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Installiert den Launcher, um das Spiel zu starten.

Sollte der Launcher bereits installiert worden sein, wird das Spiel gestartet.
Startet den Launcher manuell, wenn er sich nicht automatisch öffnet.


1 Ladet die Datei BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe herunter und installiert den „Black Desert“-Launcher.

2 Bitte startet das Spiel, sobald die Installation beendet ist.



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Every crafting activity in Black Desert’s world begins from the collection of materials.
There are many ways to collect these. Among them, collecting materials directly from nature itself is called gathering.


Not only is the natural environment of Black Desert visually appealing, but it also contains plenty of untapped natural resources.


Once you lose yourself in the world of gathering, what you once neglected in your daily walks –the grass, the trees, even the rocks – will now seem like a treasure trove.

How to Gather

Whenever you draw near an object that you can gather, you will see a prompt that allows you to interact with it.
Press the hotkey for interaction (R) to collect materials from it.
If you don’t see the interaction interface, it means that another Adventurer gathered it just recently. No need to fret! These are renewable resources, which means that you can start gathering materials in the same area again after a certain period of time has elapsed.


Keep in mind that all characters have basic gathering tools equipped by default, so you don't have to worry about purchasing or crafting the correct tools.


Depending on the gathering tool you use, the type of materials you obtain will differ, even when gathering from the same object.
From trees, you can collect items like logs or timber with a lumbering axe, or collect sap with a fluid collector. In the same way, there are gathering tools that can be used in more than one type of gatherable object. For example, the fluid collector you use on trees can also be used to gather the blood of animals you hunt.



In the case of butchering an animal, you can gather its materials via the Gathering prompt (hotkey: R) after looting all the items dropped (if any) from the animal you’ve killed or hunted.



As seen above, this way you will obtain gathering items. In this case, weasel meat from gathering a dead weasel with a butcher knife.


Gathering Targets and Materials

Depending on the target you are gathering from, you will sometimes need a tool.
Depending on the items you gather, you can craft those into materials of higher value by processing them via other life skills.


What kind of gatherable resources are there in Black Desert, and what are the tools you can use? Also, what else can you obtain after gathering? Here’s a chart to answer those questions:



How to Gather

Gathering Tool

Gathered Resource

Relevant Process



Lumbering Axe

Log, Timber


Collect Fluid

Fluid Collector

Tree Sap



Collect Fluid

Fluid Collector

Animal Blood



Tanning Knife

Hide, Feathers



Butcher Knife


Drying, Cooking


Barehanded Gathering

Not required

Crop, Seed


Bush, Dry Thickets,

Fruit Trees, Shrubs

Barehanded Gathering

Not required

Weeds, Seed


Wild Herbs


Hoe / Barehanded Gathering





Hoe / Barehanded Gathering

Herb, Seed





Mushroom, Hypha






Heating, Grinding


Water Scooping

Empty Bottle

Water Bottle

Heating, Filtering

Digging Desert Sand



Ore, Crystal,

Bag of Muddy Water

Heating, Grinding, Filtering


You can gather herbs and wild herbs with your bare hands. However, using a hoe will reward you with much better results.


Unlike other resources, water and desert sand are not gathered from a specific object, but from the environment. This means that you can keep gathering them from the appropriate terrain (water source such as a river or the sea, desert sand) without interruption.


Additionally, gathered resources are the ingredients for a variety of items you can craft as mentioned earlier. If you want to know the types of items you can craft with the gathered resources you have obtained, please refer to the Crafting Notes feature.
You can open the Crafting Notes via the main menu (hotkey: Esc) → Information → Crafting Notes, or by pressing the Crafting Notes button on the top right of this Adventurer’s Guide (hotkey: F1) or Adventurer’s Board (hotkey: F2).



 Check out the various items you can craft in the Crafting Notes!



◈ An Unexpected Gathering Resource Appeared!

When you gather, you sometimes may come across items that you didn’t expect to get. These include fairy powder that you can get from all gathering activities, traces useful for alchemists, and items usually sought after by Adventurers who want to accumulate wealth, such as Caphras stones and sharp black crystal shards.
What should you do if you do get these items?


