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Witch & Wizard Awakened

Witch & Wizard Awakened

21 December 2016 14:00


Greetings adventurers,


The next set of awakenings has finally reached the world of Black Desert Online!


Witch and Wizard can now commune with the primal power of the elements through their new weapons, the Aad Sphera and Godr Sphera. The mighty combinations of earth-lightning, and fire-water await you!


◈ Witch Awakening Weapon Combat Trailer

Magnificent and elegant! Behold the lively combo of enormous magic skills and summoned keepers!




A society of knowledge, the sages of Labreve,

an organization of delightful, flourishing Witches.

A gifted visionary named Deneve

nurtured the group to push boundaries.


Let their imagination bloom and soar,

inquiring, engaging and experimenting.

Their efforts bore fruit, the fruit of enterprise.

A magical advancement named Aad’s Pharos.


Exciting news, Teleport is here! But

onward she went, Deneve never stopped.

Under no circumstance would she cease to inquire.

Toward different dimensions, joyfully she hopped.


There she made an astounding discovery,

Marvelous, but not quite a magical encounter.

Uncanny footprints from multi-dimensional history.

She must pursue, such is her desire.

◈ Wizard Awakening Weapon Combat Trailer

Beware of the dangerous moves of Wizard, freely switching between fire and water!




Most Honorable Master,


Hope this letter finds you well. How have you been doing these days? As you may already know, things have been quite hectic. I have been worrying that your great mind might have been bothered too much because of all this.


Let me save your precious time, if I may. Our plan was successful. The young Wizard, who normally goes by the nickname “Lord Red,” was obliterated and reappeared in another dimension. To our surprise, we did not have to lift a finger, for his own pride and enormous power did our work for us. What a waste of talent. He was by far the most gifted Wizard this world has ever seen, but his hubris and ambition consumed him in the end. That is how I assess this incident.


My dearest, most revered Master,


The day of Red’s rampage was pure horror. Do you remember when Red invented a new form of magic gear called Sphera? What a marvel. But the fire-type Sphera was the problem. Its power was too great for anyone to properly handle. Red could somehow manage it, but not for long. As we all know, Red totally lost his mind when he tried to take control of the entire Gord-Ayed Tier using that fire Sphera.


But rest assured, most admirable Master.


Lord Red is no more; he has disappeared into another dimension. The stress and pressure he is enduring there must have taken much of his power, and his youth. I heard that a brilliant young Witch from Labreve has successfully executed a teleport and entered another dimension. I am a bit worried that Red might encounter that Witch. She is full of pure curiosity, just like Red used to be. I just hope that the Witch does not rekindle the dying curiosity in Lord Red’s mind. We cannot afford to lose such a great talent once again, can we?


My dearest Master,


I already did this in person, but again, congratulations on taking the reign of the Godr-Ayed Tier. A commemorative supper I will be preparing is quickly approaching. I will be counting days until then. I hope you like King of Jungle Hamburg!


Faithfully Yours,

Your Right-Hand Man


P.S. The falcon has the egg.

◈ Witch Awakening Skills


Witch's Awakening skills consist of powerful magic skills based on earth and lightning elements.

Summon a couple of reliable keepers, and your Witch should have various combat options at her hands.

With the new awakening weapon, Witches can literally sweep the battlefield with disastrous skills.


Unlike the existing staff skills, awakening skills using the Sphera have relatively shorter casting time, allowing Witches to deal with enemies more efficiently making them fearful opponents.


The following are some of the prominent Awakening skills:


 Summon: Keeper Gorr

Summons Keeper Gorr to aid the Witch.

Summoned Gorr will perform melee attacks and protect the Witch.

 Summon: Keeper Tett

Summons Keeper Tett to aid the Witch.

Summoned Tett will perform ranged attacks and protect the Witch.


Instantly decreases the attack, movement, and casting speed of the target.

 Fissure Wave

Causes a violent wave underground to inflict damage.

Your MP will slightly be recovered upon using the skill, and the target will be launched and fall to the ground.

 Thunder Storm

Maximizes the force of the lightning and inflicts an enormous explosion ahead.

Learn the “flow” skill to inflict even greater damage by summoning Tett.

 Yoke of Ordeal

Lifts up the energy of the ground and successively projects that energy forward.

◈ Wizard Awakening Skills


Wizard’s mercilessly destructive awakening skills are based on fire and water elements.

Learn to work with the two guardians you can summon to expand the horizon of Wizard’s combat ability.


In addition to the stronger combat abilities, players will enjoy the spectacular and vivid skill effects based on fire and water elements.


The following are some of the prominent Awakening skills:


 Summon: Keeper Marg

Summons Marg, the keeper of fire. Summoned Marg will perform melee attacks and protect the Wizard.

 Summon: Keeper Arne

Summons Arne, the keeper of water. Summoned Arne will perform ranged attacks and protect the Wizard.

 Aqua Jail Explosion

Creates a huge barrier of water to lock up the target and inflict considerable damage.

 Flame Knot

Using the power of fire magic, it instantly captures the target and throws it to the ground.

 Bolide of Destruction

Summons an enormous flame of doom and lets it fall onto a designated area.

The flame is supposed to leave nothing behind.

 Chilling Wave

Arne will create a massive wave ahead.

Anything swept by the wave will hardly survive.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016!

Be the first to check out the new and improved Witch and Wizard!


Enjoy the long-awaited awakenings. Thank you.

Black Desert Online Team

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