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Ping Feature

 The Current Location feature or the so-called "ping" feature, that we said we would improve was categorized into four different patterns: Attack, Moving, Command, and Warning. This change was made so that you can use the feature more efficiently. We also added images for Adventurers who have trouble distinguishing colors.
In addition to the improved "guild ping" feature, we are working on a "guild marker" feature for guilds that allows you to mark locations on the World Map. We hope this "guild marker" feature can be used in a variety of ways including marking enemies' nodes and defense points, designating attack routes for allies, and more.

▲ This is a development draft of the "guild marker" feature.
We are planning to apply the "guild marker" feature so that you can see it clearly on the World Map as well as the gameplay screen like the "guild ping" feature.
We will make our best efforts to ensure guild members can enjoy strategically coordinated guild combat together.
● Improved so that you can use a wider variety of pings when using the Show Location to Guild Members (') feature.
- Pressing Alt + ` or holding ` will display the Ring Menu. You can select Attack, Moving, Command, Warning pings from the menu.
- You can use the ping selected by pressing `.
- If you don't designate the type of ping from the Ring Menu, it will be displayed the same as the ping used before the update.
- You can select the type of ping by either pressing Alt + ` or holding ` on the World Map. You can also use guild pings by pressing CTRL + LMB.

● Added so that you can use the hotkeys to set the added types of pings from the added ping feature (Alt + `) from Settings -> Interface Settings -> Misc. Hotkeys.
- Select Attack Ping
- Select Moving Ping
- Select Command Ping
- Select Warning Ping 

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