Unless you need it for one of its few uses, you can just sell the fairy powder at an NPC shop without a second thought.
Traces are rare and much sought-after ingredients for alchemy. We recommend storing them until you need to delve into synthetizing elixirs and other alchemical products yourself. Alternatively, if you’re sure you’ll never use them, you can sell them in the Central Market for a good amount of silver.


You can achieve a great profit by selling Caphras stones and sharp black crystal shards in the Central Market. However, there’s a good reason for their high price. These items are materials needed by all Adventurers who own combat equipment of a certain level or higher, and are needed to improve this equipment, so there might come a time when you have to use these items yourself. As such, you need to put in some thought as to whether you’ll sell it on the Central Market, or perhaps keep them and build up a supply in preparation for later.


Gathering Level, Ability, and Mastery

◈ Gathering Level

Life skill activities generally have 11 categories, including gathering, processing, cooking, training, alchemy, fishing, hunting, trading, farming, sailing, and bartering. All of these have levels of their own, and the higher the level, the more bonuses you can get when performing them.
You can check the levels of your life skills, which differ by character, via your character profile (hotkey: P).



Press the Learn More button at the bottom for more details regarding the bonuses you receive at your current level with each life skill.


Upon reaching a higher level, the chance for you to gather without consuming energy increases, you can obtain better and rarer items, and your mastery level goes up. This will be explained more in detail, as the mastery level is very important for gathering activities.


In order to reach a higher level in gathering, you need to earn gathering EXP through actual gathering activities. You can level up quicker if you use/consume an item that increases your gathering EXP, such as a scroll, an elixir, or a dish.



◈ Gathering Ability

Your gathering ability affects your gathering speed. You can reach up to Lv. 5 for gathering ability, and can check your current ability level from your character profile (hotkey: P).



One good way to increase your gathering ability is by eating a dish with that effect, such as a seafood cron meal. This method is efficient because it increases your gathering ability level and other stats for 2 hours at a relatively low price.


Wearing silver embroidered gatherer’s clothes can also help. Your gathering ability level increases along with the amount of gathering EXP you can obtain, depending on the enhancement level of the clothes. The effect is permanent, and equipping these clothes after enhancing them to +2 will make them quite efficient.


If after this your gathering ability level is still low, you can increase it through elixirs, like a verdure draught, or through guild skills provided by your guild.


If you really are thinking about seriously diving into gathering, it’s a good idea to have a method to consistently reach gathering ability Lv. 5 through these methods.
However, it goes without saying that there is no point in consistently having gathering ability Lv. 5 if you’re taking a silver loss by doing so. It might be more profitable to spend silver on this once your gathering level is higher and allows you to more easily net a profit.



◈ Gathering Mastery

The higher your gathering mastery is, it plays an important role in gathering efficiency and thereby increases your profits.



You can check your gathering mastery level, as well as those for other life skills, at your character’s profile (hotkey: P).

The results of gathering, or the gathering resources you obtain, can be divided into basic, special, and rare gathering resources. You can make a higher profit the more frequently you can obtain special and rare gathering resources.


As your gathering mastery level goes up, the amount of basic gathering resources obtained increases, along with the chance of obtaining special and rare gathering resources.



Remember that, the higher your mastery level, the higher the chance you have at obtaining a rare item from gathering, such as the Caphras stone seen above.


There are various ways to increase your mastery level. The most basic way is increasing your gathering level. Your gathering mastery level goes up every time your gathering level goes up.


Another way is by equipping, or consuming, items that increase your mastery level. There are many items, such as equipment (gear), elixirs, and dishes, that can be obtained for this; from those you can purchase or craft at a reasonable price, to those that you have to pay a large sum of silver for, depending on their effects. Regarding this, it is recommended to carefully make these purchases after coming up with a plan, keeping your financial status in mind.


It is said that “the higher the mastery level, the better,” but if you are an Adventurer just starting to get used to gathering, it’s more important to first experience it fully even if you have simpler equipment, than to go all-out in obtaining the best possible items for it from the start.


Check the following section to see more details on gathering equipment and useful items.


