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Improved guild search system
01. Mrz 2024, 18:27 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Mrz 2024, 18:27 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name : Halsey

Region : EU

My comments:


Currently, when you're a player without a guild, you have the choice between the guild search window with its 4 categories (combat, profession, adventure, navigation), the guild ranking, the official BDO discord, and the world chat.

None of these possibilities properly reflects the guild displayed, let me explain:

- Inactive guilds are not deleted, nor are guilds that no longer update their description removed from the guild search window.

- most guilds don't bother categorizing themselves between the 4 categories, but stay in the combat category for simplicity's sake.

- guild rankings or guild sheets only display the total number of players in the guild, not the average number of active players (connection < 1 day).

- it's impossible to search in-game for a guild from a particular country (FR / EN / DE ... )

- the BDO discord doesn't provide many recruiting guilds.

- the world chat may be the best solution at the moment.

My suggestions :

- Allow guilds to add a "guild language" parameter (several possible choices for international guilds).

- Allow guilds to better categorize themselves (several choices possible on tags such as Dungeon, PvP, PvE, Group, Node war, Guild League, Navigation,...)

- Search guild rankings by language

- Display the number of players actually active in each guild (an average of the number of players connected per day over the last 7 days)

- Enable guilds to add a clickable discord link to their guild sheet.

- List all the guilds in the game and all the above information about them on the BDO site, with in-game listings and filters so that they can be searched offline.

- Kick out inactive guild players after a certain period of inactivity if they have not declared themselves on leave.

All this remains open to improvement and suggestion.

Have a nice day!

Original post (FR) : 

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 01. Mrz 2024, 18:52 (UTC)
# 2

I like all of these ideas and I propose to go even further. Track more statistics and let players sort guild search results based on these statistics. Know how you press P and go to history and see family-wide stats for the last day, week, month, all time for monsters killed and such? Let's get those results for entire guilds!

I want to see the following metrics tracked either weekly or monthly, per guild:

- total count of monsters killed

- total count of players killed

- total count of items cooked/alchemied

- total count of members leaving guild

- total count of members joining guild

- total count of node war forts placed

And we'd be able to see these as columns in a sortable query sheet, so we could look up guilds like "which guild has the most new players joining this past month?" or "which guild did the most PvE this month?"

Giving players the ability to do this kind of searching/filtering will MASSIVELY improve player ability to identify guilds that are attractive to join and associate with. And besides that, these kinds of stats are just plain fun to know and see, and people might start trying to maximize their guild stats a little to get higher on the monthly search results. Want your guild to be seen? go out and grind! Every bit helps the metrics and makes your guild show up higher in the list!



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