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Bloodstorm Nouver

Bloodstorm Nouver


Nouver the Sand Tyrant will occasionally be stained by the blood of victims that died in the desert sandstorms. The tyrant is rumored to appear even more vicious than before. It is called "Bloodstorm Nouver" and is greatly feared by desert travellers, merchants, and even the military.

Bloodstorm Nouver is even more powerful than the pre-existing Nouver. It blows whirlwinds at distant Adventurers and attacks from beneath the desert sands.

Bloodstorm Nouver drops much better loot. Adventurers will be able to get up to IV Nouver Sub-weapons (possible enhancements: +0, I, II, III, IV). It also has increased drop rates for Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bars (up to 1,000G), and each type of Magical Black Stones.

Bloodstorm Nouver will have new attack patterns.


▲ Appears with a powerful storm (Left) / Fires two fire breathes right after each other (Right)

▲ Creates a phantom using the sandstorm (Left) / Cries out and summons a huge whirlwind (Right)

▲ 3 stage attack from the air (Left) / Slams down on the ground to bring utter destruction in the area (Right)

※ These images were taken using a GM character that does not receive damage to take better pictures.



Last time when we released Nightmarish Kzarka, we were worried about our adventurers' response as it was significantly harder. To our surprise, it received a lot of positive feedback from the community. Adventurers were pleased to see that we finally have a great world boss. Of course, the loots that dropped also helped in this.

We are now glad to announce to you the release of an even more powerful Nouver: the "Bloodstorm Nouver." This world boss demands quick decisions to be made with a variety of attack patterns and attacks with sharper claws and teeth. We hope it will be an exciting experience for our adventurers. We are currently working on Karanda and Kutum as well. We hope to hear a lot of suggestions and feedback for our world bosses.