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2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


Node War Changes

  • Following changes have been newly-applied to Node War.
Before After

1. Guild Members enlist for Node War

(Participation Status: YES/NO)

1. Construct Node Fort

(Need to consider the number of participants)

2. End of Recruitment for Node War

(Include selected additional participants)

2. Guild Members enlist for Node War

(Participation Status: YES/NO)

- Limited by the maximum number of participants allowed for that node

3. Construct Node Fort 3. Start Node War
4. Start Node War  


The Guild must check the maximum participant capacity for the desired Node before constructing a fort. (Fort must be built in order for the guild members to be able to make requests to participate in Node Wars.)


Guild members can request to join Node Wars within servers at which Forts have been built. (They cannot join through other servers.)


The minimum participant requirements for each Node has been removed. (There will only be limitations to the maximum capacity.)


The End Recruit button and extra recruit option will be removed.


Changing participation status is allowed in the relevant server as long as a Fort is constructed.

However, participation status cannot be changed from YES to NO when a Node War is under progress.


If the maximum number of participants allowed for Node War is not filled up, any non-participants may join the Node War (However, a Fort must have been constructed in prior).


If there are 20 participants filled up for a Node War with maximum participation of 40 members, 20 additional participants may join as long as a Fort is constructed in prior. 


(While Node War is in progress, participation status can be changed from No to Yes but NOT vice versa.)


Forts can be uninstalled up until 1 hour before the beginning of a Node War. If the Fort is uninstalled, your Guild can construct another Fort in another Node to participate in that Node War.


When uninstalling a Fort under construction, the list of participants will reset and so the members need to re-enlist to participate in the new Node War. (However, if the Fort has been completed in construction, it cannot be uninstalled regardless of time).


Rewards button will be newly added from which you can claim your rewards for participating in the war.


The participation status (Yes/No) can be changed up until the beginning of the Node War. Once the Node War begins, participation status can no longer be changed from YES to NO. (i.e. Participation status cannot be changed daily during 18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC for EU servers and 01:00 UTC ~ 03:00 UTC for NA).


Adventurers from guilds can receive a medal item by clicking on the Rewards button after the Guild War ends. (The reward can be obtained after the specific Node War has ended.)

Ex) Reward can be obtained either when the occupying guild has been determined, or when a occupation on the Node has been emancipated.


You cannot request to join in the next Node War if you do not accept the reward after the Node War ends. (You can request to join if you receive the Rewards for participation.)


Once the Node War concludes, rewards will be given out based on the result.

Guild Members who have participated will obtain medals depending on the results of the war.


Node War Information per Tier
Node Tier Max. # of Participants Total Nodes Rewards
Guild Personal (Medal)
Tax Share win Defeat Liberation Additional Reward for Winning Guilds (Top 5%)
Tier 1 55 58 20% 6 1 2 4
  25 20
  40 20
  55 18
Tier 2 60 48 23% 7 1 3 3
  30 16
  45 16
  60 16
Tier 3 55 30 27% 8 1 4 2
Hexe Sanctuary 30 1
  40 5
  55 14
  100 10
Tier 4  100 18 30% 9 1 5 1
Glish Ruins 30 1
  100 17
Note The number of nodes available for war per tier will differ by day.        


The top 5% will be determined based on the performance rankings of the Node War.



Shining Medal of Honor will be given as a reward after the Node War ends from the Guild Information window.


The top 5% will be given an additional medal for their performance during the Node War.

However, additional rewards will not be given out if there is a tie.

Ex) If the top 5 performers all score 5 points, then the additional rewards given out for 1st place will not be given out to anyone.


The 1st place adventurer (with the best performance) from the winning guild will be given a special reward (buff items) additionally and this will be obtained via Rewards button.

Tier 1 & 2: HP 300 Increase (4 hours)

Tier 3 & 4: HP 500 Increase (4 hours)

The item will expire after 1 day. Therefore the item must be used within 1 day


❖ You can get a special medal that is rewarded based on your performance in the Node War and you can exchange medals for various items via a Skill Instructor NPC of any town.


Reward Medals Needed
Dandelion Weapon Box   500
Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box 300
Nouver's Sealed Sub-weapon Box 300
Fine Accessory Box 300
Advice of Valks (+60) 600
Advice of Valks(+50) 240
Advice of Valks(+35) 120
Advice of Valks (+20) 40
Book of Training - Combat (1 Day) 60
Book of Training - Skill (1 Day) 60
Supreme Alchemy Tool (Durability: 5000)   40
Supreme Cooking Utensil (Durability: 5000) 40
Crimson Baron's Ring (7 Days) 30
Crimson Baron's Earring (7 Days)  30
Crimson Baron's Belt (7 Days)   30
Crimson Baron's Necklace (7 Days) 30
Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) 25
[Event] High-Quality Draught Box 4
[Event] High-Quality Food Box 4
Karanda's Latent Aura 6
Nouver's Latent Aura   4
Kzarka's Latent Aura 4
Whale Tendon Elixir 4
Whale Tendon Potion 1
Number of Rewards: Total 24  


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