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My 2024 Suggestion List of Ideas
24. Jan 2024, 07:45 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 28. Jan 2024, 21:39 (UTC)
# 1

Noticing that a lot of what I asked for in previous suggestion lists actually become part of the game, I decided to throw down some more suggestions for 2024.  Usually as I play Black Desert when I think of something that would be nice to see I just throw it down in the game note pad.  Here is my list, feel free to post what you think or what else you would like to add or change from my list here:

Increase the number of pet groups we can have, I want at least 10 pet groups. Also addressing T5 pets there is no way to change the skills that they learned before you made them tier 5, let us freely change their skills at T5.

Split daily imperial delivery turn-ins, let us do our limit of cooking boxes AND alchemy boxes daily.

Add defense stats for Manos Sailor's clothing just like Manos Hunter's clothes. Also would like if our sailing mastery could allow us to have a sailor repair our boat as we drive or even use harpoon guns on our ships for fishing.

Give the Archeologist Map, Lafi Bedmountain's Compass and Telescope the ability to be placed in the family inventory to be used by all characters.

Give a treasure item for completing all Greater Marni Stones, maybe an All Monster Greater Marni or something cool.

Let us arrange and name the sailor's that we hire for our boats within the boarded sailor's panel. Also give us the ability to get something out of leveling these sailors, usually people just fire them if they don't roll the stats they want when they hit level 10. Let us send out the sailors or something as a captain for sailing EXP or something instead of just deleting them for nothing because bad RNG is bad RNG and BDO doesn't value our efforts.

Display durability on utensils within the residence more clearly or when you pull up the cooking/alchemy UI display the durability at the top. Also allow us to auto repair utensils with repair kits in our inventory as we cook.

Title trackers, index for ALL one time quests.

Add Manos fishing rods and harpoons.

Ability to collect daily quests from the monster info panel instead of needing to run to the npc when you just started grinding.

Give us a grind spot where we can actually grind for crow coins, or replace kuit island trade coins for crow coin amounts. Bring back the pirate island days even if its Elvia or something.

Add training dummies in Land of the Morning Light.

Purchase Narcilan gear from blacksmiths.

Give Shai horse combat, also Valkyrie should be able to use Lancia on horseback since the weapon was designed for jousting.

Give old classes unique perks, for example hashashim can run fast in the desert, sage can enter dungeon type zones for free without cost, corsair has big ship stats for boats etc. Warrior Sorc Valkyrie Berserker Tamer Ranger and more+ for example all don't have anything special like that.

Allow us to have passive trees to choose from in our skills, some classes feel lackluster having a DP passive when they die so easily as if it didn't exist. If they can't fix DP then allow us to change and choose a passive tree we want whether it's AP/DP/Acc/Evasion etc.

Allow us to force enhance some annoying gear like krogdalo horse gear and fixed rate stuff like geranoa accessories.

Allow us the ability to sell ALL furniture items on central market.

Increase ecology and family fame rewards, I'm currently at 14,326 family fame and the max reward is at 7,000... I'm double the max can we please raise this up?

I think they should add more guild buffs being that my guild is maxed out on skill points with 943/2,000 unspent. Maybe even have it so that if a member within the guild has super high guru level in a specific life skill, that player can pop a daily buff like horse training for example.  Would give value to high level lifeskillers in the guild if they could pop special buffs.

Fix how rare the pity system drops are for the 1 time Garmoth heart quest or make the quest repeatable if it's going to be that rare.  Also fix the Garmoth 1 time knowledge quest to be repeatable because trying to actually last hit Garmoth is near impossible just for chance at S rank or any knowledge gain at all.

-Edit: Added more suggestions that I forgot to add to my list here.

Give Arsha Server only guild missions, for example "Kill 5/10/15/20/25 Players on Arsha for Small/Med/Large/XL Missions"

Make the PEN daily quest for Pit of Undying reward crow jewels and give players the ability to make multiple "PEN (V) Undying Crow Insignia".

Allow us to have more than 1 caphra's journal or possibly a way to merge them account-wide by letting us put these books on our bookshelf; Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom, Atoraxxion - The Last Tome, Caphras - Journal of Glory/Life/Etc, PEN (V) Undying Crow Insignia, Elion - Tome of the Sun, Class Based Insignia's (Warrior's Insignia)

Also a stretch of an idea I got from playing runescape back in the day, having a "Prayer" or "Elionism" life skill would be pretty cool.  The ability to effect karma in a way, whether its increasing the max karma one could have, reduction of death penalty or way of getting free church buffs by just praying to Elion.  Maybe give this life skill a unique feature in applying guild buffs based on your other life skills being high, the way it worked in runescape is you earned prayer levels by burying bones of monsters or animals you defeated, then would get spells or skills that would amplify what you did in game.  I'm sure you guys could get creative with an Elion prayer lifeskill, and as far as trading goes personally, I would just merge it with bartering.

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 12. Jun 2024, 22:35 (UTC)
# 2

Yes..the books. Please let us combine and family them. Call it Encylopedia (whatever the name of this planet is).



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