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1 Ladet die Datei BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe herunter und installiert den „Black Desert“-Launcher.

2 Bitte startet das Spiel, sobald die Installation beendet ist.


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Woifus's CP Farming Guide
21. Mai 2021, 15:11 (UTC)
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Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 15. Sep 2023, 21:35 (UTC)
# 1


Contribution is the key to building a highly profiting worker empire or even a farming empire. There are many ways to gain CP to obtain this empire; I will share the most common methods in this guide.


Contribution points are a point based currency ... These points have multiple uses from purchasing houses, unlocking nodes, to renting items, and increasing drop rates in specific areas. You do not spend contribution points as much as you invest it, as you are able to withdraw the investment at no loss later.”


This guide is a coalition of my personal experience of the methods that I have used in the past and present to produce CP; it requires a player to retain a short term silver loss in exchange for potential future gains.


Starter info:


You will require a moderate amount of silver to attempt the cooking method for this guide.


Locating the cp bar:

The contribution point bar is located by default in the top right of your screen, the third bar from the left. It is represented by the icon:


Contribution points can be utilised in many ways:

  1. Nodes
  2. Farming
  3. Housing
  4. Renting items



  1. Nodes:

You can use CP to invest in nodes, allowing you to invest in resource gathering such as gathering, mining, specialities, excavation, lumbering, and fishing.





  • Farming:

Material vendors in towns will allow you to exchange cp for fencing, which will enable you to start farming.



  • Housing:

You can use CP to purchase housing in towns that can be used for many uses, such as residences to store cooking utensils or workshops to produce other craft items.


  • Renting items:

CP allows you to rent items such as storage boxes from storage vendors, gear from the Valencian king and lifeskill tools from various NPCs.


CP Farming Guide:


The method I will be focusing on in this guide is cooking as I am quite inexperienced in the questing side of CP farming.


Cooking for contribution is likely the most popular way to gain CP in BDO; beware that cooking for CP is almost always at a net loss due to the constant requirement to purchase materials and more ingredients to continue. 


The amount of CP gained from cooking is based on luck and RNG due to the need to obtain the byproduct “Witches delicacy” to exchange for CP, meaning that there can be a variance CP per batch of cooks. However, the average chance at obtaining a Witches delicacy is roughly ~18%, according to BDODAE.



Cooking speed will affect how fast you produce CP since the more you produce, the higher the chance at obtaining WD. The gear that I am currently using is cheap and cost-effective, so it is easily obtainable.



The buffs I use are optional except the seafood cron meal and draught, which will help you minimise cook time if you are not already at the minimum of 1 second per cook.



I also use advanced or supreme cooking utensils, for which I have two cities set up to constantly pump out cooking utensils to keep up with the ones I go through, or you can purchase them at the marketplace, but that may be at a higher silver sink.



Common methods for farming cp are from the recipes:

  • Essence of liquor
  • Vinegar
  • Beer


Essence of liquor:

Likely the most popular recipe since it only requires three ingredients.


Likely the second most popular recipe can be used for further recipes such as pickled vegetables for jungle Hamburg and eventually valencia meals.



It is the least popular of the three methods mentioned; it allows you to earn a slight profit or break even at a higher investment cost and increased difficulty obtaining enough ingredients to mass-produce.



Fruits for these recipes can be purchased easily and in mass quantities from the fruit vendor in calpheon located by the red dot below:



You can obtain grain by assigning workers on gathering nodes to get Potato, Barley, Corn, Sweet Potato, Wheat.


You can also purchase them off the market, which is often what I do since I go through my produced grain quite fast and stockpile all the grain that I can find on the market.



CP in BDO curves as you reach brackets, the chart below by incendar details the byproducts required to get to the next cp bracket as well as the total amount of byproducts needed to reach certain cp levels:



Lastly, a notable mention is questing to gain CP; However, I am not experienced enough in this method of obtaining CP; there are various guides out there that can assist in allowing you to use this method to your advantage. I will link one such video below:

^ All credits to EvilDoUsHarm.


Congratulations, I hope to see your crazy CP empires making you billions. If you have any more questions or want help with anything, you can contact me at Wolf#4216 on discord or Woifus family name ingame!

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 26. Mai 2021, 10:25 (UTC)
# 2

well wrritn guide, cooking is best way in my opnion to gain CP and make profit. But CP usage to make money is not like before due the new content and marekt infaltion. Nodes must be updated to get tot he same level of marekt these days. it seem the game its going to active hours path which is not bad. But many old systems that use CP need to be updated.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 02. Jun 2021, 15:05 (UTC)
# 3

For us old-timers coming back, the side-effect stuff is no longer several types. It's apparently all been rolled into witches brew.

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 09. Jun 2021, 01:48 (UTC)
# 4

Another old-timer chipping in... there used to be 4 different side effects that could be redeemed for silver, milk, beer, and CP. IIRC Witches brew is better in the regard you can redeem it all towards a single turn in reward if you want to.

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# 8

Essence of liquor  is now 1 flour instead of 1 grain

Zeitpunkt der letzten Änderungen : 19. Mrz 2023, 03:14 (UTC)
# 9
Publicado: 02 feb. 2023, 22:05 (UTC), Autor: Amonitya

Essence of liquor  is now 1 flour instead of 1 grain

This makes it easier now, because you can get more than 1 flour from 1 grain


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