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[GUIDE] Rabbit Liver Scramble
21. Aug 2023, 13:33 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 22. Aug 2023, 07:52 (UTC)
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Rabbit Liver Scramble

Greetings Adventurers,

on August 16, Sea Place welcomed a new event: the Rabbit Liver Scramble, where Goyoung and the Sea Palace Soldiers scramble for the rabbit liver. [Gameplay here]

Rabbit Liver Scramble is a 1v6 event arena based on The Hare’s Liver Tale. However, despite the event page on the website and the rules available in-game, many adventurers are having difficulties with the event. Thus, I decided to write this guide.

Table of Contents

1. STEP 1: Join the Rabbit Liver Scramble

2. STEP 2: Wait for the game to start

3. STEP 3: Interact with the rabbit (Goyoung) or the turtle (Sea Palace Soldier) when the match begins!

4. STEP 4: Achieve your goal and win the game!

4.1 Rabbit (Goyoung)

4.2 Turtles (Sea Palace Soldier)

5. Final Notes

Before starting, I want to make a premise: despite the delayed release, the event seems still incomplete. For this reason, the guide presents not only tips and explanations concerning the Rabbit Liver Scramble but also some notes that might help the developers improve next year edition.

STEP 1: Join the Rabbit Liver Scramble

From anywhere, press the kettle icon on the left of the minimap to enter Rabbit Liver Scramble! However, to enter, your health must be full. Also, the option is unavailable while riding a mount.

STEP 2: Wait for the game to start

The game will start when 7 players are matched (1 Rabbit, 6 Turtles)(4)! Once you enter the queue, a timer will be available on the top right of the screen

Also, remember that you will have to accept the game to start.

STEP 3: Interact with the rabbit (Goyoung) or the turtle (Sea Palace Soldier) when the match begins!

When the match starts, you cannot move until you interact with your avatar (Rabbit or Turtle). You need to wait for a few seconds for the spawn of the avatar. The spawn locations are fixed and random (1)

WARNING! If you spawn on the eastern part of the map next to the gate, be careful! That gate is supposed to be locked by an invisible wall, like other parts of the map. However, the invisible wall won't spawn for a few seconds. So, if you try to cross it, you might get stuck outside of the arena for the whole duration of the game. Moreover, if you are the rabbit, the game might end in a draw (ergo, no rewards): you, as a rabbit, won't be able to escape, but the turtles won't be able to get the liver either!

STEP 4: Achieve your goal and win the game!

The goal changes according to the team (Goyoung or Sea Palace Soldiers).

Rabbit (Goyoung) 🐰 Find the hidden real key🔑and escape!

Goyoung's ultimate goal is to protect the liver from the Sea Palace Soldiers and escape with it.

So, the first step is to hide the liver (E). However, you can only hide the liver when there are no turtles nearby, and Goyoung will instantly receive a Movement Speed Increase buff when successfully hidden.

WARNING! Drop the liver ASAP! There are many spawn locations where you will be surrounded by Turtles. In this case, you will have to act fast. At least, faster than the turtles. (1)

Goyoung has to find the real key out of the 10 keys scattered around the Sea Palace and escape through either the south or west gate. The south and west gates will be locked and can only be opened once Goyoung finds the real key. 

WARNING! Once you open one of the gates with the key, you cannot escape through the other! My suggestion is to get the key, then to get the liver back, and, ultimately, to unlock the closest gate.

fake keys out of the 10 hidden will give Goyoung beneficial buffs or create an illusion made of Sari Flowers (Goyoung's clones) to confuse the turtles. 

The liver will reveal itself after a certain period (7 minutes from the start of the game), at which point it can be retrieved from the hiding location by the turtles.

Turtles (Sea Palace Soldier) 🐢 Take the rabbit’s liver to the Dragon King 👑!

The Sea Palace Soldier's ultimate goal is to take the liver from Goyoung and give it to the Dragon King.

 Liver icon  Dragon King icon 

If Goyoung hid the liver, it will reveal itself after a certain period (7 minutes from the start of the game), at which point you can hit it to claim it.

How to get the liver from a player

To take the liver, you must hit the player with the liver (Q) to make them drop it before you can take it from them (R). Hitting the player with the liver can be done by allies as well(2)(3)

After being hit by an attack, you will receive a Super Armor effect for a short period which prevents you from being affected by attacks. 

What if the timer (10m) runs out?

When the timer runs out, the match will result in a draw where nobody receives winner or loser rewards.

What if I leave the arena?

If you leave the arena while holding the liver, it will drop on the spot and will be available to take.

Final Notes

NOTE(1): the spawn locations are not fair. Playing as the Rabbit is more difficult. This is particularly true if you spawn among Turtles. If a Turtle spawns next to the Rabbit, camping the liver becomes an easy option to win. My suggestion is to spawn the Turtles next to the Dragon King and the Rabbit next to Goyoung's cage (or somewhere far away from the Turtles). This way, the Rabbit can pick a place to hide the liver, instead of panic-dropping it ASAP.

NOTE(2): the charge (Q) is awfully buggy. Probably due to a bugged range, probably due to desync, or maybe both... it can happen that the location where you drop the liver is the one where you actually fall.

NOTE(3): the time limit of a game is 10m, and (at least, as a Rabbit) you have a lot of things to do. Moreover, given the number of players, an encounter between players can become extremely chaotic. Thus, it is essential to make clear who has the liver. Maybe with an icon above the avatar.

NOTE(4): there are too many turtles! Despite the Rabbit being faster and more agile, Goyoung has also more tasks to complete. Also, the Turtles can literally body-block the Rabbit and get it stuck (no, escape does not always work).


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