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Update History


Atoraxxion: Sycrakea

● Atoraxxion - Sycrakea, the Last Stronghold built to fend off the dark invaders, has been discovered.
- Atoraxxion's second biome Sycrakea has separate difficulty settings akin to Vahmalkea on normal and Elvia Realm settings.
How to Enter Sycrakea
- You can enter Sycrakea regardless of whether you've cleared Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea as long as you are in possession of Talibre's Tear x1.
* However, you must've also completed the "[Atoraxxion] Talibre's Tear" quest so that you can interact with the Sol Magia inside the Ancient Stone Chamber.
- You can enter through Elribta's Door located in Vaha's Garden of Vahmalkea, Atoraxxion's first biome.
- You can enter Vahmalkea through Elribta's Door located in Syca's Garden in Sycrakea.
Sycrakea Main Questline & Syca's Thread
● Added the new Sycrakea main questline and knowledge category for Syca, the second person of interest in Atoraxxion.
- Complete the Sycrakea main questline to learn more about Syca's story and the hidden side of Atoraxxion, the "Stronghold of Salvation."
- Syca's story is directly connected to Vaha's and will be immediately available upon completing the Vahmalkea main questline.
* You can still reach Syca's Cradle, the area of Sycrakea's final boss, without having completed the main questline.
● Throughout Atoraxxion: Sycrakea, you'll find Syca's Threads placed by Syca himself as security measures to ward off the Dark Invaders. Unraveling these threads will either allow you to temporarily control the environmental factors of an area or let you learn a new bit of knowledge.
- You can experience five threads through the main questline alone, and an additional two separately.
- However, in order to reach Syca's Cradle where the last ancient weapon lies, you must unravel "Syca's Thread - Blank."
- Syca's Throat, the path on the way to Syca's Cradle, is blocked by rays of light that mean certain death for any adventurer that comes in contact with them as shown in the image below.
- However, when you unravel the thread, the rays of light blocking Syca's Throat will disappear, thus allowing you to move safely inside. Someone from the inside can also use a device to open it up again.
Areas of Sycrakea
● Atoraxxion: Sycrakea is divided into multiple areas by the "Darkened Dawn" (a type of wall) to fend off the Dark Invaders more effectively.
- Each of these areas are blocked off from each other through an ancient piece of tech called "Sol Magia." To take control of the "Sol Magia," you will need special items that act as keys.
- The Sol Magia that used to control the Darkened Dawn of Syca's Scale has long been in disrepair, so there are no Darkened Dawn in Syca's Scale.
Area Obtainable Items Boss Loot
Syca's Scale
Syca's Frigid Scale

Egg of an Arid Epoch
<syca's avarice="">Berurah</syca's>
Syca's Arid Tentacle
Use Simple Alchemy (L) with  x4 +  x2 to obtain Yolun Piece of Envy to summon Berurah
Syca's Grave
Syca's Frigid Scale

Egg of a Fearful Epoch
<syca's avarice="">Serpen</syca's>
Syca's Burning Tentacle
Use Simple Alchemy (L) with x4 + x2 to obtain Yolun Piece of Crueltyto summon Serpen
Syca's Glare - <syca's avarice="">Apocros</syca's>
Yolun Dagger
Combine  +  +  to obtain Syca's Contorted Tentacleto summon Apocros
Syca's Garden Combine  +   to obtain Corrupt Yolun Dagger
(All party members require Corrupt Yolun Dagger to enter Syca's Cradle)
Syca's Cradle - Maleficent Centilutos

Key of the Sunken Dawn

- You can loot Syca's Frigid Scale from defeated Ancient Weapons in Sycrakea.
- You can loot Egg of an Arid Epoch and Egg of a Fearful Epoch from defeated <syca's avarice="">Ancient Weapons.
- Yolun Piece of Envy, Yolun Piece of Cruelty, and Syca's Contorted Tentacle can summon bosses and won't be consumed upon use.
● The details of each area in Syca are as follows:</syca's>
Area Details
Syca's Scale Steam that rises up from gaps in the unstable surface can cause devastating burns due to the extreme heat. Lure the cold-insulating Ancient Weapons onto these parts to temporarily cool them down, but be careful not to lower the temperature to extreme levels.
Syca's Grave Stellagia that were installed to serve as filtration devices soon became contaminated by the poisons emitted by the deep-sea coral in the vicinity. Worker weapons known as "Mala" that used to collect power also were tainted by the poison, which led them to collect even more poisons that would eventually impact all of Syca's Grave.
Syca's Glare To enter Syca's Glare, you will need to loot the keys off the ancient weapon bosses Berurah and Serpen in order to pass through the Darkened Dawn. Upon entering Syca's Glare, the enormous Apocros who reigns the skies will appear.
Syca's Garden This is the last area where you can get ready before entering Syca's Cradle where the final boss slumbers.
Syca's Cradle The area to make your stand against Syca's Last Ancient Weapon, Maleficent Centilutos. Maleficent Centilutos will charge the Rune Magia to cast and unleash merciless attacks upon all the dark invaders.
* You cannot resurrect until all other party members are killed while fighting in Syca's Cradle.
* All items except for the Corrupt Yolun Dagger and loot dropped from defeating the final boss will be removed once you leave Syca's Paradise which you can access after defeating in Syca's Cradle.
* Penalties for dying in Atoraxxion are as follows:
  Normal Server Elvia Realm Server
Field (of each server's Atoraxxion) No penalty Penalty applied
Final Boss Fight (in Syca's Cradle) No penalty No penalty
Maleficent Centilutos
● The final boss slumbers in Syca's Cradle, the last area of Sycrakea. To defeat the boss, you will need to utilize the power supply devices installed around the area.
- The power supply devices in Syca's Cradle are divided into 4 levels. The higher the level, the lower the Centilutos' defense but greater its offense, You will need to properly utilize these devices to defeat the weapon.
Syca's Paradise
● You can obtain "special loot" from Syca's Paradise, which you gain entry to upon defeating Sycrakea's Last Ancient Weapon , twice a week.
- You can obtain such "special loot" from the following quests available via "Syca's Time Capsule" found in Syca's Paradise.
* Unlike Vahmalkea, you can complete the weekly quest for Sycrakea as long as you have the "Key of the Sunken Dawn" looted from the defeated Maleficent Centilutos.




