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Berserker Awakened


Berserker Awakened

28 September 2016 11:00

Greetings Adventurers!


The next class within our lineup of Awakening releases is upon us. Behold, the power of the Awakened Berserker!


In addition to the devastation that the Berserker’s dual axes already bring, no one will stand a chance against the Berserker’s Awakening Weapon, the Iron Buster! Grab, bash and cleave your enemies senseless!



Origin of the Berserker

Although the Berserkers are renowned for their superior strength and combat capabilities, they continued to reside in the Keplan region as they had no ambition to conquer other territories. However, after the discovery of abundance in Black Crystals within Keplan, over-excavation by Humans caused the Berserkers to abandon their homes and leave the area.


In order to preserve their way of life, Chieftain Geaku of the Berserkers planned to move south so that they may avoid any conflict. However, Tantu, the young Berserker Leader, felt that the greed of Humans would soon bring war against them and lead to the Berserkers’ extinction.


Although Tantu was very tiny in stature for a Berserker, he was gifted with the ability to be extraordinarily persuasive. With this, he was able to inspire the younger generation of Berserkers to adventure out and find a new place where they can call home.


One night, Tantu and his followers left the other Berserkers and disappeared into the night. According to rumors, they were headed to Mediah - a mysterious and ancient land.


Along their journey, Tantu met with Ain Gried, the Dwarven Chieftain, who was already residing near Mediah. Given the past alliance between Berserkers and Dwarfs, Ain Gried agreed to help Tantu by taking them to the Grand Chieftain’s Mausoleum within the sacred lands of the Ancient Berserkers.


As Ain Gried, Tantu and his followers arrived at the Mausoleum, they made their way to the center podium where they saw an ancient tome.


Tantu slowly approached the podium, opened the tome and looked at the ancient scripture. Although no one else was able to recognize the text, Tantu suddenly began to decode the message as if it he had spoken the forgotten ancient language all his life.


He began to recite the text: “To the one that reads this message, the Iron Buster that was forged by the Ancient Dwarfs will save our kind.”


Upon reading this, Tantu’s body began to change as he entered a state of metamorphosis. His previously small stature was now transformed into a hulking giant, whose size was larger than the biggest of Berserkers. Much like his body growth, Tantu suddenly began to spark out with new inherent abilities and became even wiser than before.


With the help of Ain Gried and the Dwarfs, they were able to forge a new Iron Buster that would be distributed amongst the Berserkers. With the Iron Buster at hand, Tantu was certain that this new weapon would bring forth immeasurable power to the Berserker Race.

Berserker Awakening Quest



Berserker’s Awakening Quest is available at Level 56 and once this quest is completed, the Awakening Weapon, Iron Buster, can be equipped.


The story begins from Gehaku Plains (where the separation of Geaku and Tantu originated) and follows Tantu and his group leaving for the new land of prosperity.


Although the main quest line is made up of 7 parts, 3 of those quests will test your abilities to see whether or not you’re worthy of wielding the Iron Buster. However, as long as you are able to handle the monsters within the Mediah region, you should be fine.


When all the quests are completed, you will receive the Iron Buster and obtain various Awakening Skills as reward from Chief Tantu at the Grand Chieftain’s Mausoleum.

Berserker Awakening Weapon Skills

The Awakening Weapon Skills can be found in the Skill Menu (shortcut key: “K”) in-game. When the Awakening Quest is completed, all the usable Awakening Weapon skills will become visible.


◈ Berserker Awakening Weapon Skills

Below are the new Awakened Skills for the Berserker. Using the Iron Buster, Berserkers specialize in concentrating their energy for swift, powerful attacks and increased movement speeds.



Deals damage using both fists alternately. It has possibility of Down Attack and Air Attack to use for a continuation of attack combinations. Also, using this skill will heal HP (not applicable when used during cooldown).


  Flame Bustger

Fire a shell from your Iron Buster within mid-range distance. Using normal shots, you can quickly eliminate your enemies. Shooting after concentrating your focus will deal more powerful damage and can knockdown your enemy. When used against multiple targets, WP will be recovered in bulk


  Giant Leap

Fire a shot with Iron Buster to the ground and use the recoil to leap a far distance. You do not take any damage during the leap.


  Titan Blow

Concentrate focus to the Iron Buster and attack enemies in forward direction 3 times which causes Bind. The final attack of this powerful skill will also deal Knockdown.


 Ground Lifting

Lift up the ground from below your feet and launch the enemies in your forward direction skyward.







Along with the Berserker and all those that came before it, each class is reborn with new abilities and become much more powerful after their Awakening. The next class to reach their Awakening will be coming in 2 weeks, so keep an eye out for it!


Thank you!

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