Ankündigungen [Ankündigung] Offizielle Black Desert Online Content Creator Partner
Black Desert 25. Feb 2021, 19:00 (UTC)


Seid gegrüßt Abenteurer,


Black Desert Online stellt Euch hier gerne, voller Stolz, die offizielle Liste der Content Creator vor, die diesen Monat in unserem Content Creator Partner Programm teilnehmen.

Schaut euch unsere Partner an, während sie eine Vielfalt an Black Desert Online Inhalten für Euch zu Verfügung stellen!

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Name Introduction Channel Link
Kuugels My name is kuugels and I'm awakening Lahn main. I used to be Kunoichi main but had to reroll away because of nerve damage that I got in work accident. On stream I mainly grind and enhance, off stream I do a bit of lifeskilling. Past way over 1,5 year I have been grinding basically nearly only Hystria trying to get my Elten piece, which I currently have around 2800 hours for. I like grinding really long times. But when it comes to my enhancing, I'm the most RNG carried BDO player. I'm most likely grinding RNG failstacks in Hystria for my enhancing.
I have two cats called Mimi and Turtle and they are constantly in the stream. I love psytrance, synthwave, cyberpunk, owls, cats and plushies.


imPansy Hey everyone, I'm Pansy! By day - I'm a Cloud Technology Consultant, by night - I'm Pansy, slaying my way through Black Desert Online There's nothing I love more than MMORPG's but I've never played one for more than a few month's at a time before getting bored... until I played BDO. I've been going strong since Jan 2020 and not slowing down. As being a content creator my hobby, you can trust I don't take myself too seriously and my YouTube/Streams are all about chill vibes. Join me on my journey as I traverse this beautiful game together, learn and get stronger along the way. I'll see you there!

MrRapolas "I prioritise on having a good time and like to showcase a different world of BDO for everyone. Fishing, growing furniture, sea monster hunting for chandeliers, enhancing bis weapons and making Dream Horses - is what I do."

PinkyTV Hey ich bin PinkyTV. Hauptsächlich Lifeskiller in BDO, zu den Hauptberufen zählen Sammeln, Kochen, Alchi, Jagen und Handel. Eine "Main" Klasse habe ich nicht wirklich ich wechsel immer wieder mal durch, je nach Lust und Laune. Mit mittlerweile fast 18.000 Stunden in dem Spiel, kann ich die ein oder andere Frage mit Sicherheit beantworten ;), schau einfach mal rein und sag Moin!


Huntler Hello, my name is Huntler and I am a Twitch streamer primarily focused on BDO. I have been playing BDO since before NA launch and gaming for many years before that! I main Wizard/Witch showing gameplay and stream focus on PvP with a theme of open questions, discussions, and learning on BDO mechanics. You will typically find my streams filled with PvP, great music, corgi pictures, and hopefully a laugh or two.


StefanElno Hello everyone!
My name is StefanElno, I’m 37 years old, live in France and I’m passionate by BDO and its various content offering different gameplay.
By joining my twitch channel, you will find guides for beginners and also information about adventurer’s diaries and even more: trading, crafting, gathering and farm with my main NOVA which I’m playing since she was released and I’m completely addicted.
I’m also famous from my T9 Pegasus in first try and my patch notes reviews on Wednesday.
I’m speaking French only but I will always reply to English questions.

Choice I began playing BDO 3 days after it launched on the Steam platform. I quickly fell in love with the game for the combat mechanics and the depth of the various life skills. I started BDO with the intention of catching up to the most seasoned players of the game and as a result was the first Steam player to hit level 62 and the first Berserker to hit level 63.

I consider myself a completionist in MMOs, not only striving for and obtaining some of the highest levels in the game, but also the more obscure things BDO has to offer such as the Archaeologist Map, Lafi Bedmountain’s Compass, Maximum Energy, Maximum Ecology, and even the Forest Path Wagon with full blue gear. All for the sake of completion.

I decided to put some of this obscure knowledge to use and started streaming Feb 2019, and as a result, my stream offers high-level gameplay with supplementary advice and a twitch chat where no question is too nooby for me to answer.


YoFamSteve Yo, I’m Steve and I main the class Berserker. I enjoy PvP the most in the game and I hate PvE. Berserker is the only class I play and the only class I’ll end on, no second thoughts. I made many guides on the class on YouTube if you feel the need of learning it or come by the stream. Fiend mode only.


