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* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.


Introduction to Taming

When venturing into the vast world of , horses are the key to traveling.

Their swiftness and stamina are specialized for traveling long distances, and the thrill of riding through the wind is even addictive.


The ability to utilize the horse’s skills in various situations as well as Horseback Combat has made horses an integral part of a player’s adventure.


Horses are a necessity for adventuring. Through this guide, we will look at how to tame horses as well as how to raise and breed them into magnificent steeds.


▲ You can travel to nearly any part of the world with just the aid of a horse


Taming a Wild Horse

Prepare: Capturing Rope, several Lump of Raw Sugar

You can acquire a horse by purchasing a horse emblem from a Stable Keeper.

However, in this way, you can only acquire Tier 1 horses, so they might not be good enough.

If you tame a wild horse that is roaming freely about, you can acquire a horse between Tier 1 to Tier 2, making it a much better choice than getting one from a Stable Keeper.


You will be able to get a rough idea of the wild horse’s tier through its appearance. The ones that are more colorful with more muscles are of a higher Tier than the plain looking horses.


In order to tame a wild horse, you first need to prepare a Capturing Rope and some Lumps of Raw Sugar. The former can be purchased from a Stable Keeper NPC,

while the latter needs to be made by processing and heating 10 Raw Sugars and 1 Mineral Water.

You can buy these ingredients from a Cooking Material Vendor, so get an enough amount ready.



Horse Taming Mini-game

Right-click the Capturing Rope inside your inventory to start the mini-game.


▲ Aim at the horse and press ,

then press once again to place the gauge at its target mark,

only after that, you can start wrestling.


▲ Your character will move forward and wind up the rope.

The actual test of strength will begin when the horse raises its feet (the actual horse, not the horse picture being shown for reference).


▲ In order to win the test of strength against the horse that has raised its feet, you must quickly press the repeatedly so the red gauge is at least half full.


▲ As you get closer to the horse while repeating the test of strength, the Interaction menu will become active. Don’t ride on the horse right away, but select the Use Item menu and feed the Lump of Raw Sugar to the horse. The success rate will be higher as you give more Lumps of Raw Sugar.


◈ Tips for Winning the Horse Taming Mini-game!

1. Don’t throw the rope at a horse that is not on the ground, but on top of a rock or some sort of other geographic feature. There is a higher chance of failing to mount the horse.



2. Some players get confused between the picture of the horse shown for reference and the actual horse they’ll encounter. The picture of the horse is shown as a reference only. If you repeatedly press the because the reference horse raises its feet, then you will end up failing the mini-game.



3. Sometimes the horse will raise its feet, even after you’ve come near it and the interaction menu has already become activated. In this case, calmly continue pressing the and win the test of strength first.



4. The success rate gets higher if you feed more Lumps of Raw Sugar to the horse, however, there is a limit. A maximum 4 ~ 5 of Lumps of Raw Sugar should be good enough.



5. The wild horse that has been tamed must be registered at the Stable before it can be properly used. Make sure to check your slot availability at a nearby Stable before you begin taming a horse. If you don't register the horse and disconnect/reconnect to the game, the horse will disappear.



6. When you are done with taming, move back to the town by the horse you took to the spot because a ride by a tamed horse is slow for now. The tamed horse will automatically follow you.



Locations of Wild Horses

Wild horses can be found in many locations throughout the world.

Most of the wild horses are of the low 1 ~ 2 tier, but it’s a good way to acquire your first ‘personal horse’ and can even become the foundation to breeding higher tier horses if you dedicate your efforts to raise and breed these horses..


If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to get a Tier 5 wild horse as mentioned above. So take these into consideration when you go out to try and tame a wild horse. The below pictures show some of the locations where wild horses can be found, and those introduced here are easy to find and close to a town.


Balenos - Marino Farm

Serendia - Lynch Farm Ruins


Serendia - Near Serendia Shrine


Basic Stats

As the player travels while riding a horse, the horse will gain EXP based on the distance traveled.

When the horse has gained a certain amount of EXP, it will level up and its inherent stats will be slightly increased.

The stat for each type of horse has a specific range which it can increase by, and the actual increase is determined randomly.

This is why even the exact same horse can have different stats. The meaning of each stat is explained below.



Determines how fast the horse will run. The horse will run faster with higher Speed.


The horse will reach its maximum speed faster with higher Acceleration


Affects how the horse turns while running. Higher Turn will reduce the turning radius of the horse


Affects how quickly the horse can stop. Higher Brake will allow the horse to stop faster.


You can anticipate the growth direction of the horse by its basic stats at Lv. 1. The classifications are as follows.


