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UTC 9 : 7 19. Jul 2024
CEST 11 : 7 19. Jul 2024
PDT 2 : 7 19. Jul 2024
EDT 5 : 7 19. Jul 2024
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We will never have true class balance as long as the community stays delulu and the devs keep making things easier.
17. Jun 2024, 16:10 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 17. Jun 2024, 16:10 (UTC)
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Hi, before you come with pitchforks about the title let me explain. The past few days we have gotten some pvp changes mostly changes to defense.  Reason for this is because the Devs if you read the dev notes in short terms said evasion was out of control and the tank classes ( the Succession DR Shield classes) were dying to fast.  So they revamped DR and Evasion which I think is a step in the right way after we get some proper class balance changes. But I have come to realize during this time that a lot of people only ever play one class or the " meta" classes and they do not know what other classes do which causes forms of delulu such as my Succession Woosa friend trying to say his class is not a bit op all because I play warrior  and have a SA Q block and a grab when lets be honest besides outside of 1v1s and fps engine issues in BDO when was a warrior a threat to any skilled pvper. I will break down in two parts about my thoughts on the community but thoughts on the devs because they are the reason things are like this now and we are beyond the point of damage control.

The Community: So I`ll start with this. We as a community have given up whose fault is this to say the devs. So many classes  igroned or small buffs. Or the worse crime shadow nerfs and bugs they have not fixed on certain classes. But we are also at fault here because instead of giving mass outcry in proper channels like fourms tickets youtube viedos man even send PA a email at this point. People just choose to cry about the problems of their class in their class discord.  On the other side of things you have people who pick classes that are meta and then try to gaslight the community and the devs into thinking the class is not broken when you know it is and everyone else does too. However  there are also the people who play a class because they find it fun and not realize its meta or it became meta because they do not realize how bad the grass is on the other side. That being said I think we as a community needs to stop pointing fingers at oh I don`t like this class because of whatever reason and look at the major issue. Every class has one thing that is broken its just some have more then others. I will out right admit and say I hate as of lately being a warrior main I would love if they got rid of my SA Q block so I can be almost perma protected movment and damage like some of these new classes but the other issue is PA has a habit of buffing classes and taking stuff away to balance them but they don`t do that for EVERY class they buff.  If we as a community really want change we need to unify and actually get the changes done there are to many classes that can`t even grind at late game spots. There are to many classes that can`t even pvp in any form of content and there are to many classes that are not even fun to fight. Like there should never be a class that can be permanant I frame like tamer or Sorc and before you rage at me about saying that you Sorc and tamer mains would you not be happy if they revamped your class so you can actually fight people with out needing to play grab bot simulatior for tamers or playing DDR with your keyboard on sorcs. There are to many classes that are to easy to play too protected and can just spam skill rotations with out punishment. We need to go back to the days of movment being limited to a point go back to the days where some ccs were unprotected. Go back to the days where a lot of skills took up mana had long cooldowns or took up stamina because yes these changes will be interesting but as of right now all it will do until we get proper change is make everyone tankier ( taking about the defense changes).  If you want skill based pvp you would want the game to go back to being combo based not just play a class that can delete someone in SA or from range. You would want Resist to be removed from pvp. But the days of Being perma protected or SA or iframe needs to go they did say they might make the game more frontal guard and remove most SAs but then I say what will you do about jump blocks that cc.

The Devs: You guys honestly take tooooo long to balance classes we have had the same almost broken classes for the past almost 2 years. I understand your working on Crimson Dersert and Doki V but please listen to your Black Desert Online Fanbase for somethings. Your company would not even be here with out us Happy 10 years by the way. That being said you really need to look all the classes I know there is a upcoming balance change happening soon after the defense changes but last time you gave us class changes the entire world got mad do you realize how embassing that is. To the point people are saying you guys don`t even play your own game. I don`t understand the thought process of balacing certain classes or at time igroning global feedback. You are lucky there is no other game out there like this for now that is good because the second there is people are jumping ship. You have time to fix a lot of problems like you have been fixing problems and making the game easier for people to gear up which is okay. But what is not okay is making almost every class so dumb ass you can learn them in 2 hours. Back when people had to study classes like it was a fighting game back in the early days of BDO just go on youtube and see HOW MANY GUIDES THERE WERE it was a lot.  Making the game easier for people playing classes should not be a thing the skiill level of the community has dropped by a lot over the years to the point people just say nah I`ll just reroll to the current broken easy class. Its reasons why people will not grind certain spots because of the fear of death because the skill is not even there because you the devs are making things to easy.  Having it easier to gear up and get items 100% fine nobody should have to waste their life away to progress in a viedo game. But please bring back some level of skill to a lot of these classes like removing most protections or having some gaps return. Take aim assist out of pvp let people have to actually hit their abilities in both pvp and pve and be punished if they don`t play properly not just press the abilities and they auto hit people which btw in pvp messes up some of your frontal guard heavy classes because the game will auto hit the back of the person barely gets behind the person which will be another problem if you remove most SAs and put frontals in the game like you said you were going to do at the start of the year. 

This is all I have to say it is my opinion and not an insult to anyone both the community and the devs....... MOST THE THE DEVS need to lock in. I am sick of seeing people not being able to play the game correctly because of the class they love and took time to play is not playable. When the CEO of Pearl Abyss said a few years ago " We put so many classes in the game so that everyone can have a class they can play and enjoy as a main class" But I will say this as feedback your not doing a good job at that. Some people are forced to reroll because their class simply cannot do anything in most forms of content and people just reroll classes like this is some bad mobile gacha game. Why don`t you give us the same amount of love and care you give BDO mobile which honestly if it was not a mobile game looks like a better version of BDO. That is all thanks for reading 

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 17. Jun 2024, 16:31 (UTC)
# 2

Balance require transparency, but here we are, noone asking for combat logs in a game full of "hidden" stats and malfunction engine.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 18. Jun 2024, 09:35 (UTC)
# 3

BDO is best played afk.  Any time investment in the game will be rewarded by spitting in your face and making whatever activity you do easier for others to do with much less effort.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 18. Jun 2024, 16:50 (UTC)
# 4

Making things easyer brings casual players...
Pity rewards brings people that cant spend alot of time or money to the game...
This is the balance when we all can compeate and play the same gear same place same pvp and only the skill and strategy matters!
THIS IS BALANCE not doing the same oration for 7-8h a day and 1 hit people or swiping the card to 1 hit...

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 18. Jun 2024, 18:11 (UTC)
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i dont have this issue in pve, ask around what the best class for X spot is, tag it on tag even, enjoy grind w8 for new content, profit?

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 20:50 (UTC)
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On: Jun 18, 2024, 18:11 (UTC), Written by Adonaj

i dont have this issue in pve, ask around what the best class for X spot is, tag it on tag even, enjoy grind w8 for new content, profit?

I'm sorry, you dont see any problem with that?
I am not the one to tell you how YOU want to enjoy the game if swapping class for every spot is your way of playing please do continue; However, please do not say everyone should just function like this... Many of us chose a main class n love it but because of changes like these we are forced to either just drop out of the PVE grind or PVP. I shouldn't be required to change my class if I just wanna keep up with what other classes do, I want to stick to the class I enjoy & I originally started playing, not tag a new class every day bcs I dont have enough accuracy or dp or whatever on it to keep up with the zone etc...requirements. (not gonna even start about pvp since you mentioned PVE topic)


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