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Narchillan Gear: Box Conversion

 Narchillan gear was added so that Adventurers would have easy access to gear by trading in their Naru gear without the pressure/need for further enhancement.
However, unlike its defense gear iteration, Narchillan weapons would be converted into weapons suitable to the class of the character who opened the weapon box, thus making it difficult for Adventurers to use the weapons on other characters in their Family.
With this update, we added recipes and relevant items to convert Narchillan weapons back to their former box state so that Adventurers can easily move and use these weapons on classes they are not so well-versed in. Items required for the conversion process can be purchased from blacksmiths located in each of the major cities and towns.

We hope that many of our new Adventurers will be able to try playing with a variety of different classes.
● Added recipes to convert Narchillan main, sub-, and awakening weapons back into box form.
- You can use Manufacture (L) with the following recipes to obtain Narchillan weapon boxes. 
Recipe Product
Use Manufacture (L) with Narchillan main weapon x1 + Narchillan Processing Stone (Main Weapon) x1 Narchillan Main Weapon Box
Use Manufacture (L) with Narchillan sub-weapon x1 + Narchillan Processing Stone (Sub-weapon) x1 Narchillan Sub-weapon Box
Use Manufacture (L) with Narchillan awakening weapon x1 +Narchillan Processing Stone (Awakening Weapon) x1 Narchillan Awakening Weapon Box
- Narchillan Processing Stones (Main/Sub-/Awakening Weapon) are sold from local blacksmiths for 1 million Silver each. 
Town Vendor NPC
Velia Tranan Underfoe
Heidel Techthon
Calpheon Grandus
Altinova Mevo Muranan
Valencia Elfa
Grána Dikzipo
Duvencrune Hughol
O'dyllita Limitte

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