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Taking a Look Around Kamasylvia

Taking a Look Around Kamasylvia

25 September 2017 08:00


A mystical fortress protected by nature, Kamasylvia



Fall into the tragic tale of the Ganelle and the Vedir

and their sacred tree Kamasylve.

Discover the newest territory joining Black Desert Online.



◈ Kamasylvia Chapter 1 - The Training Begins



Since the beginning of time, a sacred tree stood proud on the highest point of the forest.

One day, the Goddess Sylvia descended from above with her court of nature spirits and named the tree ‘Kamasylve.’

Harnessing the energy from the sun and moon, she created the twins Ganelle and Vedir, and their descendants were blessed by the woods with verdure and Tooth Fairies.


- Kamasylvia Chapter 1 -





#Elion Year 274


Upon visiting Kamasylvia Guy Seric, King of Calpheon, marveled that it was a ‘organic fortress protected by the nature surrounding it.’

When walking through the forest, tall trees towered over the king and the forest itself felt tranquil yet alive. That was not all that impressed him.

He found dignified archers of Kamasylvia, the pride of the region, also noteworthy. The king thought he could use them to strengthen Calpheon’s weak archery.


After several trips, Guy Seric’s envoys finally got the Kamasylvia troops to agree to an alliance.

Kamasylvia archers were placed in the Saunil Fortress and Anti-Troll Fortification, 

and several priests including Saint Nelydormin were dispatched to the company of Longleaf Scouts.


At first glance, the alliance seemed to be working in Calpheon’s favor

but it was hiding the fact the descendants of Sylvia were fighting among themselves back home in Kamasylvia.

It was this incident that led the loss of the ancient teachings of Kama-Grána which aimed to preserve natural paradise that was Kamasylvia.





#Elion Year 276


Brolina Onett, who ascended her throne at a very young age, tried her hardest to rule Kamasylvia.

She was born one of the Ganelle, and was especially skilled in communing with nature.

Cunning and wise, she was born to be a great queen. However, the ensuing war was out of her control.

The Ahib, one of the Vedir forces threatening Kamasylvia, incited a dispute that fed a burning fire of unrest.


There was a time when the Ganelle and the Vedir were one.

In the beginning of time, the Goddess Sylvia came down with her nature spirits and gave the name "Kamasylve" to the sacred tree. The land surrounding the tree came to be called Kamasylvia. 

Harnessing the energy of the sun and moon, the Goddess birthed twins. The child of the sun was named Ganelle, and the child of the moon was named Vedir. The Ganelle and Vedir people of this day are their descendants.


However in Elion Year 235, a catastrophe struck Kamasylvia that tested the harmony of the region.

The mountains, forests, and meadows were take over by dark spirits and gradually the forest became stained red with the blood of the Ganelle and Vedir.


Up to this point the Ganelle and the Vedir had led a soft and indulgent life.

They relied solely on the sacred tree left behind by the Goddess Sylvia, Kamasylve, to protect them.

When the dark spirits came, the Ganelle and Vedir prayed for salvation. However, their prayers were left unanswered by the Goddess, and the horrors continued.




When Tulia of the Forest of Oracles foresaw only ashes and ruins for Kamasylvia, the Vedir made a decision.


The Vedir had been seeking power to defeat the dark spirits.

After countless failed attempts, the Vedir was resigned to the fact that such great power did not exist within the bounds of Kamasylvia.

However, one of them suggested burning the sacred tree to increase their powers and hopefully outmatching the dark spirits at last.


This plan was soon put into action. When Kamasylve burned, it released a powerful and destructive force. Using that force, the dark spirits were defeated.

However, Kamasylve did not survive the fire.




The source of all nourishing life, the sacred tree Kamasylve, was dying. The Vedir and Ganelle became distraught. They realized that a horrible mistake had been made.

The devastating silence was broken by the song of the forest. This song of repentance was also a prayer for the revival of the sacred tree Kamasylve and the sound of its melody could be heard throughout the forest.


The dark spirits had disappeared but the Vedir and Ganelle felt anxious that the great power of Kamasylve might be gone forever.

After all, there was no assurance that dark spirits would not return. Or worse, a greater disaster might strike.


To protect themselves, the Vedir and Ganelle took down the branches of the sacred tree and created weapons infused with the power of spirits.

Two groups warriors arose: the Rangers, who uses both the bow and sword, made up the main army, while Acher Guards protected the sacred grounds.

The Acher Guards seized control of the capital and closed off all gateways of Kamasylvia, no longer accepting visitors into the sacred lands.


