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Update History


Star's End


Greetings adventurers,

The June 5th (Wed) update has opened access to the previously inaccessible region that is west of Calpheon territory.


The story of Star's End begins eight years ago when a meteorite made impact on the western region of Calpheon.

The meteorite came to be known as the "Blackstar" and the region around it "Star’s End."

Not long after the Blackstar crashed, the Ashen Plague emerged. The plague rotted the minds and souls of the afflicted and made them violent.

Therefore, Calpheon decided to quarantine the entire region, effectively sealing it off from the outside world.

As the years passed the existence of the plagued land slowly began to fade away from the minds of the many...


As you go adventuring into this region, you will uncover what happened to the Blackstar and Star's End in the eight years since the meteorite crash. In order to accept the Star's End main quests, which starts with “Drawn by Fate,” you must have completed all the Drieghan main quests.







New Monster Zone: Star's End




The monsters that exist in Star's End are blood-red creatures born from the Blackstar, and they are largely divided between Apostles and Harbingers.


Harbingers are known to be able to interpret the sounds of the Black Star.


They use their blood to engrave these interpretations into their language in a secret place.


Apostles are guardians of the Blackstar that block the approach of anyone who tries to extract the meteorite’s power.



Star's End is densely populated by monsters, and you must be careful as every single one of them is extremely powerful.   
The grounds of Star's End is littered with Unstable Star Debris, which if destroyed, will cause nearby monsters to lose consciousness and fall down, letting you easily defeat them.   

Be cautious as you are fighting the monsters, for when an Apostle of Immorality dies, there is a certain chance that it will absorb the dark energy of Star's End and transform into a more powerful monster.

Obtain the enhancement material for the new "Blackstar" weapons and crafting material for the new crystal "Corrupted Magic Crystal" as loot from Star's End.


New Main Weapon: Blackstar


▲The new, red-grade Blackstar main weapons


In order to craft the Blackstar weapons, you must complete the quest [Blackstar Weapon] Prohibited Area. In order to begin the quest, you need knowledge of 'The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah' and 'Remnants of the Rift' which can be obtained from Dark Rifts and golden treasure chests that appear in the field.

The Blackstar weapons can only be crafted by Dorin Morgrim, one of the Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah. Dorin Mogrim is located deep within the Abandoned Mine of the Helms Post. Therefore, adventurers who have not completed the series of quests that start with “The Three Blacksmiths,” which can be accepted after completing the Mediah main quests, will not be able to craft these weapons as well. 
Before you craft a Blackstar weapon, please note the following.

  • You need to have a character Lv.56 or higher
  • You need to have obtained the knowledge of “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah” to accept the quest [Blackstar Weapon] Prohibited Area.
  • You need to have the item, “Remnants of the Rift.” Once again “Remnants of the Rift” can be obtained at a chance by defeating all types of monsters spawning from Dark Rifts, and this item can be looted as a separate reward. (Remnants of the Rift icon will have been added to the loot pool).
  • Due to how powerful these weapons are, you need Concentrated Boss's Aura x3, which are obtained from heating world boss weapons.
  • Blackstar main weapons can only be crafted once per character.
  • Blackstar main weapons cannot be enhanced with Caphras Stones.
  • Pure Magical Black Stone is needed for Blackstar weapon enhancement attempts and can be obtained by heating together Mass of Pure Magic, Hard Black Crystal Shard, and Sharp Black Crystal Shard.
    • Mass of Pure Magic can be obtained through various ways, such as excavating at the Star's End node, grinding Black Stone (Weapon) or Black Stone (Armor), looting from the monsters of Star's End, gathering, defeating field bosses, and hunting Khalks/whales.


New Crystal: Corrupted Magic Crystal

Corrupted Magic Crystals can be transfused into sub-weapons, and if you transfuse two of them in your sub-weapon, then you can obtain an additional effect.

You can obtain Clear Blackstar Crystals from Star's End to craft Corrupted Magic Crystals. Adventurers that desire these crystals should immediately go off adventuring to Star's End! 

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