- Agile Type: Horse with high Speed and Acceleration with high growth rate of these stats

- Control Type: Horse with high Turn and Brake with high growth rate of these stats

- Balance Type: Horse with an equal spread of all stats with all-around growth

The Agile type has fast movement speed and is adequate for traveling long distances,

while the Control type is good for use in horseback combat due to its deft and spatial movements.

Of course, you will also need relevant skills to suit your purpose.



It is the value that shows the status of the horse. The meaning of each status is as follows.


Deaths Count

Number of times this horse has died. Lower death count increases the chance to acquire a higher tier horse when breeding and combining horses.

Breeding Count

Amount of times this horse can breed. The normal count is 2 for a male horse and 1 for a female horse. You can reset the breeding count once by using the Horse Breeding Reset item.

Time Remaining

It is applied only to the horses given through an event. They can be used only for the set period.


You can ‘Brand’ a horse by using the Mount Brand Spell Stone, and a horse that has been branded has a higher chance to learn a skill upon leveling up



When a horse levels up, it can learn a skill for a certain probability.

The skills available are different, depending on the tier and type of the horse.

You can check the list of available skills for a horse by first storing it in the stable, and then clicking on the horse to open the skill window at the top right of the screen.




Horse Skill Types and Effects

Front Leg Kick

Press for a front leg kick

Back Leg Kick

Press <↓> + for a back leg kick


Press <←> or <→> + <↓> while running to rotate towards the desired direction


Press <↑> + while running to sprint and run faster (requires saddle to be equipped)

Start Acceleration

Raise the front legs by pressing , and then press <↑> to burst forward

High Jump

While running quickly, press to jump over an obstacle

Emergency Stop

Press <↓> while running. The horse will stop with minimal braking distance

Instant Acceleration

Press while running for the horse to suddenly accelerate and burst forward


Press to suddenly charge forward and attack the enemy or enemy building ahead (requires champron to be equipped)

Sideways Movement

Press <←> or <→>. Move sideways without the horse changing direction

Quick Backward Step

Press <↓> to quickly move backwards

Continuous Jump

This skill allows the horse to jump again after landing from the previous jump.

Roar of the Horse

Press while standing still to make your horse neigh and give a buff to players that recovers HP and MP (requires stirrups to be equipped)


Automatically walk backwards from a place you could fall off

Quick Ride

This skill allows you to mount the horse much quicker



Skill Proficiency Mini-game


When you use the horse’s skill after learning it, there is a chance for a mini-game to be started. Completing the mini-game will increase the proficiency of the skill.

You will be thrust off your horse if you fail the mini-game, but earn comparatively more proficiency to successfully completing the mini-game.

When you have acquired 100% proficiency of the skill, the mini-games will no longer appear.



Raising a Horse


Training Level Effect


At a higher training level, your horse will gain more EXP and your chance to tame a wild horse will be increased. Don’t worry about it too much as your training level will naturally increase as you raise your horses.



Leveling up a horse


The quickest way to raising your horse is to travel around using manual control, but it is also recommended that you set auto-move during the time when you’re not playing the game.

In the World map, right-click while holding to set the destination of an auto navigation route. Right-click the starting point again where you are located to complete a loop. The completed loop will appear in green, and the character will repeatedly travel back and forth the guided route when you initiate auto-run by pressing 'T'.

The auto-move route is indicated in green, so check the color to make sure it has been set up properly.


Next, press while you’ve mounted the horse to set the auto feed carrot function. If you have enough carrots in your inventory, you will find yourself automatically moving back and forth the set route and using carrots to recover stamina automatically until you run out of carrots.


Straight paths are the best for setting up the auto-move loop, and it would be wise to set a short distance between towns to go back and forth if there is the potential threat of PK (such as when a guild war has been declared).




Items that help the growth process

Trainer's Clothes

Horse EXP Gain +10% (You cannot enhance this item)

Silver Embroidered Trainer's Clothes

Movement Speed Level +1, Horse EXP Gain +5%.

If you enhance this item, it will increase the Horse EXP gain.

Venia Riding Attire

Horse EXP Gain +20%.

A Pearl clothes with the advantage of being able be worn together with the above Trainer’s Clothes.

Value Pack

Pearl item that increases horse EXP gain by +30%



You can also increase the Horse EXP gain by using elixirs such as the Elixir of Training, but these have a short duration and the Horse EXP gain is not too great, so only use it when necessary.



Horse Gear

Horse Gears are composed of five parts,

and each part increases various stats of the horse, as well as sometimes fulfills a requirement to use a skill.


Just like normal equipment, the Horse Gear can also be enhanced, but only up to +10 enhancement.

Of all the Horse Gears, the horseshoe has a direct effect on the speed of the horse, so it is best to enhance this part first.


