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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


New Region: Mountain of Eternal Winter

● The "Mountain of Eternal Winter (Everfrost)" is now available in the world of Black Desert.

Main Quests and Recurring Quests

We've added a new story and main questline with the Mountain of Eternal Winter. This new questline is fully voiced with a variety of storytelling effects, and you'll be in for quite the visual treat. We strove long and hard to dissuade spamming "R" through this content, so happy adventuring to all of our Adventurers!

You can also experience this new main questline with a freshly created character (at Lv. 1) as well. We also designed the Mountain of Eternal Winter main questline so that Existing Adventurers (with characters already created) can start the questline with no major prerequisites required. * Do note that this questline takes place chronologically after the events of [Sycrakea] so there will be spoilers if you haven't completed that main questline. If you play the game solely for the lore, we strongly recommend that you complete the [Sycrakea] main questline before you begin with the Mountain of Eternal Winter. If you have no qualms with spoilers, however, feel free to head on over and start your adventure in the new region today!

● Newly created characters can now choose to start in either the Mountain of Eternal Winter or the Ancient Stone Chamber.
- The "Select Starting Zone" UI will display upon pressing the "Create Character" button in the Character Creation window.

● Added the "[Everfrost] Search for the Holy Flame" quest to begin the Mountain of Eternal Winter main questline.
- You'll be able to accept this quest through the Black Spirit (,) if you meet the following conditions.
New Adventurer Select "Mountain of Eternal Winter" with a newly created character (Lv. 1)
Current Adventurer 1) Accept via the Black Spirit (,) with a character who are Lv. 56 or above who has already completed the Atoraxxion: Sycrakea main questline
2) Accept "[Journey Begins] Returning Memory" via the Black Spirit (,) with a character who is Lv. 56 or above but has not completed the Atoraxxion: Sycrakea main questline
- This quest connects to the "Mountain of Eternal Winter" main questline.
* Do note that your character must be dismounted during cutscenes in the main questline where your character is talking with NPCs.
- If the cutscene does not start, make sure that your character is dismounted, or check the Quest (O) window or widget to see if you've navigated to the correct location.
* Once you reach Lv. 49, you will need to accept the [To Level 50!] Go Beyond Your Own Limits quest by summoning the Black Spirit (,) and complete it to reach Lv. 50.
- Use the "Clear Memory Piece" in your Inventory (I) to complete this quest.

- You can accept the "[Sights of Mediah] Leaving Everfrost" quest upon completing "[Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli" from the Black Spirit (,).
* You may find main questlines of other regions unavailable while proceeding with the "[Everfrost]" questline.
● Added the "[Sights of Mediah] Leaving Everfrost" quest.
- This quest was created for Adventurers who began and completed the Mountain of Eternal Winter main questline with a newly created character from Lv. 1.
- Only characters who have completed the Mountain of Eternal Winter main questline may start this quest without any level requirements.
● Added the "Journey to the Mountain of Eternal Winter with Rulupee" quests, which is available upon completing the Everfrost main questline.
- This quest is available to characters Lv. 56 or higher via the Black Spirit (,) - Quest (A) - Event tab.
- You will need to have completed the "[Mountain of Eternal Winter] In Search of the Flame that Consumes Gods" main quest.
- Completing this quest will award you with a large amount of Contribution EXP and the "Rulupee's Everfrost Travel Log" Knowledge entry.
- Completing this questline will award you with the special [Shivering] title and a Winter Wood Bed.
Quest Reward
[Shivering] Title
Winter Wood Bed
● Added an event quest that becomes available after completing all the "Journey to the Mountain of Eternal Winter with Rulupee" quests.
Event Period
April 6, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - May 4, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance
Quest Objective Reward
[Event] A Forgotten Gift Talk to Rulupee

Marvelous Balacs Lunchbox x1


Perfume of Insight x1

Weather and Effects

● The weather of the Mountain of Eternal Winter is always snowing.
- Snowstorms will randomly occur throughout the region.
* Be exposed to a snowstorm for too long, and you may catch the "Frostbite" debuff.
- Snowstorms will occur with greater intensity at higher altitudes.

Monster Zones

● Added new monster zones to the Mountain of Eternal Winter region.

Murrowak's Labyrinth

Recommended Stats Zone Info
280 AP
350 DP
* For Lv. 60 or higher

Murrowak's Labyrinth can be found deep within the Sherekhan Abandoned Iron Mine on top the Black Mountain.
Up to 6 Adventurers can enter this maze-riddled zone together.
The Murraska swarm will attack any intruders that dare enter their labyrinth.
Defeat the enough Murraskas, and their queen, Vercedes, will appear to take care of the insolent invaders herself.
● Fight in Murrowak's Labyrinth and you may encounter the [General] Murrasto himself.
- The [General] Murrasto will constantly call upon swarms of Murraska mid-battle, and they will move more strategically under his leadership.
- Defeat the [General] Murrasto to obtain the Murrowak Crystal Carapace.

