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Shai Revamp Required - Loss of Identity and Functionality in PvP
19. Jun 2024, 17:28 (UTC)
1084 1
Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Jun 2024, 17:29 (UTC)
# 1

Since the removal of exclusive Shai music and the subsequent restrictions on Artinal Sol, Shai's identity as the game's musician has been significantly weakened. To make matters worse, recent changes have severely hampered Shai's viability in PvP.

Key Issues:

  • Loss of Evasion: Shai lacks both traditional block (Q/S key) and strong evasive movement abilities for PvP. Recent changes have removed Shai's last resort - evasion builds - by converting evasion stats into damage reduction.
  • Limited Offensive Capability: Shai has never been a top damage dealer in PvP, but relying on evasion allowed her to survive while supporting allies.

Current State:

These changes leave Shai in a precarious position. Without evasion or strong offensive capabilities, Shai's role in PvP seems negligible.


Instead of deletion, consider a rework that restores Shai's unique identity and functionality. Here are some possibilities:

  • Revisit Artinal Sol Restrictions: Allow Shai to utilize Artinal Sol more freely, by enabling the tag copy function to other classes.
  • Evasion Options: Provide Shai with additional evasive movement skills or passives that complement her support role.
  • Maintain Shai's Support Focus: Emphasize Shai's party buffing and debuffing capabilities while offering some survivability in PvP situations.

Shai players appreciate the character's supportive role and would love to see her remain a viable option in Black Desert Online's diverse class ecosystem.

Let's discuss potential solutions to keep the Shai class engaging and relevant in PvP!

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