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Change the Course of War: Militia!

Choose a side, join the Militia, and show off your skills and strategies in the Conquest Wars.


Every week, Guilds fight over the right to rule over their own territory.However, what if you do not belong to one of those huge Guilds that fight the big fight?  


Conquest Wars used to be a content for the more “prepared” Adventurers and Guilds. A Guild participating in a Conquest War requires a great deal of preparations and conditions to be met.


Militia has opened Conquest War for more Adventurers than ever before.

To excel in the Militia, experience in item farming and PvP fights is recommended.


Anyone who is a member of a Guild and has a combined AP and DP of 400 or higher can register for the Offensive Militia.


Table of Contents

  • 1. What is Militia?
  • 2. How do I Register?
  • 3. Fighting in the Militia
  • 4. Focus Combat and Rewards


What is Militia?


A Militia is a group of Adventurers solely recruited for a Conquest War.


If you join the Conquest War as a member of the Militia, you can skip all the usual steps and requirements needed to participate in a Conquest War as a Guild.


Let’s say there will be a Conquest war in Calpheon today.

If you are in a Guild and your AP and DP combined is over 400, you qualify to register for the Calpheon Offensive/Defensive Militia.

Then you battle it out and if your Militia wins, your guild will get Guild Funds and you yourself with get Silver and Guild Activities Points.


How to Register?


Any Adventurer in a Guild and has a combined AP and DP of over 400 can register for the Offensive and Defensive Militia.


Registration is open every Saturday for 45 minutes starting an hour before the Conquest War:



EU Militia Registration : Starts 17:00 UTC / Ends 17:45 UTC

NA Militia Registration : Starts 00:00 UTC/ Ends 00:45 UTC


After 11/8 Maintenance

EU Militia Registration : Starts 18:00 UTC / Ends 18:45 UTC

NA Militia Registration : Starts 01:00 UTC/ Ends 01:45 UTC


When registration starts, press [ESC] and select Militia from the menu.


You will be presented with a list of territories where there will be a Conquest War later that night.


Choose a territory, and then choose to fight for either the Offensive or Defensive side.


You will need to be in the 1st server of the territory you want to register with (e.g. Calpheon Conquest War, Calpheon Server 1).


A maximum of 10 members of the same guild will be allowed to register for the Militia per each territory.


However, if that maximum is reached, the members of that same guild can still register for another territory’s Militia.


If you cancel your registration to a Militia, you will not be allowed to register for another Militia that same day. Please make your decision carefully.


After 19:45 (check time table above for your region) you can find out if you were selected for the Militia.



Please keep in mind that registering for the Militia does not guarantee that you will be selected for the Militia.


Each Militia group will have a maximum of 50 Adventurers.


If more than 50 Adventurers register, then 50 of them will be selected randomly.


For example, there will be a maximum of 50 Adventurers in the Calpheon Defensive Militia, and another maximum of 50 for the Calpheon Offensive Militia.


If there are less than 50 Militia registrations in total for a territory, then no Militia will be formed in that territory at all.


There will be some exceptions to the 50 Adventurers maximum:


If there are both Defensive and Offensive Guilds in the Conquest War for that territory, then you can register for either the Offensive or Defensive Militia as usual.


However, if is only a Defensive Guild and no Offensive Guild for that territory, you can only register for the Offensive Militia.


In this scenario, the maximum Adventurers in the Offensive Militia will be raised from 50 to 100.


Also, if the same Defensive Guild has held a territory for over a week, the maximum Adventurers for the territory’s Offensive Militia will be increased by 10 every week.


For example, if the same Defensive Guild has occupied Calpheon for 2 weeks, a maximum of 60 (50 + 10) Adventurers can join the Offensive Militia. If this same Defensive Guild held onto Calpheon, the maximum for Offensive Militia will be raised to 70 (50 + 20), and so on.


Fighting in the Militia


Once you have confirmed that you were selected for the Militia, make sure are in the correct server (Server 1 of the territory you will be fighting over).


Click on the [Come Together!] icon located on the left side of the mini map after the conquest war begins to move and join the fight.


For members of the Militia, all Family, Character, and Guild Names will disappear. Militia members will be identified simply as either or .


An icon will also appear above each character’s head.


A sword icon means Offensive Militia, and a shield icon means Defensive Militia.


Militia Icons will additionally be marked by color:

Militia Icon Colors
Adventurers not participating in Conquest War

Offensive Militia: Red

Defensive Militia: Blue

Adventurers participating in Conquest War

Opposition : Red

Ally : Blue

As a Militia member, you can only attack the opposing Militia and Guild.


However, a member of one of the Defensive or Offensive Guilds can turn on Force PvP and attack allied Militia members without decreasing Karma. Therefore, you should be always careful.


Conquest Wars are held:



EU Node War : Starts 18:00 UTC / Ends 20:00 UTC

EU Conquest War : Starts 18:00 UTC/ Ends 22:00 UTC


NA Node War : Starts 01:00 UTC / Ends 03:00 UTC

NA Conquest War : Starts 01:00 UTC/ Ends 05:00 UTC


After 11/8 Maintenance

EU Node War : Starts 19:00 UTC / Ends 21:00 UTC

EU Conquest War : Starts 19:00 UTC/ Ends 23:00 UTC


NA Node War : Starts 02:00 UTC / Ends 04:00 UTC

NA Conquest War : Starts 02:00 UTC/ Ends 06:00 UTC


Militia will be disbanded when one side if victorious.

Militia Victory Requirements
Offensive Militia Defensive Command Post is destroyed
Defensive Militia

All Offensive Command Post(s) are destroyed


Successfully Defend Defensive Command Post

Even if the Offensive Militia have met their Victory Requirements and all the Defensive Command Posts are destroyed, there is no guarantee that an Offensive Guild have won the Conquest War.


If there are more than one Offensive Command Post remaining at the end of the Conquest War, the territory will be emancipated.


To successfully defend the Defensive Command Post one of the following conditions must be met:


Castle Gate is not destroyed in 2 hours.

Inner Gate is not destroyed in 2 hours and a half.

Command Post inside the castle is not destroyed in 3 hours


If any of the conditions above are met, then the Defensive Guild and Defensive Militia will be victorious.


Therefore, if the 1st condition has been broken, then Defensive can keep fighting to meet the 2nd or 3rd condition.


If you are killed while fighting in the Militia, you can choose between resurrecting in the nearest Town or designated Militia areas.


However, if the place where you were killed is too far from the Militia resurrection point, you will be resurrected at the nearest Town.


Focused Combat and Rewards


Fighting in the Militia gives you up to 3 hours of focused combat. This gives you the chance to practice your PvP skills, as well as giving you a taste of what participating fully in a Node or Conquest War would be like.


All members of the winning Militia will receive 20,000,000 in Guild Funds, in addition to 1,000 Guild Activity Points and 1,000,000 Silvers individually.


※ Guild Fund rewards may change with further notice.


※ Game Guide contents may differ with in-game contents depending on updates and content changes.

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