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Build your own cozy Campsite!

Build your own cozy Campsite!


Set up your campsite wherever you like while you are out adventuring, and customize it to suit your needs.


Some of the features you can add to your campsites are: buying or repairing certain items, putting items in storage, doing currency exchange, and buying buff scrolls.


Setting up a campsite should make it easier for you if you want to go off the grid to defeat monsters in remote areas, far from any towns or cities.


Adventurers who complete the quest ‘[Boss] Witch-Hunting’ which is one of the Calpheon Main Quests, can accept the Quest ‘Survival Guru’ from the Black Spirit.


Go through the quest chain and complete the following quests ‘How to Survive the Wilderness’, then ‘Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill’ to receive Old Moon Camping Tent, Old Moon Camping Anvil, and Old Moon Campsite Shop as rewards which you can install at your Campsite. Right-click on the Camping Tool you exchange from Jensen in Behr for Gold Bar 100G to open up Camping UI, then place these items onto your installed Campsite for use.


You can place Campsites on flat grounds in Combat Zones but not on slopes or roads. You can’t set them up on areas with objects placed beforehand.