Anders Hey guys Anders here! I've been playing Black Desert since November 2016 on NA moving to EU servers in early 2019. I focus on informing you guys on everything Black Desert and going over future content as well as helping newer players get started! Currently playing Wizard/Mystic and aiming to stop re-rolling. You can find me grinding potatoes, horse training, or perched on a broken wall using Blizzard in RBF :slight_smile:

Guti89 Greetings adventurers! I'm Guti89, I love to help new adventurers as much as possible and offer different content to the most veteran. My current and most ambitious project is to tell the lore of Black Desert in a different way and offer the latest news, guides, tips from Black Desert PC / Consoles. Thanks for the support!

BairogHaan Hello everyone, I have been playing BDO since pre-release and during this time I enjoyed a vast variety of activities that BDO can offer, but for the last 2-3 years I have been mainly focused on lifeskills and enhancing. When I started to stream 3 years ago I set a goal of getting full PEN selfenhanced gear and this year we started STRONG: succeeding PEN deboreka, the most rare and expensive accessory in BDO, so join me on my journey to the full PEN selfenhanced gear! Ah and to make money for my enhancing I mainly lifeskill and my favourite lifeskill is gathering, got to guru 41 gathering this year, so let's GATHER GATHER GATHER and CLICK CLICK CLICK


Elly Hi Hi, I'm Elly. I've been playing the game since launch and throughout the years I have gathered quite a few memories. I PVE, I PVP and I lifeskill. I started on a sorc and I've played just about every class in the game. Trying to tell you what my stream consists of is a little hard to do. You see... My stream consists of the most random experiences that can happen while playing BDO. And this is basically what my stream is, just a bunch of random experiences where I hang with people I love in the game that I love. So, if you're feeling a little random, you should stop by and drop a "Hi Hi".


JavifC ¡Hola a todos! Soy Javi, juego ninja en el servidor de EU y llevo jugando y creando contenido para BDO casi 2 años, en mi stream debatimos todo tipo de cosas sobre el juego, hacemos profesiones, JcE, JcJ, misiones, ¡y mucho más! ¡Siéntete libre para pasarte cuando quieras!


DjulesTV My name is Julian, better known as DJules. Iam 33 years old and play Black Desert since the 16th of April in 2016.
My first class was the Sorceress, but I have played many classes through out the years and if you tune into my stream, you will often see me play a different class than the day before. I love the feeling of learning and getting into a new class. All classes feel unique and have their own techniques you learn and sometimes even master. Thats why Black Desert always feels fresh to me, so much, that I never really touched another game in almost 5 years now.
Especially starting a new class in a new season is what gets me to play the game as much as I can. So it happened that I became the first level 63 Hashashin on NA/EU during the autumn season.

I never aim for the most efficient way to gear up. Instead, I just do what is fun. Sometimes I get into a lifeskill I didnt try yet, or I grind spots that may not be the best silver per hour, but I get lost in the scenery and I enjoy the variety of different monstes you can hunt in the big world of Black Desert. That didnt stop me from becoming extremely high geared, despite my first PEN taking so many failstacks back in 2018, that my Kzarka is probably the most famous Item in Black Desert Europe (maybe World?!).

Join me during one of my streams and Iam happy to share my knowledge of the game with you and maybe even put a smile on your face!


Macilus Hey my name is Macilus, but you can call me Mac. I specialize in all things Sorceress and have a vast pool of PVP knowledge. My community is built around PMA (positive mental attitude). I Love to teach and aim to help people enjoy the game as much as I do. Come say hi!


Vert Hey guys whats up! My name is Vert and I have been streaming BDO on Twitch since late 2016. I am currently a Hash main, but I have been known to dabble in a "couple" different classes and most know me from the Baehwa. Feel free to come by the channel for some PvP, enhancing, grinding, information, or just to chill out while you are making gains.


Stratisfied Hey! My name is Stratisfied, and I am currently playing Wizard (but I tend to reroll quite a bit!) Throughout my BDO career, I have played the vast majority of classes, and will probably continue to do so using the tag system. My current favorite tagged class is Lahn. As a Partner I want to do my best to give you an inside look into how an end game player progresses in BDO through my Youtube videos and Twitch streams. I have been playing BDO for just over 2 years, dabbling in every part of content in the game from hardcore PvP to lifeskilling. Come stop by a Twitch stream to get to know me, or stop by my Youtube to watch my BDO progression from the very start!


sOFrOsTy Hi Everyone!

