards need to return to Tarif and speak with Brorum to obtain an item called Elion Divine Cannonball which will be used to defeat the summon Sor. Sor cannot be damaged using any of your attacks, this is why you had to go go through this. Equip the Elion Divine Cannonball after summoning Sor. You can attack by left-mouse-clicking and if for whatever reason you need to repair it, go to Tarif and chat with Brorum again to have it repaired.

(3) Once Sor is defeated you can accept the quest “Reforming Tarif” from the Black Spirit. After this quest you will accept the quest Most Painful Finger from the Black Spirit. When you reach Allan Serbin, accept “To Elric Shrine”. Afterwards, accept “Incarnation of Elizra” from Allan Serbin. Navigate to Brorum, select chat, then “Ask for help.”. The navigation will lead you to the location where you need to go.

(4) Interact with “Draft to throw away” and you will gain knowledge “Magic Bullet of Last Hope”. The navigation will lead you back to Brorum and he will now have the quest “Magic Bullet of Last Hope”. Accept and complete the quest to get the weapon “Gannicus’s Magic Bullet” to defeat the next summon.

For gathering the items you can obtain Fire Flake Flower near Soldier’s Cemetery, grind magic crystals or black stone (weapon or armor) to get the powder.

When you get the weapon, proceed with the quest “Incarnation of Illezra” and defeat the summon with the gun you have just acquired. Right-click to reload and left click to fire. Once defeated, speak to Finlin who will appear next to you. Should you need to repair the weapon, go back to Tarif and speak with Brorum.

(5) Accept and complete “Finlin” from Finlin. Then accept “A precious item” from Allan Serbin. Chat with him again to get Beia’s memento, then give it to Brorum to complete the quest. Accept and complete “Peace” from Brorum.

Pride of the Outback

This is the final quest, pat yourself on the back because this long journey is finally coming to a conclusion. Speak with the Black Spirit to accept this suggested quest and go speak with Neruda Shen. Now know you will never need to go through this again because this Social Action is family-wide. Huzzah!

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# 6
4.9 Tasting Wine


4.10 Proposal

4.11 Reject

Obtain title “Hated by the Black Spirit

(Fail to enchant item 8 times)

Hey, at least you get something for failing…

4.12 Investigate

You must have completed Accepting Valencia II (Main Story Quest)

Afterwards you may complete the quest “Clean Revenge”, it’s very straight forward.


4.13 Blow the War Horn

You must be Level 58+ and have completed [Quest] Deian's Schemes.

You can then complete the quest A Gift for a Hero. This is very simple and doesn't require a guide.



4.14 Quiet


4.15 Hold Beer


4.16 Laugh While holding beer


4.17 Drink Beer


4.18 Hold Broom

You must be Level 58 or higher and have completed [Kamasylvia] Heart of Kamasylve from the Kamasylve region

Afterwards you can complete this quest which is very simple and doesn't need a guide.


4.19 Sweep with Broom

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# 7
4.20 Move Forward While Sweeping & Discuss while Reading

Adventurer's Warning: This one is a doozy. It’s a pretty lengthy questline with lengthy pre-requisites.

First thing is first, make sure you have completed the Drieghan main story quests on your character. This is a requirement. You also need to be at least Level 57. Having it completed on another character will not count. Next, you will need to complete the Chenga Questline.

In Suggested Quests (O) complete [ADV Support][Lv. 53]Legendary Leveling with Chenga and Quests. The chenga tome is really useful and an important item to have anyway.

Part I - Chenga Questline


Quest: Hoom’s Song

An Archaeologist at Tshira Ruins questline

Part II - Social Action Questline


If you had to go through many hoops to complete the prerequisites to get here, I want to formally congratulate you. This questline will require you to spend time in Duvencrune, solve Jumping Puzzles and encounter a really creepy side-story. Please keep in mind that the creepy quest can only be done at night time and don't worry, you'll be reminded when the time comes.


Part I

You will now go to the target location as suggested in your Quest Journal (O). It will lead you to Duvencrune. You will interact with a bookshelf at your destination. Complete the objectives and speak with Aljai to complete the quest.

Part II

There is no quest marker for this next quest and so you will have to speak with Chief Durgeff. Continue following the questline until you need to eavesdrop on NPCs. To do this you will need to press the back button (S) a few times while your back is against a wall or structure in normal stance (not combat). This will give you a context menu to where you can Press F5 to eavesdrop. You must do this for all the NPCs (quest objectives) located on your map.

Part III

When you reach the quest to steal from an NPC, make sure you steal from the hunter and NOT the storage keeper!

Part IV

Eventually you will need to solve a puzzle where there are crates and a vase looking thing. You will need to place Lustrous Corn Crate in front of the vase and then interact with it. Then bring the Hard Potato Crate and interact with the vase. Then you will get Soft Wheat Crate and interact. If you don’t select the correct one, you will be teleported and your memory will be lost so you will have to try again.

