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Please adjust or rework Taebaek's Belt's buff, seriously.
01. Mrz 2024, 09:44 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Mrz 2024, 09:44 (UTC)
# 1

Hello! I wanted to bring up a small suggestion to buff the Taebaek belt to function how it is commonly believed to function by the majority of the community. 

Context: I recently tapped a PEN: Taebaek belt under the impression that I would recieve an accessory that provided +30 AP, +50 DP, and 5% accuracy rate to my allies during group content, as it seems like a good burst of dps and tankiness that you can provide your team every 10 minutes, and that long cooldown being the balancing factor. However, to my own disappointment, I found out that the only buff that applies to allies is the +5% accuracy rate, on a 10 minute cooldown (This is decreased depending on the level of the belt, i.e. 4% for TET). Allies do not recieve any buff to their AP or DP, and with this, the belt is arguably useless, explained below:

Price: The belt currently stands as the 2nd most expensive accessory in the game, with a market price of 200bil on NA (only behind deborekas). For a price such as this, it is expected that the belt may provide some additional AP or accuracy over something like a capotia belt, which can be recieved for free by many means. However, being a direct copy of the stats of a capotia belt, the pricing is arguably inexplainable given that the buff that the belt gives to your allies is somewhat lackluster. You will sacrifice sheet ap to hypothetically provide a useful buff to your team, however, you are just shooting yourself in the foot by utilizing this belt, the second most expensive accessory on the market.

Buff Utility (PvE): In PvE, this belt is essentially useless. Running a full hour of grinding, being able to pop this belt 6 times for a total of 6 minutes of buff duration over the entirety of an hour where you gain an additional 30 sheet AP does not provide a meaningful buff to your damage with the current state of grinding. When you are expected to be pushing 1100 monster AP at endgame spots, 30 sheet AP is negligible, when you are wearing a belt that inherently reduces your AP bracket for the other 54 minutes of the hour. However, having a belt that isn't neccesarily useful in PvE isn't inherently a bad thing, given that it has a good use in PvP...

Buff Utility (PvP): In PvP, this belt is actually useful for you, the caster of the buff, in that it provides a nice (balanced) burst that essentially serves as a second class-buff that allows for you to engage into an enemy with a little extra damage and tankiness. That's about where the utility ends for this belt, though, as prior to contrary belief, the 5% accuracy rate buff every 10 minutes is the only one that is provided to your team. When classes such as Valkyrie exist, where they can simply press spacebar and give their allies a far superior 15% accuracy buff on no cooldown, this belt is borderline useless. 

My suggestion is to either:
A) Provide the AP and DP to your allies in order to serve as a great asset to have when in group content. Whether this be in full strength or at a reduced level, it would create value in having this belt. This may warrant an increase to the cooldown in between recieving the belt buff to balance this so that it cannot be stacked indefinitely, but would at least provide a buff to your team that is relevant. 

B) Rework the belt to be at a comparable AP or accuracy level to another accessory of far less value. I personally can not wear this belt in 99% of content as it is simply outclassed by another belt in every single aspect. (100bil market cap) Tungrads provide additional AP, (15.1bil market cap) Orkinrad's have the same AP with 10 evasion and 5 sheet DR, (300bil market cap) Deborekas are just inarguably the best providing even more additional AP as well as a set effect. 

Below is an image of the stats and buff that the belt provides for reference. Thank you!

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Mrz 2024, 10:29 (UTC)
# 2

While I'm usually all up for building diversity, this is one item that shouldn't be touched. If you add the `AP to allies` you will instantly create another meta-must-use item for all group content [whether its pvp or pve] - just like the shai is currently.

You have no idea how broken this item is in NW with the right build, even with its 10-minute cd, it's enough to clutch an entire push - which is sometimes what the entire war rounds down to. It will become the same thing in Guild League if you add 'Applied to Allies' since everyone will just wait for 10 min anyway to get the buff it brings for a single fight. If it's already enough to help a single person gank 10-20 players, imagine giving it to an entire party or platoon ... just kek.

Afaik, the 5% Accuracy stacks with valk [or any other acc] buff, so it's a non-argument to compare them. 5% Accuracy is major in pvp and this belt was never meant to be a [group] pve tool until the endest-game.


Decreasing the Cooldown to ~7 min is probably a healthier tweak to it, but again, I don't think it needs it. Already an OP item in the right hands.


I am not a filthy human.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Mrz 2024, 19:04 (UTC)
# 3

its weird that this item exist, good that they canceled the cc break

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Mrz 2024, 00:20 (UTC)
# 4

erm, what the spruce



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