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New EVA/DR Changes make PvE a Harder Grind
19. Jun 2024, 15:49 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 15:59 (UTC)
# 1

With all the damage taken out of skills I feel I've lost about 50 AP in my regular grind spot.  Mobs are harder to kill.  This really sucks.

PA was so focused on making the changes for PvP content but they left PvE out in the cold.  If anyone aspires to do Elvia or other high grind spots with a 300 AP think again; you'll be going in like your AP is 250.

So to compensate with gear giving you an higher AP, say you now have to shoot for 320 AP just to get comfortable in your grind again would mean focusing more on end game gear already pretty much out of reach, so players cannot sit on 300 - 310 AP having relative ease in lower zones also making those 300 AP zone now more like 330 AP.  It's ridiculous.

Fix it, PA.  Please.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 17:00 (UTC)
# 2

??????? damage is the same as before, they only decreased the number of hits increasing the damage of every single hit

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 17:33 (UTC)
# 3
On: Jun 19, 2024, 17:00 (UTC), Written by She

??????? damage is the same as before, they only decreased the number of hits increasing the damage of every single hit

No its not.  It says so in the patch notes.  They removed damage from skills, and you can really tell the difference in PvE.  Maybe not so much in PvP because you're not damaging your opponent as much and you have higher DR, DP adjustments to last longer, but thats not the point in PvE.  The point in PvE is to drop mobs as fast as possible.

From the patch notes:

  • Removed extra damage effects which were proportional to your Max HP/WP/SP/MP.
    • [Ranger] Evasive Explosion Shot III, Blasting Gust III, Penetrating Wind IV
    • [Berserker] Raging Thunder (IV to VI), Predatory Hunt IV, Ultimate: Elastic Force, Wrath of Beast III, Lava Piercer (I to III)
    • [Maehwa] Lunar Slash
    • [Kunoichi, Ninja] Heart Aiming, Flash Slash (I to III), Ninjutsu: Shadow Explosion (I to V), Fox Claw (I to IV), Death's Descent (I to II)
    • [Ninja] Beheading the Dead (I to III)
    • [Witch, Wizard] Earthquake (I to IV), Meteor Shower (I to III), Fireball Explosion (I to III), Residual Lightning (I to IV), Frigid Fog (I to IV), Blizzard (I to III), Ultimate: Blizzard, Concentrated Magic Arrow III

Someone should test this if they can, but I bet there's a DPS nerf for PvE in grind zones, even if its slight its a nerf.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 17:36 (UTC)
# 4

probably depends on class.   as awk tamer i'm definetely doing more damage.

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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 18:03 (UTC)
# 5


I tested Tungrad Ruins with my Awak Wizard, 2 hours, same rotation and everything like yesterday, i do LESS damage.

Then i tested a few changes but NO, i need 1 or 2 more skills to get same results than before.

Why Nerf PVE ? why ?

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 19:03 (UTC)
# 6

I do not experience any damage reduction at orcs. If anything , i'm probably doing more damage. I believe this might have something to do with the fact that we no longer have the 100% damage nullified on a miss.

Can you please share the details of your experience?


Archer might be an exception, for he had already low amount of hits per skills...

It seems shai has a huge amount of damage per time reduced. I take double or tripple of the time i used to at Gyfin.

Lv Privat
Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 18:32 (UTC)
# 7

So in a bid to level the playing field for PvP, PA unbalances the PvE game with some classes seeing grind zone gains while others lose.  In my case a slight decline.

Clearly it's a shift towards gear, but I can tell you there is nothing more players hate is taking gains away when they work hard for it.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 18:38 (UTC)
# 8

i didnt notice dps drop at darkseekers but i feel less tanky at night now, idk maybe me but i swear i could tank several backattacks no prob, but they hurt not and i even manage to lose my fg, never happened there.

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Lv 61
Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 23. Jun 2024, 14:49 (UTC)
# 9

Succ Lahn definitely is doing less damage. After 4.5hrs of testing my regular grind spot, I went from aprox. 1 minute for a full spot rotation to it now taking from 3-5 minutes. Same gear, same crystals, same add-ons. And if you're (PA) going to stear everyone to playing DR, that's fine, but switch all passive bonuses as well. You take away 80% of hits on skills to give us 5%-10% damage increase. that's a 70-75% damage reduction.

WTH is a % bonus to evasion going to do? Nothing. If you EVADE something, it MISSES you, IE: No damage taken. There is enough accuracy in the game to nagate even the highest evasion builds.

At this point, just remove evasion and make everything damage reduction.

And before anyone said it's DR for pve. I'm also talking about PVP as a blanket statement of the two stats.

The top players are even saying it now. There is no point to running evasion for ANYTHING.

I truly hope these changes are severely looked into.

(EDIT: So, after that first day of testing, I was truly disheartened and took a day off from playing. Went back and couldn't keep myself logged in for more than a few minutes. So logged out again. Went back only to tag multiple other classes. Didn't really feel like playing them. Went back yesterday, and played my Lahn, and my damage was back. There's still weird pauses in the rotation where she either freezes in place or no skills will fire off at all, but at least she's doing damage again! Ghost hotfix? Maybe....)

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 18:43 (UTC)
# 10

Same here Awak Wizard i tested Tungrad Ruins 330/420 full offensive build 1080+ ap.... it's slower, needing 1 or 2 more skills for hardly same result than last weeks...

Aqua Jail f.i. seems weak now.... because it's our most used Area skill, someone had the 'good feeling' of nerfing it ?

Or Pet boost not applying ?

I'm disappointed, really didn't expect that... sad day for me.

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