I am Frosty! I podcast with my friends Rezlar and Nayashe every week where we discuss all things BDO related with the community. It's a comedy show, let's be honest. Also, I regularly play 10 of the 20 classes and have played almost all of them. I am a re-roll addict. I've tagged and re-tagged so many times it doesn't even make sense. But, it keeps the game fresh so I won't stop! I also stream full time.

If you pop into the stream it's mostly interactive. I do my best to read and respond to chat while making it both fun and funny. Chat is the biggest reason I stream. Every time global labs and patch notes come out I pop the stream on and read them aloud. A lot of times it's a helpful stream for new players who want gear advice, class advice, PvE/PvP advice, information on upcoming patches, etc, etc...


BlondBear Hello there, Blondbear here, I am a Zerker main in bdo. I love long grinds, rare drop items, and relaxing conversation topics about Black Desert Online and just about anything. Most of the time while streaming I am grinding and chatting about the future of BDO.


Kaioura Hello, my name is Kaioura and I main Lahn! I've been playing for around 3-4 years now and my favorite fruit is watermelon.
I'm an awkward but soft vtuber that is very friendly, come say hi to me and I might let you ask me for a hug or something...


Biohack As one of, if not the, richest players in BDO I got my start as a lifeskiller. At one time having the highest trading level in NA/EU and possibly the world. In addition to trading I also got very into gathering, cooking, and alchemy capping both cooking and alchemy at guru 20 long before the level cap was raised. These days I’m primarily known for my enhancing methods which I used to push myself over 2.5 trillion net worth and nearly maxing out my gear with only a PEN fallen god and shining alchemy stone left remaining. My main goals in the game right now are to obtain the rich merchant’s ring which is what I spend most of my time working on. In addition to that I am also trying to acquire the vast amounts of silver required to eventually go for a PEN fallen god. I love streaming the game, interacting with the community, and answering player questions so be sure to stop by if you’d like to talk about money making strategies or just have a chat.


Caarl Hello my name is Carl. I am a BDO player since its initial launch back in 2016. I am a Musa main for over 4 years and have no plans of stopping! My streams are typically based around open world PvP however, I do like to chill grind from time to time. Despite the constant action on my streams, I am very laid back and like to provide a chill atmosphere for my community to relax with me.


Khur Hello! I am Khur, the last tamer player remaining. I started playing Black Desert in 2016. My stream is mostly based around good music and chill vibes; in a laid-back atmosphere that's friendly to both new and old players.


Bigandshiny Hello :) I am Bigandshiny and I have been playing Wizard since NA/EU release in early 2016. I like to utilize a mathematical approach to gain a better understanding of the mechanics and systems governing how BDO works. The primary focus of my stream is education and the discussion/exploration of topics and ideas, as well as grinding and potatoing.


JoJ Hey everyone, I've been playing BDO since EU launch, cumulating over 1.000 days of play time on Musa... and well, I like it so far !
I mostly tryhard... wearing flipflop, so don't expect too much, it's pretty difficult doing pvp in flipflop...
Also, I am from la France, so I will speak baguette about 70% of the time, do not worry tho, we are use to switch from one language to the other.
Feel free to come and hang out, chances are you either gonna have some chill relaxing time, a lot of fun, or both !


Zethiann Hello, my name is Chris also known as Zethiann in BDO and on Twitch. I am a Canadian streamer that's just looking to have fun and enjoy this game in as many ways as possible.

I have played all of the shield classes in BDO. I started with Warrior which I played for years, I dabbled around with Valkyrie for a while. Now I am primarily playing guardian and fiddling with Nova.

When you come to channel you will most likely find me grinding while answering questions about the many systems in black desert online. We laugh, we joke, we try to remind ourselves what gaming is all about. Having fun. Hope to see you soon.


Wakayashi Hey guys! My name is Wakayashi and I‘m addicted to BDO. If you have a similar problem, join my stream and let‘s be addicted together! My main content is grinding in a circle, teaching you guys how to make money either while grinding or lifeskilling and sometimes you‘ll even see PVP content (I got a very cool Naruto headband, be careful).
Sometimes I’m organizing little PVP tournaments for my community and if you're confident, you are very welcome to participate! I‘m also known for my very exciting box openings and profit enhancing streams. My self-made RNG tinfoil hat helped me beat the black spirit to become a full PEN wizard. Main language is German but if you write in English I will answer in English too. See you in the stream!