Green Artisan

During your journey in the Land of the Morning Light across the Great Ocean, you may come across the Green Thumb questline started by NPC Hyunyong if your character is above artisan 1 in the gathering life skill.
Upon completing this questline and obtaining the knowledge entry Green Thumb, you will obtain the gathering skill passed down to the gatherers who have won recognition from the Chorong Merchant Guild. Those who learn this skill become capable of recognizing the weakest parts of the gatherable resources, which allows them to gather large amounts of materials in one go. 


This will allow you to be able to play a mini-game at a set probability while gathering.
Winning the mini-game will consume 10 energy, and you will obtain 10 times the amount of items you'd originally gathered.
For example, if you would have normally obtained Lamb Meat x10, Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1, and Black Gem Fragment x2, upon successfully completing the mini-game you will obtain Lamb Meat x100, Sharp Black Crystal Shard x10, and Black Gem Fragment x20.
Failing the mini-game will consume 1 energy, and you will not receive any benefits.

Treasure items such as Valtarra's Clairvoyance and Valtarra's Memory will not affect the results even if you win the minigame.
Go to your character’s profile (hotkey: P) → Life Skill and activate "Green Thumb" from the Gathering category to play the mini-game at a set probability. If you do not wish to play the mini-game, you can deactivate the feature with the same toggle option.


◈ Hoe Gathering

Hoe all the roots and gather the herbs!
– Use W, A, S, D to move the slots and Space to use the hoe.
– Dig the same spot 3 times to fill back the hole with dirt.

After digging up all the roots, the areas without roots should be restored to their original state.




◈ Butchering

Win the mini-game 3 times by timing it right!
– Press Space to stop the gauge where the meat icon is.




◈ Tanning

Cut the leather without going beyond the guidelines!
– You can adjust the position of the falling icon by pressing Space.
– You must reach the target point without crossing the guidelines.




◈ Mining

Target the weak parts of the rock to successfully mine it!
– Use W, A, S, D to move the pickaxe and Space to use it.
– If you find a weak part on the rock, you must keep hitting it until it cracks.




◈ Lumbering

Win the mini-game 5 consecutive times by timing it right!
– Swing your axe in the specific area within the moving gauge!
– Swing your axe without going outside the gradually shrinking area.




◈ Fluid Collecting

Fill up the fluid collector with liquid!
– Hold Space to fill the gauge, and release Space when it aligns with a specific area.
– Letting go in a blue area will fill the syringe with more liquid than in a green area.




◈ Millennial Wild Ginseng

Millennial wild ginseng is an incredible item that can be obtained at a low probability through the gathering mini-games.



• The probability of obtaining Millennial Wild Ginseng is not affected by your gathering level, gathering mastery level, or gathering item quantity increase effects of your pet.
• The effects of Millennial Wild Ginseng will be in effect throughout your entire family for 90 days.
• Millennial Wild Ginseng can be registered on the Central Market.



Setting Up Equipment for Gathering

In the sections above, you were able to see how you need proper gathering tools for gathering depending on the gathering resources. You also saw how you can increase the efficiency for gathering by increasing your gathering level, ability level, and mastery.
Now it’s time to prepare equipment appropriate for gathering, and gather the resources that are spread all around Black Desert’s world. You will see that there are many different types of gathering equipment and items, for different purposes and performance requirements.

If you are an Adventurer who wants to be more well-prepared for gathering, it is important to select the most suitable gathering equipment from the various options available, depending on your current situation and financial status.
For example, if you are a beginner to gathering, you should mostly select equipment that increases overall Life EXP or gathering EXP in order to quickly increase your character’s gathering level.
If you are already at a high level in gathering, you should increase your chance at obtaining rare gathering resources and their quantity by focusing on increasing your gathering mastery level.


Make sure to prepare yourself when you go on a gathering adventure by checking your gathering equipment and other life skills, and form an appropriate plan.





Seafood Cron Meal


Increases gathering ability level, mastery, EXP obtained, maximum weight, etc. for 2 hours.

Sute Tea / Healthy Sute Tea


Increases Life EXP obtained, for 90 / 120 minutes.

Verdure Draught / Magical Verdure Draught


Increases gathering ability level, EXP obtained, and maximum weight for 15 minutes. Magical variant for an hour.

