Update History


Party Search function has been added

Party Search function has been added.


o You can access Party Search function from the ESC menu.

o From the Party Search window, you can see parties that are currently recruiting, and you can also post a recruitment ad.

o You must be a party leader or not affiliated with a party at all in order to post an ad.

o A recruitment ad can contain up to 30 characters.

o You can set minimum level; your current level will be set as default.

o Recent listings will be shown on top, and listings from your current server will be shown first.

o You can only apply to join parties that are on the same server.

o Applying to join the party will prompt a pop-up window to the party leader. Upon the leader’s approval, you will be joined to the party.

o The pop-up window will show your name, class, and level.

o If you want to join a party on a different server, you need to switch server first before applying.

o You can only search for recruitment ads.