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UTC 0 : 27 24. Jul 2024
CEST 2 : 27 24. Jul 2024
PDT 17 : 27 23. Jul 2024
EDT 20 : 27 23. Jul 2024
Hits & defense changes patch 19/06/2024
20. Jun 2024, 10:44 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 20. Jun 2024, 10:46 (UTC)
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The patch of yesterday is an absolute disaster.

Pearl Abyss told us they have been working it since a quite a long time since they announced the rework last bal in December. Now we are in June and the patch has been clearly rushed.

The idea of reworking DR to make it better, to nerf the excessive amount of Evasion, to give more Accuracy and reduce hits was a good idea. However, it meant it would a huge project since you must check each classes one by one, in order to nerf & buff some abilities, passives, basic stats and their whole kits.
But last day we saw Pearl Abyss didn't clearly took their time to check classes.

First issue, skill animations. As you maybe noticed, you do your DMG faster than before but your skills still have the old animation, making a delay between the moment you do damage and the end of the animation. It makes us feel slower, making flow between skills clunky and not enjoyable.

Second issue, the difference of DP. If you did some test, you must have noticed something weird. There is an insane DP gap with gear. If you don't hit a certain amount, you'll clearly get one combo like before, however if you hit the good cap you'll be insanely tanky for no reason.

Third issue, special evasion. Evasion got rework to reduced DMG but you'll amount of 10% DMG  max when it works. However, special evasion work like old evasion, if the special evasion works you won't deal any damage due to the fact we got a hit reduction of 50-70%. And more important, now we can have total of 50% special evasion making everything a disaster.

And for the last issue, survival kit. Pearl Abyss may have forgotten some classes have a survival kit, Valkyrie, Succession Berserk. Those two classes, with the patch, are absolute beats you need a full platoon to maybe hope killing them. They tank, they have heals. Valkyrie has a PA, Berserker succession just run.
Then we have Striker Mystic, those two have always been an issue and now it's even worst. They are able to play hybrid, allowing them to have two damage reduction, while having 25% damage reduction in SA, having IFrame, skills to get back HP.

Meanwhile just some class still die in SA, no matter their gear. But if Pearl Abyss didn't touch them, maybe everything is fine like J said.

It's an absolute tragedy and disaster. Korean players already told Pearl Abyss the patch was making serious unbalance. But once again Pearl Abyss showed they don't care since they told us they wanted to implemant the patch soon as they can.

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