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[GUIDE] Everything you need to know about HOROSCOPE
27. Aug 2023, 18:45 (UTC)
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Everything about HOROSCOPE

Some time ago I embarked on an adventure to find as much information as possible concerning the so-called Horoscope, for lore purposes. I did not find what I was looking for (i.e. a match between months and the signs of the Horoscope), but I thought it might be useful to share my findings. Moreover, I will be glad to add further information that I missed.

Table of Contents

1. What's the Horoscope?

2. Zodiac signs

    2.1 Giant

    2.2 Camel

    2.3 Black Dragon

    2.4 Treant Owl

    2.5 Elephant

    2.6 Wagon

    2.7 Sealing Stone

    2.8 Goblin

    2.9 Key

    2.10 Hammer

    2.11 Boat

    2.11 Shield


  ◈ What's the Horoscope?

Every character in the world of Black Desert has a horoscope, which affects their personality. The horoscope implies a choice among 12 zodiac signs, each one with different characteristics. 

Dreamer, ambitious, swift, an observer.

Camel Perseverance and patience, gentle, talented.
Black Dragon Wealth and fame, noble, delicate, sensitive, sociable.
Treant Owl Simple, genuine, knowledgable, a genius or an idiot.
Elephant Honorable, faithful, obtuse, dedicated, trusted.
Wagon Takes action, born to wealth, precious, selfish.
Sealing Stone Careful, eccentric, secretive, short-lived.
Goblin Linguist, strong beliefs, intellectual, materialistic, wise.
Key Focused, thirst for knowledge, relaxed, determined.
Hammer Brave, conservative, righteous, collaborative, hot-blooded.
Boat Enjoys art, optimistic, free, a wanderer.
Shield Rational, disciplined, methodical.

In gameplay terms, this means that the horoscope you choose for your character will have effects on Amity. This is due to the fact that characters with the same horoscope are more prone to like each other. Therefore, if you want to gain more amity with a specific NPC, you need to pick the same horoscope they have.

Moreover, knowing your horoscope is also essential to complete certain quests. For example, [Kamasylvia] On the Last Page of the Old Exchange Journal.

  ◈ Zodiac signs

Giant (8 Stars)

Description: Dreamer, ambitious, swift, an observer.
Stargazing Report: When you observe the night sky, the Giant is lying down, as if in a deep thought. Giants are dreamers, and yet, cautious observers. Their dreams are quite big, and will do everything for the sake of fulling such grand schemes.
Chief Igor Bartali in Velia and the Grand Chamberlain Jordine Ducas in Serendia are good examples of the Giant.

Camel (4 Stars)

Description: Perseverance and patience, gentle, talented.
Stargazing Report: Take an ordinary camel. They're enduring creatures, surviving with only a small amount of water. The report says that people of the Camel sign are equally tenacious. They constantly and persistently try to create something.
Pulvio in Velia and Lara in Serendia are good examples of the Camel. Don't forget Margaret, the Delphe Knights Vice-captain in Calpheon, as well.

Black Dragon (7 Stars)

Description: Wealth and fame, noble, delicate, sensitive, sociable.
Stargazing Report: There are several Dragon constellations, but the Black Dragon is the hardest to observe. Perhaps that's why it's not easy to define those who bear this sign with a few words. They can be sensitive but social, gentle but commanding.
Prominent examples include Islin Bartali in Velia or Norma Leight in Calpheon.

Owl (4 Stars)

Description: Simple, genuine, knowledgable, a genius or an idiot.
Stargazing Report: Owls are known to be studious, always thirsty for knowledge that aligns with their personal interests. Hence the saying goes, "Owls are either prodigies or fools."
Some prominent Owls are Serendia's Lord Crucio Domongatt and Zara Lynch from Lynch Farm.

Elephant (5 Stars)

Description: Honorable, faithful, obtuse, dedicated, trusted.
Stargazing Report: The Elephant is the largest constellation that hangs over the night sky. They amass honorable reputations by striving to earn the trust of others, but are also known to devote themselves to a cause of sorts. They will either strongly be faithful to something, or become the center of such faith themselves.
Priest Ottavio Ferre in Velia, merchant guild master Bobby Lauren in Serendia, and alchemist Freharau in Glish are typical Elephants.

Key (4 Stars)

Description: Focused, thirst for knowledge, relaxed, determined.
Stargazing Report: People bearing the sign of the Key appear laid-back on the outside, but on the inside, they're totally different. Focused and highly-decisive, they never look back once they've made up their mind. They also can easily and quite often get immersed with one thing.
The famous alchemist Alustin and the historian Maudi Budar in Mediah are typical Keys.

Wagon (5 Stars)

Description: Takes action, born to wealth, precious, selfish.
Stargazing Report: People born with this sign are also born with the prospect of wealth. Those bearing the sign of the Wagon are found commonly to be among merchants or traders, professions that require a calculating mind. Profit-based and proactive, they are, however, usually not born into wealth, but are found to be self-made.
The twin sisters Clorince and Eileen in Velia, Isobelle Encarotia in Serendia, and Fredelles Herba in Calpheon are typical Wagons.

Sealing Stone (5 Stars)

Description: Careful, eccentric, secretive, short-lived.
Stargazing Report: The first record of the Sealing Stone constellation actually referred to it as a "Square." It wasn't until recent times that this sign was re-discovered and re-labeled as the Sealing Stone. People with this sign are prudent, nor do they reveal their true intentions so easily.
Edan, Murana Lynch in the mountains of Balenos, and Captain Brego Williar of the Delphe Knights are typical Sealing Stones.

Goblin (6 Stars)

Description: Linguist, strong beliefs, intellectual, materialistic, wise.
Stargazing Report: The Goblin constellation appears alongside the Wagon, appearing as if they are driving them. People who are Goblins are eloquent, intelligent, and street-smart. According to the writings of "Stars and Personality," one should "avoid verbal argument with Goblins." They usually have a desire for material gain, which often makes them wealthy.
Trader Bahar from Velia and innkeeper Deborah in Glish are typical Goblins.

Hammer (6 Stars)

Description: Brave, conservative, righteous, collaborative, hot-blooded.
Stargazing Report: According to published reports, the Hammer was originally part of the Giant constellation. For if one takes a look at the Hammer constellation together with the Giant, it appears as if the Giant is holding a hammer. Hammers are known to be brave and cooperative, but are sometimes misunderstood as being quick to anger.
Santo Manzi in Velia and Jemkas Wyrmsbane in Serendia are prominent Hammers.

Sailboat (4 Stars)

Description: Enjoys art, optimistic, free, a wanderer.
Stargazing Report: The constellation of the Sailboat, also more commonly known as Boat, is usually the horoscope of those who are prone to wander about. They like to enjoy life and hate being tied down to one place. Usually improvising things as they go, Sailboats are commonly summed up as "needing no compass."
Zealda in Velia and Izaro in Serendia are good examples of the Sailboat sign.

Shield (6 Stars)

Description: Rational, disciplined, methodical.
Stargazing Report: Shields are usually strict or quite harsh on themselves, which makes others trust them even more. Their rationality and tendency to stick to the plan gives off an air of stability.
Skill instructor Tachros in Velia and the Mediahn merchant guild master Neruda Shen are good examples of the Shield sign.


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