[Weekly] Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest

Insert [Elvia] Key of the Sunken Dawn into Syca's Time Capsule Complete the quest Savior of the Sunken Dawn: Abyss

Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest

[Weekly] Sycrakea: Astran Chest

Insert the [Elvia] Key of the Sunken Dawn into Syca's Time Capsule Complete the quest Savior of the Sunken Dawn: Astran

Sycrakea: Astran Chest

[Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest I

Insert Key of the Sunken Dawn into Syca's Time Capsule Complete the quest Savior of the Sunken Dawn: Prottia I

Sycrakea: Prottia Chest

[Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest II

Insert Key of the Sunken Dawn into Syca's Time Capsule Complete the quest Savior of the Sunken Dawn: Prottia II

Sycrakea: Prottia Chest

- The above four weekly quests reset every Thursday.
- As explained below, you can complete up to two quests per family every week. You cannot attempt quests with the same character that has already completed them.
Case 1 - If character A completed [Weekly] Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest (Elvia Realm server), character B can proceed with [Weekly] Sycrakea: Astran Chest (Elvia Realm server).
Case 2 - If character A completed [Weekly] Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest (Elvia Realm server), character B can proceed with [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest I (normal server).
Case 3- If character A completed [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest I (normal server), character B can proceed with [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest II (normal server).
* Character A won't be able to proceed with other quests for the rest of the week.
- You can obtain the Key of the Sunken Dawn required to complete the aforementioned quests by defeating the final boss of Sycrakea, .
- In order to accept each of the aforementioned quests, you need 10,000 Agris Fever Points, which will be consumed immediately upon accepting each quest. Do note that you won't recover any points if you end up forfeiting a quest.
- You can accept the quests with the second type of quest objective mentioned above from the Syca's Time Capsule NPC and can instantly complete them via Interaction while doing a [Weekly] quest.
Recover the Knowledge Quests
● Damaged records were discovered in the Sol Magia of Atoraxxion: Sycrakea - Syca's Scale. Lafi Bedmountain, the archaeologist, believes that these bits of knowledge scattered throughout Sycrakea can be used to restore the Sol Magia.
- Added the following quests which you can complete once per family in Atoraxxion: Sycrakea.





[Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Sycrakea I

Syca's Scale Exchange Sol Magia

Learn 50 or more Knowledge related to Sycrakea;

Enchanted Scroll (+70)
Vaha's Dawn x1
1,000 Contribution EXP

[Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Sycrakea II

Syca's Scale Exchange Sol Magia

Learn 130 or more Knowledge related to Sycrakea;

Enchanted Scroll (+130)
Vaha's Dawn x1
1,000 Contribution EXP

● Added 2 new challenges that you can complete in Atoraxxion: Sycrakea.
- You can complete the Atoraxxion: Sycrakea challenges once per family.
- When you reconnect to your character after acquiring knowledge by defeating Maleficent Centilutos of Atoraxxion: Sycrakea, the challenges will be completed and you can obtain the rewards.





On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger!

Defeat the Maleficent Centilutos and acquire the knowledge, "On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger"

Sycrakea: Prottia Chest x2

Normal server

Infested Centilutos

Defeat the Maleficent Centilutos and acquire the knowledge, "Infested Centilutos"

Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest x2

Elvia Realm server

 Black Desert's second co-op dungeon after Vahmalkea, "Atoraxxion: Sycrakea," is finally unveiled. Unlike "Vahmalkea," Atoraxxion's first biome, Adventurers will be able to encounter the bosses guarding each area of Sycrakea. Each boss has its own unique pattern that will test your mettle, and you will encounter more of those "thread" puzzles signature to Atoraxxion, along the way. Sycrakea holds a total of seven delightful threads, five of which you shall run into while completing the main questline. Do note that one of those five threads is required to move onto the next area. Once you defeat the bosses and unravel the threads, you will ultimately make your way to Syca's Cradle, where you will find "Maleficent Centilutos." The core mechanic of Maleficent Centilutos lies in "electrical currents." This is directly connected to the "power supply devices" located all over Syca's Cradle, as you can control the amount of electrical power that is supplied to Maleficent Centilutos, which will determine just how much safer and easier your encounter will be. Also, you will need to work together with your party members especially depending on the state of Maleficent Centilutos. We designed Sycrakea to be slightly more difficult compared to Vahmalkea, and we can guarantee that those Adventurers who dare take their chances on the Elvia Realm difficulty will suffer many deaths (and be penalized for it) even before reaching Syca's Cradle. Thus we highly recommend you uncover the weaknesses behind Sycrakea's Ancient Weapons on the normal servers where no death penalty is applied.

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