Part V

The quest “Find azunak’s energy” is nearby but you have to be underwater to interact.

Part VI : Solving The Yak

For this quest you will need to locate differently barded yaks. You will need to do the following:

First Yak: Shout
Second Yak: Wash with water

Third Yak: Place Food

Fourth: Pray with earnestly

Return to the artifact to complete the quest and continue.


Part VII: Scaring the Snake

In order to scare the snake you will need to find explosive pinecones scattered about the area. They are a little hard to find but they are near the objective marker and you must destroy them by attacking them. After you are done, return to the quest marker to complete the objective.

Jumping Puzzles : With Advice!

You will keep going with the quest until you come across a jumping puzzle. It’s not really a puzzle but sometimes the lifts aren’t synchronized correctly so you have to be a little patient. I suggest that you stand in the middle of a platform and wait until the other one starts to move upwards. That way you will reduce the amount of air time you have. The second jumping puzzle is more difficult and you can potentially die from falling too high. Shai is one of the best class for jumping puzzle because she does not take several steps after landing. If you are not playing Shai, position yourself further towards the back of the platform to prevent accidentally walking off the next platform. Practice patience! You don't need to jump immediately, wait until the moment is right even if you have to wait longer for the platforms to synchronize correctly.

Jumping Puzzle #1:

You don't need to jump from platform to platform for the first few. Simply walk off the platform at its height and you will land on the next platform. Please keep in mind that you can't do this for all of them. You also don't need to go to the highest platform to complete this challenge.

Jumping Puzzle #2:

There is no trick to this Jumping puzzle but if you do fall, there is a chance that you can die. Practice patience!

Jumping Puzzle #3:

This puzzle can be completed in a variety of ways. The first way is the intended way where you jump from platform to platform.

The second method is to find a high enough cliff to jump down using your Arduanatt or Lahn and glide to the objective.

The third method is a jumping puzzle of its own. You can go behind the objective's rock and climb it. You may use Splat Fisher's clothes with Talis equipment to help you do it a little easier. If you know where to climb, it can take at the most 15 seconds. I have provided a screenshot on where to climb.

Jumping Puzzle #4:

This jumping puzzle doesn't require anything special. It's seemingly more forgiving than any of the other ones but it has a lot of jumping platforms going up vertically. Once completed, you will be teleported, don't worry this is normal.

Unsettling Rumors (The creepy quest)

This quest may only be accepted and completed at night time between the hours of 10PM to 7AM. If you cannot complete the entire quest chain on time, you will have to wait until it's night again. The last NPC doesn't require you to submit it at night though.

Unsettling Rumors Quest Guide

Ceremony of Death

I have created a visual guide for this part since it would be more difficult to explain in text only. There will be girls sitting on the floor being very creepy and you will need to interact with them in a certain order. Here is the image with the order and then the choice you must make when speaking with them will be given afterwards.

1st Girl Select The wooden doll is riding the pot
2nd Girl Select Hand over doroter’s heart
3rd Girl Select Hand over Macalod’s brain
4th Girl Select Hand over Hoom’s neck

You’ll complete the objective so just go back to the pot to complete the quest.

Eventually you will be lead to another abandoned house. The diary is inside the house and the flower can be found inside the shed area on the side of the house. You will need to fall through the roof. You can get out of the shed like last time, but it’s a bit harder. Hurry to complete the quest because remember, you need to complete this before 7am.

Finally, you’re done. Now you have the new social actions and a creepy doll to place in your house. You also get a Hessed crystal as a bonus!

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# 8
4.21 Read Book


4.22 Articulate while Reading and Laugh while Reading

You need to be at least Level 48 and have completed Duvencrune Nerman Story related quests.

There may be a lot of quests here but they are self-explanatory and don’t need a guide. They will go by quick.


4.23 Please Read Quietly

You will need to have completed the Chenga Sherekan Adventurer's Tome and related quests

There is no need for a guide to complete this. Simply follow the quest objectives to complete.


4.24 Discuss while Reading

You must have completed Drieghan Azunak related quests

Complete the quest, Door of Truth. No guide is needed for this.


5. Conclusion and Thanks

That is it! Congratulations making it this far! Unlocking every Social Action is not easy but it certainly is a rewarding experience. I hope you will all use your Social Actions more now that you have them enabled.

I would like to thank various Ambassadors for some advice, CM Corruption for always being patient with me, Dorkmaster and Eleatha for sticking with me to complete this throughout the week. It was rough figuring it all out but we made it and it was worth it!

Once again, congratulations for getting all of your Social Actions!

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# 9

This post is reserved for the future. (Future social actions that may release)

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# 10

This post is reserved for the future. (Future social actions that may release)

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