Update History


Black Shadow

● Near Keplan lies the North Abandoned Quarry, where reports of attacks by an unknown 'Black Shadow' have led to Calpheon calling for brave Adventurers. According to the accounts of survivors, the Black Shadow is believed to belong to the young dragon of Belmorn who had once possessed Jordine when he wandered about the Saunil Battlefield. Since Belmorn's disappearance, the dragon had never attacked those passing by, and many claim that the dragon is being controlled by some hidden fiend.

- The Black Shadow is a Field Boss, yet appears differently compared to other Field Bosses. Its initial spawn location is fixed, and it will appear once a week at the following times.


Saturday 22:00 (UTC)

Saturday 15:00 (PDT)

Saturday 18:00 (EDT)
Saturday 23:00 (CEST)

Saturday 15:00 (UTC)
Saturday 16:00 (CEST)

Saturday 08:00 (PDT)

Saturday 11:00 (EDT)

- Once the Black Shadow has taken critical damage, it will flee from the battle, leaving behind some loot.
- After taken critical damage, the Black Shadow will reappear at a random location in the Balenos, Serendia, or Calpheon Territories.
- Defeating the Black Shadow will drop Blackstar Armor (up to +10), Mass of Pure Magic, Specter's Energy, or Enchanted Scroll (+20, 30, 40) according to a set probability.
- Defeating the Black Shadow will drop a certain amount of Ancient Spirit Dust, guaranteed.

The new Field Boss, the 'Black Shadow,' was developed after many Adventurers requested further 'reworked' bosses akin to the Giant Mudster update. Similar to the Giant Mudster, this boss is designed to flee and reappear at a different location upon taking critical damage. It's different in that its spawn location is fixed and appears at a designated time once per week. We hope Adventurers, especially those with 2-seater horses, would enjoy the potentially long chase to defeat this boss.