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Cannoning Guide for Nodewar and Conquestwar
15. Nov 2023, 19:28 (UTC)
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Cannons play a significant role in Nodewars and Conquestwar(Siege). This guide will help you become adept at using cannons effectively during these battles.

General Overview:

In Nodewars and Siegewars, cannons are essential for taking down Siegeweapons like Flametowers and Hwachas. These structures have a lot of health, so it takes several cannon shots to bring them down.

What Cannons Do:
- Cannons are mainly used to target Flametowers and Hwachas.
- In Siege: Flametowers have around 4.6 million HP, while Hwachas have about 4 million HP.
- Cannons do deal damage to Clothbuildings (Recoverycenter etc) but its less damage than to Siegeweapons


Guild Cannonballs:
- Honestly, it's better to steer clear of using these cannonballs. They deal significantly less DMG than normal ones.

- You'll find these on the Central Market or craft them with your Workers.
- They Knockdown people
- Each cannon ball deals 100,000 damage.

- You'll find these on the Central Market or craft them with your Workers.
- They're not the most effective, dealing just a tiny bit of damage over time to players. Frankly, not really worth it.
- These things mess up the game for both attackers and defenders - and not in a good way.
- Sure, they're kind of fun to mess around with, but they don't have much practical use in most situations.
- >:)

Cannon Mechanics:

Cannon Damage to Structures:
- Each cannon shot deals 100,000 damage.
- Destroying a Hwacha with 4 million HP requires approximately 40 cannon shots (4,000,000 / 100,000 = 40).
- Similarly, it takes about 46 cannon shots to dismantle a Flametower with 4.6 million HP.

Getting Cannons Ready:
- Cannons are obtained from the Cannon Observatory at the start of a Nodewar.
- Each cannon takes exactly 5 minutes to be ready after it's started.
- After preparing one cannon, you need to restart the Cannon Observatory for more.

Using Angles and Elevation:
- Cannons have seven angles (0 to 6), affecting shot distance and landing.
- Differences in height change shot distance:
- Shooting from higher means shooting farther.
- Shooting from lower means shooting closer.
- For example, a shot at Angle 4 and 100 power might hit 290 units on even ground. If the target is 10 units lower, it'll hit 299 units, and if 10 units higher, it'll hit 281 units.

Dismounting Impact on Damage:

- If dismounted before the shot lands, it won't do any damage, even if you remount after being dismounted.


- Get the High Ground:
  Find spots enemies can't reach easily. Using a Pegasus to access hard-to-reach spots can give you an advantage.
- Use Terrain to Your Advantage:
  Placing cannons on higher ground or behind obstacles can make it harder for enemies to get to you.

Best Practices:

Flame Traps are Handy:
- Place flame traps around your cannons to mess up regular players and dismount enemy mounts.
Move Smart:
- Good positioning and movement can help you avoid doom horses and enemies trying to take down your cannons.

Mastering cannons in Black Desert Online's Nodewars and Siegewars needs practice and a good understanding of how they work. Employ these strategies to become a valuable asset to your team on the battlefield.

P.S.: If there are any errors or if u know the exact HP fpr structures for Nw etc write it as a response

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 22. Nov 2023, 15:39 (UTC)
# 2

Didnt know about dismounting dealing no damage. do you have any video test?

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 22. Nov 2023, 22:09 (UTC)
# 3

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