Black Desert beginnt in Kürze.

Das Spiel wird gestartet, wenn Ihr den Launcher installiert habt.

Installiert den Launcher, um das Spiel zu starten.

Sollte der Launcher bereits installiert worden sein, wird das Spiel gestartet.
Startet den Launcher manuell, wenn er sich nicht automatisch öffnet.


1 Ladet die Datei BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe herunter und installiert den „Black Desert“-Launcher.

2 Bitte startet das Spiel, sobald die Installation beendet ist.


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CEST 20 : 19 22. Jul 2024
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Very confused. Navigation takes you nowhere.
02. Dez 2023, 19:13 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Dez 2023, 19:13 (UTC)
# 1

I really don't like this new way of stories. Why did they break the game. 

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Dez 2023, 19:42 (UTC)
# 2

If you need this website to figure how to to the quest. --  [Ulukita] Faces of the Fort - BDO Codext     The game is broken.  Do better and fix this. Not a good product.   

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Dez 2023, 20:04 (UTC)
# 4

I did not need an external site to solve this quest. 
Within the very large area specified, many villagers are interactible and chattable. The quest objective is to "resolve incidents around asparkan" of which there were many, even more than necessary to obtain 5 tokens. Simply take a moment to explore the area, read, and meet the townspeople and the quest will progress. 

I appreciate that it can be frustrating if you've been on full autopilot for a long time and are suddenly asked to do this manually... but it certainly wasn't broken. 

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Dez 2023, 22:43 (UTC)
# 5

There are little blue arrows/cones over the heads of the people you need to interact with for 'adventurer sense' quests.  You only need five of each (there are two sets of these, one in Asparkan, one in Muzgar), and there are at least ten (I got 11 tokens for the first set, 15 for the second).  Once you've interacted with one of the start NPCs for a token, you can get navigated to the rest of the NPCs in that chain (usually only one or two) (not all of them seem to do this though).

It was odd running into this at first, but it grew on me, and the mini-stories behind them added to the main story nicely.  Plus there was the challenge of finding and doing them all, which was pretty straightforward.  The blue cones were easy to spot with just a little wandering, and most of them were around the main market areas anyway.

It also does help to watch the speech bubbles in some cases.  They help locate some NPCs, and if you happen to remember them for later they speed things up a bit.  Could probably do it with all speech bubbles.  The cones were probably added later to make it easier.

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