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UTC 6 : 31 25. Jul 2024
CEST 8 : 31 25. Jul 2024
PDT 23 : 31 24. Jul 2024
EDT 2 : 31 25. Jul 2024
[New Class Suggestion: Papu Class] I "designed" Papu Class, in hopes it'll get added to the game.
04. Mai 2024, 17:27 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 04. Mai 2024, 17:27 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: ScapeGoats

Region (NA/EU): EU

Suggestions/Comments: I think many BDO players would love to have a "monster/non human class" and among the ideas that have been long discussed, a Papu Class is one that keeps coming up, so I decided to open the tablet and think how could the Papu Class look, and what could be her weapons and some of her powers. Feel free to add to it, since I am no expert at videogame design!
This is a humble petition to PA to maybe, someday in the future, add this class or something similar to the game.
Combat: Melee /Healer
Main Weapon: Sylvia's Spear
Sub Weapon: Peridot Staff
Others: Farming Professional 1 + Alchemy Professional 1
Perks: No stamina decrease / breath decrease while swiming/diving. Swiming speed + 3.
1. SYLVIA'S SPEAR: Both for Melee combat (similar to Musa's) and to use as a mean of transportation (such as Shai). More about the "powers" bellow.
1. PERIDOT STAFF: For healing and spells, a Kamasylvia' Branch with a Peridot leaf.
*I am absolutely not an expert in game development so this is wishful thinking, I've added here some of the "powers" that could be nice to have with this class.*
-->WISHING STARS: A transport sort of power such as the one Shai has, where Papu would get on top of Sylvia's Spear and float its way forward.
--> Sylvia's Song: Confuses the enemies x15 secs so they attack themselves/each other.
--> Sylvia's Blessing: Recovers 100 HP for each party member 
-->Cheerful Papu: Casts a protective shield/bubble that gives inmunity to party members nearby for 20 secs
--> Stargaze: Summons a peridot stars-storm  for 7 seconds that deal great damage to enemies nearby
--> Merindora's Bliss: Summons 2 clones for 5 min to help against enemies
Thank you for reading, would love to see what other things you come up with for this class in the comments :)~
Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 04. Mai 2024, 18:37 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 04. Mai 2024, 19:38 (UTC)
# 3

It kinda looks more like a human who killed a papu and wears its head as a helmet. If it would be a papu class in needs to look exactly like papu in the game.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 04. Mai 2024, 20:33 (UTC)
# 4

Love the idea and love the designs, everything is really well thought of, and we could do with some more healing classes in BDO but with good attack skills like this one. Also dying to play a class that isn't human. Papu always!

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 04. Mai 2024, 20:34 (UTC)
# 5
Publicado: 04 may. 2024, 18:37 (UTC), Autor: Picklenose





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