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Update History


Mix n' Match!


Greeting Adventurers!


We are pleased to announce that the Set Effect for Outfits have been revamped.

It used to be that you had to equip a certain number of items from the same set to activate the “Set Effect” buffs.

This meant that those fashionable Adventurers who wanted to mix and match Outfit items for aesthetic reasons had to sacrifice the Set Effect.

Beauty is pain, isn’t it?


Well, not anymore!

After this revamp, you will be able to mix and match individual Outfit items however which way you please, and get the new Outfit Slot Equip Effect!


You do not have to equip your character head-to-toe in Outfit items to benefit from the Outfit Slot Equip Effect, although the more items, the better the buffs!

Now, if you want a different look, there is nothing stopping you from putting together an unique outfit for your character!




Try it on! Mix and Match Outfits

Put together your own unique looks


Celebrate the revamped Outfit Slot Equip Effect system and show off your personal style!

The possibilities are endless, and we are looking forward to seeing all of your fashionable outfit ideas!

Many have uploaded screenshots of their characters’ wearing the Eternal Snow Helmet the Puff Mini Armor on our website and we agree that it is a heavenly match!

We have put forth some other outfit suggestions below for your reference.


Let’s Shop! Purchase Individual Outfit Items


Different buffs for different number of items

The Outfit Slot Equip Effect will work based on how many of your Character’s Appearance slots are filled with Outfit items.


In the current game, you already have the choice of buying your Outfits as individual items, and not as a set.

After the Set Effect system is revamped, you may want make use this function even more so, now that you no longer need to keep sets intact for the old Set Effect buffs.


However, in the case of Desert/ Treant Camouflage, Venecil Dress/ Karki Suit, Splat Fisher's Clothes, Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit, Venia Riding Attire, and Crafted Costumes, the original Set Effect will be applied instead of the new Outfit Slot Equip Effect.


One exception is the Canape Costume Set, from which you can get both Outfit Slot Equip Effect and the original Set Effect of Cooking EXP +15%, Cooking Time -2 sec.




Explore your style! What outfits would suit your Characters best?


We wish to keep bringing you useful and fun new updates.


Thank you!

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