Jade Starlight Forest

" This is the land of the Okjinsinis that bloomed from the tears of Labreska, who ruled over the Mountain of Eternal Winter. Flames made from jadeite can be seen throughout this forest and they believe that the Dragon that lost its way will return after seeing the flames."
Recommended Stats Zone Info
280 AP
350 DP

This forest is filled with wandering flames the Okjinsini made from jadeite.
There are structures bearing much power within the Jade Starlight Forest which were raised by the Okjinsini as protection.
The Okjinsini stand guard over these structures, which are also used during battle.
Destroying these structures will affect the Okjinsini standing guard nearby, enabling you to take them down more efficiently.
The Okjinsini are also filled with powerful energies, which they will release explosively upon death, damaging any and everything nearby, even it be their own kind.

Fight enough Okjinsini in the Jade Starlight Forest and you will encounter the [Dreadwinter Possessed]Okjinsini that were tainted by the [Dreadwinter Guardian] Erebjork.

Winter Tree Fossils

▲ A Dreadwinter Tree Fossil (Activated: interaction available)

▲ A Winter Tree Fossil (deactivated: interaction unavailable)
"Ice spirits of the Mountain of Eternal Winter are sealed within the Winter Tree Fossil. Disturb Dreadwinter Tree Fossils at your own risk, for tainted spirits will flood in to consume all life in the vicinity."
Recommended Stats Zone Info

250 AP
320 DP

280 AP
350 DP

You can find Winter Tree Fossils spread all over the Mountain of Eternal Winter region. Usually they'll be emitting a beautiful light, but those tainted with dark energies become Dreadwinter Tree Fossils that influence the winter spirits nearby. Defeat the tainted spirits so that their souls may cleanse the Dreadwinter Tree Fossil.

You can change the difficulty by interacting with a Dreadwinter Tree Fossil, and use 100 Energy to make these tainted spirits spawn as well.

Erethea's Limbo

" Seven witches awoke from the first death of Labreska, the Golden Dragon who guarded the Mountain of Eternal Winter. Of the, the seventh and final witch "Erethea, the Witch of Erasure," created this prison. She created this space to teach the Humans of her gift, "Erasure: the wisdom to wash away the fear of Dragons."
Recommended Stats Zone Info
250+ / 290+
(Normal / Hard)
You can enter Erethea's Limbo via the Haven of Slumbering Origin located deep within the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
To begin Erethea's Limbo, you require "Forgotten Witch's Tokens" scattered throughout the Everfrost region.
Within Erethea's Limbo, "Erekhantus," beings imbued with mighty power by Erethea, will appear.
Only those who overcome the trials of the maze-like chambers will be able to enter the "Golden Chamber."
● You can obtain "Forgotten Witch's Token" in all monster zones at the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
- Right-clicking on the item will take you to Erethea's Limbo and, with the item in your possession, you can proceed with the trial there.
- The trial at Erethea's Limbo will end 60 minutes after it begins.
- When you enter Erethea's Limbo with the "Forgotten Witch's Token" in your possession, symbols will appear on four gems.
* The goal of Erethea's Limbo is to find all the chambers with the relevant symbols engraved on them and to overcome all the trials.

- Interacting with the door in each chamber will take you to another chamber with a different symbol.
* All the doors at the starting point are activated already, but the doors of other chambers will open when you overcome a trial.
- The trial will begin once you enter another chamber and, depending on how well you've accomplished the requirement for each trial, one to three doors will open.
* Due to this, a door you are attempting to open may not open.
- The color of the symbol will be displayed on the opened doors, and doors that remain closed will be veiled in dark energy.

- If you move to a chamber that is not linked to the chamber with the symbol you aimed for, or if the doors with the symbols you aimed for, do not open due to failing the trial, you can return to the starting point through the doors located north of each chamber.

- When all trials in rooms you pass through with doors bearing symbols matching those engraved at the starting point are completed, all doors but those initial ones will lead to the "Golden Chamber."
- Once you move over to the Golden Chamber, you can use the "Forgotten Witch's Token" to obtain your reward, and treasure chests nearby will be activated.

Erebjork, the Dreadwinter Guardian

"The Ynix has returned, so arise. Protect the flame with all your might so none shall extinguish it again."
Monster Info
Fight in the Jade Starlight Forest and Dreadwinter Tree Fossils, and you may find the [Wanewinter Guardian] Erebjork crossing your path. A stronger version of the [Wanewinter Guardian] Erebjork can also be found within snowstorms throughout Everfrost. Erebjork will appear with her own spirit, ready to face all Adventurers who dare set foot in the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

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