Update History


Warrior Succession



Added the "Succession" content.


After Awakening the Warrior, accept the quest "[Warrior Succession] Goyen's Conviction" from the Black Spirit to start the Succession quest series.

You will learn the skill "Succession: Warrior's Spirit" which will allow you to learn more powerful Longsword and Shield skills.

You will no longer be able to use your Great Sword skills.

Added the "Succession" tab to the Skill window.

You will be able to learn and use skills in both the "Main" and "Succession" tabs. However, if there is both an "Absolute" and "Succession" versions of the same skill, you must choose as you cannot use both versions of the skill.

To learn certain Succession skills, you will first need to learn the preceding skills from the "Main" tab first.

After completing the Succession quests and learning the skill "Succession: Warrior's Spirit," you can go back and forth between Succession and Awakening skills by resetting your skills.

To go from using Succession to Awakening skills, you need to reset your skills to unlearn "Succession: Warrior's Spirit."

To go from using Awakening to Succession skills, you need to reset your skills and relearn "Succession: Warrior's Spirit."