Alchemy Stone of Life / Spirit Stone

Alchemy Stone

Can be used after equipping it to the alchemy stone area (hotkey: U), and increases gathering ability level (blue-grade & above) and the item drop rate for all types of gathering resources (yellow-grade).

Turning Gates

Villa Buff

Increases energy recovery amount and Life EXP obtained, for 90 / 180 minutes.

Magic Gathering Tools

Gathering Tool

Decreases gathering time by 11 seconds, and increases the item drop rate for all types of gathering resources from that specific tool by 80%.

However, the item drop rate effect applied from gathering mastery will not be applied.

- These tools can be crafted in any Tool Factory house.

Demihar Gathering Tool

Gathering Tool

Decreases gathering time by 11 seconds, increases gathering EXP, and increases the item drop rate for all types of gathering resources from that specific tool by 80%.

- These tools can be acquired at special Life Skill events.

Leight’s Gathering Tool

Gathering Tool

Decreases gathering time by 11 seconds, increases gathering EXP and mastery, and increases the item drop rate for all types of gathering resources from that specific tool by 30%.

- These tools can be rented with Contribution points at the NPC Norma Leight.

Loggia Equipment

Armor / Accessory

Equipment that can be purchased at a low price and increases gathering mastery and EXP obtained.

- These tools can be purchased at the NPC Zaaira and Camellia Loggia.

Geranoa Equipment


Equipment that you can purchase at a medium price and increases gathering mastery and EXP obtained.

- These tools can be purchased at the NPC Zaaira and Geranoa.

Manos Equipment

Gathering Tool / Armor / Accessory

Equipment that you can purchase at a high price and increases gathering mastery and EXP obtained.

- These tools can be crafted with Processing or purchased at the Central Market.

Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes


Armor that focuses on the increase of gathering EXP obtained and increases gathering ability level.

- This item can be crafted with Processing.

Carta Gatherer’s Clothes


Armor that focuses on the increase of gathering mastery.

- These tools can be purchased at the NPC Zaaira and Geranoa.

Pet (Hedgehog, Ferret, Stoneback Crab, and more)


Increase life and gathering EXP obtained, offer resource detection, and more.

Life / Vital Crystal

Magic Crystal

Life Crystal increases Life EXP +5%.
Vital Crystal increases Life Skill Mastery +10.


For Demihar gathering tools, you can receive one of them upon reaching the gathering apprentice level, through the Challenges (hotkey: Y) window. A 14-day expiration date will be applied right after accepting it.


For Leight’s gathering tools, you can rent them in exchange for 50 contribution points from the owner of the Northern Wheat Plantation, Norma Leight, in Calpheon.


That said, be sure to check the requirement for equipping all of these items before trying to obtain them. 


Life Skill Equipment Interface

During your journey you will acquire better Life Skill tools, in order to equip these tools, first click the following icon in your Equipment interface. Then right click the tools to store them in the Life Skill tool interface.

To remove the tools from your Life Skill tools interface, just right click the items to send them back to your inventory.



You can equip the following tools via the Family Tool window for Gathering & Fishing. (Keep in mind that the tools stored in this interface will be shared within all your characters in your account)
Equippable Tools via the Family Tool Window
Lumbering Axe
Fluid Collector
Butchering Knife
Tanning Knife
Fishing Rod
You will see that for gathering resources that allow for more than one option, such as trees and animals, the different possibilities will appear in a wheel. Choose the one you prefer by pressing F5 and it will be saved for future use.

Gathering Quests

You can accept gathering-related quests from a variety of NPCs in the world of Black Desert.
First, we recommend that you proceed with gathering quests you can find in Velia, the first town most Adventurers visit.


It requires some time and effort to complete gathering quests, but for rewards, you can obtain contribution EXP, gathering EXP, as well as rare items like sharp black crystal shards.
We also recommend that you proceed with an advancement quest, called leap quests, to help you reach a higher gathering level.
You can accept the leap quest once you reach the gathering level beginner Lv. 10.
Once you’re at this gathering level, summon the Black Spirit and check its guide menu, where you can find the available leap quests for all life skills and you can be guided to the NPC you can receive the quests from more easily by simply pressing them from the list.



*The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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