Horse Gear can be purchased from the stable NPC,

but it is better to craft it yourself or purchase it from the Marketplace if you want that of higher stats.


The currently available horse gears are as follows.




Shabby Horse Gear Set: Purchase from Stable NPC

Part Name


+10 Enhancement

Shabby Leather Barding

All DP +10

All DP +30

Shabby Leather Saddle

Max HP +75, Max Stamina +1000, Turn +1%

Max HP +120, Max Stamina +3000, Turn +3%

Shabby Hide Stirrups

All Evasion +5, Brake +1%

All Evasion +15, Brake +3%


Light Horse Gear Set: Crafted from the Horse Gear Workshop

Part Name


+10 Enhancement

Light Red Plumed Champron

Max HP +113, Acceleration +2%

Max HP +180, Acceleration +4%

Light Hide Barding

All DP +14

All DP +42

Light Hide Saddle

Max HP +113, Max Stamina +2000, Turn +2%

Max HP +180, Max Stamina +6000, Turn +4%

Light Hide Stirrups

All Evasion +10, Brake +2%

All Evasion +30, Brake +4%

Light Hide Stirrups

Movement Speed +2%

Movement Speed +6%


Battle Horse Gear Set: Crafted from the Horse Gear Workshop

Part Name


+10 Enhancement

Combat Steel Champron

Movement Speed -1%, Max HP +143, Acceleration +1.5%

Movement Speed -1%, Max HP +228, Acceleration +3.5%

Combat Steel Barding

Movement Speed -2% All DP +20

Movement Speed -2% All DP +60

Combat Hide Saddle

Max HP +143, Max Stamina +1400, All DP +5, Turn +1.5%

Max HP +228, Max Stamina +4200, All DP +15, Turn +3.5%

Combat Hide Saddle

All Evasion +5, All DP +5, Brake +1.5%

All Evasion +15, All DP +15, Brake +3.5%

Steel Battle Horseshoe

Movement Speed +1.5%, All DP +5

Movement Speed +5%, All DP +15


Horse Market

You can tame a wild horse and nurture it, but the quickest way to acquire a great horse is to use the Horse Market. You can access the Horse Market through the stable NPC in each of the major cities.


Unlike the Marketplace, the horses sold on the Horse Market have a fixed price that is automatically calculated based on tier, level, and acquired skills.


When purchasing a horse, it is important to make wise decisions based on your purpose. If you want to raise a horse for breeding purposes, then you must check the remaining breeding count and get a Lv. 1 horse of a reasonable tier. If raising a horse yourself is too bothersome, then it is essential to check the stats and skills of the horse.


This is also the same when you want to sell your horse. You will be able to receive more money for selling a higher-level horse, but there is the risk of it not being sold if the horse doesn’t have a good selection of skills. So it’s better to first think about who your sales target is before you register the horse, or try and supply the horse to the Imperial Horse Delivery NPC.


▲ You can access the Horse Market by talking to the Stable NPC in the major cities.



Breeding Market

Breeding can only be carried out through the Breeding Market, and players can only register a male horse that has at least one breeding count remaining. In order to breed your horse, first select the female horse you want to breed, and then choose a registered male horse you want it to breed with.


The owner of the female horse will have to pay a breeding cost to the owner of the male horse. .

You can also choose to breed two of your own horses by checking the ‘Personal Use Only’ option when you register the male horse on the Breeding Market.


This way, the male horse will only be visible to you in the My Registration List, and you can carry out breeding as normal using this list. This method is often used as it is very cheap and cannot be disrupted by other players.


When a set amount of time has passed after breeding, you will be able to obtain a foal. However, note that you need to have a space available in the stable in order to receive the foal. The stats of the foal are affected by the tier and level of the parents, so it is best to use high-level horses for breeding purposes. .



▲ Only male horses can be registered onto the Breeding Market, while only female horses can use it




Exchange is somewhat similar to breeding, but it can only be done at your stable, and the horses used for exchange will disappear.


Like the foal acquired through breeding, the horse that result from exchange will also be affected by both the parent horses.

As there is a limit on breeding count for each horse, those that have used up all their available breeding count are usually exchanged for a new horse.


▲ Remember that the two horses used for Exchange Horse will disappear.



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.


Courser System

The title ‘Courser’ is given to a horse that has acquired certain skills such as Charge, Drift that are differently required depending on the Tier of the horse.

When a horse becomes a Courser, its price value will increase by 20% compared to a normal horse at the breeding market/ horse market/ and for Imperial Horse Delivery.


Not only that, if you obtain a foal from two Coursers, it will be born with two natural skills. If only one of the horse is a Courser, a foal will be born with maximum of two skills by chance.


