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Update History


Liana's Tool Bag

Valentine's Apprentices, Liana and her twin brother, Ludowig, have come up with an incredible invention. 
The invention of "Liana's Tool Bag" will help Adventurers who enjoy Gathering to manage their inventories and Gathering tools. 
The tool bag holds one of each type of Gathering tool. You can either press F5 or F6, or scroll your mouse wheel to conveniently engage in each type of Gathering activity by equipping the tool bag. 
Many of our Adventurers have been wanting this for a while now, and we also have been wanting to develop it, which is why it's such a pleasure to finally present this item to our Adventurers with this week's update. 
We recommend you fill up your Energy before proceeding with the quest to obtain Liana's Tool Bag as you'll need to pass a trivia quiz!

● "Liana's Tool Bag," a bag that automatically equips all tools held within to conveniently perform Gathering activities, has been invented.
- You can use the [Tool Bag] menu that will appear on the Inventory UI upon obtaining Liana's Tool Bag to store one of each type of Gathering tool. 
* Lumbering Axe, Fluid Collector, Butcher Knife, Pickaxe, Hoe, and Tanning Knife


- The Interaction button for the proper Gathering materials will appear on the Ring Menu if you get close to the Gathering materials while Liana's Tool Bag with the Gathering tools is equipped in a slot. 
- Use F5 or F6, or activate your mouse cursor and scroll the mouse wheel from the Ring Menu if you want to adjust settings for Interaction. 
* Herbs: Barehanded Gathering ↔ Gathering via a Hoe 
* Trees: Lumbering ↔ Collecting fluid
* Animals: Butchering ↔ Extracting ↔ Tanning
- The settings for Interaction for Gathering will be set until you re-adjust them. 


● There's a rumor going around about how to obtain Liana's Tool Bag. 
- Rumor says Adventurers who get recognized as a "knowledgeable Adventurer" by answering all of Liana's riddles correctly will receive a special bag invented by Valentine's Apprentices Liana and her younger twin brother, Ludowig. 
- You can accept "[Tool Bag] Liana's Invention" from the Black Spirit from Lv. 49, then find Liana to accept and complete "[Tool Bag] Liana's Trivia" Part 1 and 2 to obtain Liana's Tool Bag (once per Family). 
* [TIP] We suggest you prepare Energy Potions since a lot of energy may be consumed during the trivia quiz.   

* You cannot use Liana's Tool Bag features in Gamepad UI mode yet, but we are planning to add the features as soon as we are able to. 

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