Location: Germany
Main Class: Wizard
Joined BDO: September 2018
Likes: Grinding, Enhancing, Box Opening
Schedule: 3 times per week


Ryky Hey, here's my bio
I have been playing Guardian ever since release, always trying to push the class meta with my play style and guiding other Guardians to play better. I'm mostly streaming group PvP such as Node War, RBF, Siege with Podcast and sometimes I do grind.


Anfield Hello Everyone I'm Anfield, I've played Black Desert for 5 years since the launch of the game on the EU, which I play on, and NA regions, and I've also mained Ranger that whole time. PvP is my main passion but I also love seeing my character progress so i'm often out in the world grinding away for my goals. I love to help new players and veterans alike so feel free to stop by!


Heedun What's up friend! I'm Heedun and I've been playing BDO and Sorceress since day 1. I used to lead a Siege guild back in the early days, then a small scale one and now I mostly focus on creating content both on Twitch and Youtube for you to enjoy :3 I love sharing my Black Desert journey with everyone, both new and veteran players, so don't hesitate to pop in my channel to say hello.


SweetCristal Hi! I'm SweetCristal, I'm from Spain and I play Black Desert Online in the EU. It has been a long time since I started playing and I have always been a Dark Knight, my motivation is PvP and enchantments (The jewelry ones not so much, but I do them anyway, they may be my favourite enchantments). I'm usually in a good mood on streams, I am joyful and attentive to chat, I love helping others. My streams are usually chill, we chat, debate a million things, challenge each other in PvP and solve doubts among all. The main language is Spanish, but I can also speak English.


MermaidOnTap I’ve been playing BDO since January 2018 but got hooked on life skilling about a year ago. That showed me a whole new side to the game that I’m quite obsessed with. I main Lahn but play on multiple characters. A typical Mermz stream is quite laid back. Answering questions, cracking open a few beers and nerding out on all of the life skills this beautiful game has to offer. Cheers!


BlockJump Hello! My name is BlockJump, I'm an Awakening Ninja player and have been playing Black Desert for about 3 years so far. My main goal as a Partner is trying my hardest to help new players understand the mechanics of my class in addition to making guides to lead new ninjas on the right path to becoming efficient in their gameplay. I take a lot of pride in being a center stone for new players learning ninja and hope to help more to come. I stream on my Twitch channel regularly, so if you have any questions you might want to ask me don't hesitate to ask =)


AionJanis Hi I am AionJanis, the dancing streamer! Nice to meet you! I have been a BDO streamer for around 4 years. You may remember me from the time I introduced the Archer class to the world or the time it took me 398 hours to get the Infinite HP Potion. Come on by to my channel, give me a follow, and you will get your one of a kind unique dance!


BiceptimusPrime Former Witch, turned Warrior main, with a burning passion for Lifeskilling, grinding and PvP! Always focused on improving, and taking this drive into my streams and content, that are often centered around educational content, answering questions and making guides. And failing enhancement… lots of enhancements. But next time we will get it!


Narelio Yo yo, my name is Narelio and I play Wizard and Striker. I've been playing this game for about three years and have dedicated myself to understanding node wars and sieges. I've been a shotcaller for about two of those years, which is a great passion of mine. I have also been part of multiple siege level guilds such as Corrupt, Filter, and Snake. If you come into my stream you can expect memes, a very active chat, and information on node wars and sieges.


HorseyEU Sup guys, my name is Horsey and i'm from Germany. I started playing BDO with Dark Knight release and also played her for a while. DK got nerfed and then I asked my Guild chat, what is the best large scale class? My guild said: Wizard. So here we are and stucking with the most broken PvP class in the game ッ. I'm a very competetive player and I like to to mess myself with everyone. On my channel you will only see PvP and feel free to to come in and ask me anything about about it.


Veedan Hello!

I am a BDO Streamer from Austria and have been playing since the launch of BDO. In the game I try to experience everything BDO has to offer.
From PVP, over Lifeskills, to grinding for rare items.
But what I love the most about BDO is to hang out with the Community.
So come by and just say Hi!


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