▲ Unlike normal horses, a gold icon will appear for the horses who became coursers after learning certain skills that are required for each tier.


For Tier 8 Courser, there are even more benefits.

Once Tier 8 Courser reaches level 30, take it to Stonetail Horse Ranch and meet NPC Gula to proceed with training the Courser.

A courser that completed training can become a ‘Dream Horse’ with special skills after awakening.



Skills to become a Courser (When acquiring all, will be categorized as courser)

Tier 1~2


Tier 3~4

Charge, Drift

Tier 5~6

Charge, Drift, Sprint

Tier 7

Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Acceleration, Sideways Movement

Tier 8

Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Acceleration, Sideways Movement, S: Instant Acceleration, S: Sideways Movement



Awaken Coursers to Make Them Into Dream Horses!

Getting a Tier 8 courser is just the beginning to making a Dream Horse.


Arduanatt is a Dream Horse that can glide through the air with its large wings. It is also faster, has better acceleration, turning, and brakes compared to a Tier 8 horse.


You’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort to make a Dream Horse even if you own a courser.

First, you need to train the courser and prepare it to for awakening.


▲ You can access the ‘Courser Training’ menu in the stables for your Tier 8 courser.


You need special materials to train a courser.

The materials you need are Pure Forest Breath, Rainbow Gem Fruit, Breezy Conch Seaweed, and Deep Blue Hoof Root. You can get them by gathering, fishing, and defeating monsters.


They are used to train the courser’s skill, elegance, and strength.

The courser can be awakened once the the 3 trainings add up to 200%.


You will need to have at least 2 different types of materials for you to reach 200%.



How to Obtain


Pure Forest Breath

Has a chance of dropping from

monsters in all regions

Courser Strength Training +1%

Rainbow Gem Fruit

Exchange 10 Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery]

Courser Skill Training +1%

Breezy Conch Seaweed

Has a chance of dropping from fishing

Courser Elegance Training +1%

Deep Blue Hoof Root

Has a chance of dropping from gathering

Courser Strength Training +1%

Stonetail Fodder

Made through Process - Simple Alchemy using Farming Byproducts

Courser Skill Training +1%

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast

By hunting Blue Whale and Khalk

Courser Elegance Training +1%



▲ This is the Courser Training window. You need to train the courser’s Skill, Elegance, and Strength to add up to 200%.


You can increase the chance to get a specific type of Dream Horse by focusing on different trainings.


If you had high % in Skills training, then you’re more likely to get Arduanatt.

If you had high % in Elegance training, then you’re more like to get Diné.

(% in Strength training is distributed and applied evenly between Skills and Elegance training)


You can reach 180% in each training.

However, each item will raise the % by 0.5 once the training reaches 100% and above.


Once your courser is trained to 200%, you’ll need the ‘Krogdalo's Origin Stone’ to awaken it.


You can make 1 ‘Krogdalo's Origin Stone’ through Simple Alchemy using 25 Swaying Wind Shards and 25 Rumbling Earth Shards. You can get the Swaying Wind Shards by exchanging ‘Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]’ and the Rumbling Earth Shards by exchanging ‘Horse Race Seals’.


You’ll consume 1 ‘Krogdalo's Origin Stone’ for every attempt you take, no matter the outcome.


If the awakening fails, the Skill, Elegance, and Strength training will be reset.

However, if you used Cron Stones with the failed attempt, you’ll only lose half of all the Training (if you had very little training in one of the fields, then it will be reset).


If the awakening is successful, then the Tier 8 courser will be reborn as a level 1 Diné or Arduanatt Dream Horse.


Aduahnott are born with 3 inherent skills.

Its born with the ‘Courser's Spirit’, a skill that recovers HP and Stamina when it’s not mounted. It also has ‘Double Jump’ and ‘Wings of Wind’ skills which let’s it glide in the air.

It learns additional skills every time it levels up.


Diné is born with the skills ‘Courser's Spirit’, ‘Double Jump’, and ‘Earth of Life’. ‘Earth of Life’ recovers 300 HP and 300 MP/WP/SP of its owner and up to 10 additional allies in the area every 3 seconds for 30 seconds.

▲ Dream Horse Aduahnott can soar through the air with its magnificent wings.

If you have high Strength training level, then the chance to acquire Doom increases.  

Doom has the skills: Courser’s Spirit, Double Jump, and Dark Flame Steps. Dark Flame Steps is a skill that can inflict fire damage to nearby enemies while leaving behind a fiery trail.   

Additionally, there is a chance Doom can learn Dark Sprint. It is a skill that can be used when S: Instant Accel is active to move even faster and ignite nearby enemies.
Finally, Doom is the only Dream Horse that has the chance to learn the skill Two-seater.

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