Imperial Delivery

Trade Items market price fixed at 250%! Imperial Delivery


The Imperial Delivery is a trade event in which imperial NPCs purchase certain Trade Item at 250% market price.

The Imperial Delivery NPCs are located in Velian, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova.


▲ Imperial Delivery NPC Radolf Hansen in Hiedel. You’ll find the title displayed on top of the NPC, making it easier to find.


For details about the Imperial Delivery, press ESC and then click Trade Info. The Trade Info will show the Imperial Delivery NPCs from different regions purchasing Trade Items at 250% market price. If you hold the cursor over the Trade Item, it will display the Trade Item description and place of origin.


The Imperial Delivery time will reset from a random server every 4 hours starting at 12:00. Since there is limit on the number of Trade Item that can be delivered, it’s good idea to check on which channel and which Trade Item is available for delivery beforehand.

▲ Each Trade Item has a delivery limit. This is indicated by the Max Stock value (marked in light blue). When the Max Stock value is at 0, the Imperial Delivery NPC will no longer purchase that Trade Item.

▲ Press ESC – Trade Info to see Imperial Delivery market status. When you click on the navigation icon, a guide leading to that Imperial NPC will be displayed on the map.


To get the most out of the Imperial Delivery, it’s important to take into account of the distance between the Trade Item’s place of origin and the village where the Trade Item is purchased and the original cost of the Trade Item.

This is because, the closer you are to the faster you can move Trade Items. Since you are competing with other adventurers, it is important to establish a route that allows you to quickly supply the Trade Item to the market.

However, a distance bonus is applied if you are delivering a Trade Item from a far place. The distance bonus is separate from the 250% market price. Because of the distance bonus, you can sell the Trade Item at a much higher price.


It is also important to check the Max Stock value of the Trade Item you want to deliver. Even if more Trade Items can be purchased, the Trade Item will not be exchange if the Max Stock value is 0.

For these cases, you can try moving servers and then check the Max Stock value for the Trade Item you want to sell. However, since you have to wait 15 minute whenever you switch server, another adventurer may have already monopolized the Trade Item you want to sell.


Sometimes adventurers will travel from afar with their wagon, only to find that they are unable to exchange the Trade Item in the market since the Max Stock value is 0. To avoid this, be sure to check the Max Stock value for the Trade Item in the region you are heading to. Also, it’s good idea to acquire a Trade Pass (can be purchased with loyalty) before heading out.

▲ Open the World Map and view the region/city you are heading to. From the World Map, press the Wagon icon to check the price and Max Stock value of the item you want to sell.


The 250% fixed price means you’ll see larger return when you sell Trade Item with higher original cost.

If you take into account of the travel time from the Trade Item’s place of origin and the Imperial Delivery NPC, you’ll see a larger return when you sell Trade Item with high original cost.

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