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Musa and Maehwa classes available

Musa and Maehwa classes available after today’s maintenance

20 April 2016 06:00


The highly anticipated Musa and Maehwa classes will be available after today’s maintenance. These unique classes bring unique abilities and a very different play style from the roster of characters currently available.

The Musa was an ancient Korean warrior, highly skilled in martial arts and sword fighting and reminiscent to the Japanese Samurai in fighting style and status. The Maehwa is the female inspiration on this class.



The Musa is a melee class that relies on high speed and fast reactions to stay ahead of the enemy. With incredible mobility and a specialty for AoE-focused attacks, the Musa excels in small-scale PvP. The Musa is at its best when dashing across the battlefield to dispatch enemies with powerful AoE attacks, but each uncalculated move can be deadly due to his lower defense.



Watch the Maehwa showcase video on YouTube



The Maehwa is the female counterpart to the Musa class and boasts similar stats. Like the Musa, the Maehwa fights with a Blade and Short Bow while quickly moving about the battlefield to avoid enemy attacks. While both classes are melee oriented, the Short Bow affords the Musa and Maehwa a selection of ranged attacks used to knock down targets and provide an opening to deliver close quarters attacks. Unlike the Musa, the Maehwa specializes in one-on-one combat with the impressive ability to lock down single targets for an extended amount of time.



The Musa’s focus on AoE and the Maehwa’s powerful single-target attacks make the pair an excellent choice for group fights.


To celebrate the launch of both classes we will run several events this week and all players will receive one character slot for free. For more information on these and its rewards, please visit this dedicated forum section.

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