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Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

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1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

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Two New World Bosses Threaten the Black Desert!

Two New World Bosses Threaten the Black Desert!

08 November 2017 12:00



Which item do you desire the most?

Kzarka Weapons? Dim Tree Spirit's Armor? Dandelion Weapons?

They are all a rare find but we believe ‘accessories,’ especially rare and powerful ones, are of the most desired.

But hold on to your seats as BDO is coming to you with new boss monsters that may even drop the fantasied Ogre Ring!


Quint and Muraka, that appear early Saturday afternoons, just once a week, will drop precious items.

Mutant Enhancer will be given if you defeat Quint, and Mutant Enhancers will, if you collect enough, be exchangeable for Witch's Earring and/or Ogre Ring.

Dim Ogre Ring can also be looted if you defeat Muraka, and opening this item may grant you with a PRI or DUO Ogre Ring at a low rate.

Would you like to find out more just what Muraka and Quint are made of now?





If you go to the Quint Hill located north of Calpheon, you will see a huge troll statue.

This statue is the ‘First Troll’ Quint.

Quint goes on a wild spree when it gets freed from petrifaction with the alarm message of its appearance.

Since Quint appears in random servers at once (around 20) instead of all servers,

it is important to spot the location of its appearance right away.


When you attack Quint, you would see the damage being inflicted on its legs.

Quint is invincible while standing up, so you need to focus your hits on its legs

so that damage accumulates and Quint is knocked down which will allow you to inflict heavier damage.


To defeat Quint fast, you need to fire Monster Bashers (cannonballs) with the cannon on its legs to try to knock it down.

Quint is rather slow in movement so it’s crucial that you predict its next move and evade accordingly.

Testing your luck with potions and trying to take all of its hits will not be a wise decision.


Quint’s speed picks up when its HP falls lower, and the power of its attacks will increase as well so you cannot keep your guard down.

But do not fear of dying in this fierce battle because even if your characters falls under Quint’s attacks, there will not be death penalties like EXP drop.




Suitable to its title as the , Muraka has a fearsome appearance of a gigantic Ogre.

Muraka resides deep within the Mansha Forests and it is unlike any Ogre you’ve faced in your adventures.

Muraka, like Quint, is rather slow in attack so you may evade its strikes with ease.

However, Muraka utilizes AOE attacks well to damage all surrounding targets, so taking Muraka lightly may knock you out flat on the cold ground.


Muraka’s speed picks up when its HP falls, and this also means its attacks will get more powerful.

If you are hit by its pound attack on the ground performed with its HP fatally low, you may instantly get killed even if you have the best defense gear equipped.


Muraka, like Quint, will not give you death penalties even if your character dies during battle.

Also, Muraka must be taken down with Monster Bashers first to effectively inflict big damages.



  1. 1. Reaching Amity +300 with Vype Stoner of Northern Heidel Quarry will give you knowledge on Quint and Muraka.
  1. 2. Vype Stoner will sell Vype Stoner Cannon and Monster Basher (cannonballs) for attacking monster bosses. Using this will help you taken down Quint and Muraka effectively.
  1. 3. Quint and Muraka will disappear if not attacked for 30 minutes.
  1. 4. Muraka and Quint will spawn in about 20 random servers around 12:00 PM (UTC) for EU server and 12:00 PM (PST) for NA server on Saturday. Please take into account that there may be a few minutes difference for spawning of each boss.
  1. 5. Muraka and Quint will not spawn in Olvia Servers and PvP Servers, and the number of servers, date, and time of spawning are subject to change.

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