This caused the Vedir and the Ganelle gradually drifted apart. The way they used the sacred powers and even the way they thought grew different.

Leading the fight against the Acher Guards were the Ahib.


The Ahib were made up of Vedir who thirsted for the power of the dark spirits.

Was the power gained from burning the sacred tree not enough? It is said that the Ahib were born from the ashes of Kamasylve.

The Ahib took over the Arid Lands southeast of Kamasylvia and blatantly disregarded the integrity and history of the forest of Kamasylvia.

Self-righteous and arrogant, the Ahib disregarded the laws and culture of Kamasylvia, and were obsessed with gaining the power of the dark spirits.


The drastic and rash actions of the Ahib caused conflict with the more conservative Acher. This led to some Vedir distancing themselves from their fellow kinsman of the Ahib and declaring themselves as neutral.

They became the Dark Knights: the Vedir who refused to bow down to the arrogant Ahib. The Dark Knights named themselves the noble guardians of Kamasylvia.


It seemed nothing could bring the Acher, Ranger, Dark Knight, and Ahib back to harmony. As time passed, the haughtiness of the Ahib only grew worse.

From the Loopy Forest to the Kabua Mountains, news of suspicious activities emerged.

The Acher Guards took action by restricting various areas in the woods from the Vedir. This was met with fierce opposition from both the Ahib and the Dark Knights.

They felt the Acher Guards were discriminating against the Vedir. 


However, the Acher Guards refused to back down and laid accusations against the actions of the Vedir. The Acher were not afraid of war.

They were certain that the Acher forces greatly outnumbered the Vedir and the Vedir would not stand a chance against the Ganelle.

This incident led to the Dark Knights fleeing Kamasylvia.

Come one morning, the Dark Knights simply vanished into the dustbin of history.


With the Dark Knights gone, the Acher were able to drive out the Ahib.


The Ahib were powerless under the barrage of Acher attacks and fled southeast into the territory of the ferocious Salun Bears.

These vicious creatures would normally not allow anyone pass. However, the menacing shadows and glowing deep blue eyes of the Ahib somehow managed to entice the Salun Bears into taking in the Ahib.




Therefore, even though the Ahib were able to cross into the Salun Bear territory the Acher were met with fierce resistance.

Further faced with stretches of thornbushes and a arid wasteland, the Acher Guards gave their pursuit of  the Ahib.


After returning to the woods of Kamasylvia, the Acher Guards shifted their attention to restoring what was destroyed during the fighting.  There was also the questions of reviving Kamasylve.

Some of the Vedir stayed in Kamasylvia, but they were those who also possessed the spirit of Ganelle or chose to deny the spirit of Vedir within them.

Fortunately, the Acher did not drive away these remaining Vedir.



#Elion Year 283


The most worthwhile event during this time in Kamasylvia is the recovery of its great nature.

In order to try revive Kamasylve, priests would be given a special upbringing. When they passed their training and coming-of-age, they were sent out abroad.




They were sent out to collect and bring back spiritual energy from all over the lands  to heal and hopefully revive sacred tree, Kamasylve.



#Elion Year 284


8 years had passed since the Ahib had fled to the Arid Lands, and the Ahib had built a fearsome fortress in Rodlita.

Rumor had it that the Ahib had conspired with the Salun Bears to create a new weapon.

The dry thornbushes exude a murderous vibe and the barren lands are ablaze with the spirit of the Ahib.


Because of this, Lemoria Guards stationed on the steppes of Kamasylvia strengthened their defense and kept close watch on the Ahib’s movements.

One day, a group of Lemoria Guards crossed swords with some Ahib crossing the Arid Lands.


Lemoria Guards put up a fight but they suffered heavy losses.

Since the incidence, many fierce battles has followed and the Lemoria Guards lost half of its forces. They were only able to drive down the Ahib after the Kamasylve Priests sealed off the Duzak Tunnel.

The Ahib had changed. What have they done to become so strong? Fear swept through Kamasylvia. It was as if the dark spirits had returned.


As the reaches of the Ahib’s sorcery spread, the Acher grew anxious.

Thanks to the work of the priests, there has been hope that Kamasylve would soon be revived. However, with the threat of the Ahib looming, Kamasylvia may never know peace again.


#Elion Year 286


Queen Brolina opened up all the gateways of Kamasylvia and sent messages to Calpheon and Drieghan.



◈ Kamasylvia Region Video



We hope you guys are as hyped about Kamasylvia as we are!

Please enjoy the vast woods filled with ferocious monsters and mystical legends.


Thank you.

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