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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


Balenos Main Questline Renewal

The Balenos main questline, which includes Velia, the hometown of many Adventurers, has undergone a renewal. We've added fully-voiced cutscenes, a graphical makeover for the major NPCs, reorganized the quest pathing, all for the sake of improving our focus on storytelling. We hope this renewal will help our new Adventurers better understand the world of Black Desert, and our veteran Adventurers enjoy a fresh, updated look to the Balenos main questline.
We believe updating existing content to be as important as adding new content, and we will strive to continue with improving the game.

● Renewed the Balenos Main Questline with fully-voiced cutscenes and a storyline that better fleshes out the NPCs and their relationships with each other.
- After the opening tutorial with Illezra in the desert ends, choose [Ancient Stone Chamber] instead of [Mountain of Eternal Winter] when prompted to begin this main questline. 
* Characters who chose to start in the [Mountain of Eternal Winter] must complete the "Everfrost main questline," "Sights of Mediah questline," "Succession/Awakening (Drakania only requires Succession) and skill preset questlines" to begin this questline.
- You can find the requirements of this questline under "[Balenos] Breaker of Chains" in Quests (O) - Main tab. 
- Due to the renewal, certain Knowledge entries have been modified while others have been added for the Balenos territory. 
- The Balenos main questline renewal consists of 3 branching stories.
- Completing the renewed Balenos main questline will increase your Amity with the relevant Quest NPCs.
- The renewed Balenos main questline has several Crossroad quests added which will determine the final outcome of the questline.

* Adventurers who have already started the pre-renewal Balenos main questline cannot begin the renewed main questline.
* Season characters who've completed "[Pet] Bareeds' Junaid" will need to complete "[Balenos] Dark Clouds Over Velia" to be able to select the simplified questline. 
* Lv. 1 characters who were already created before this update will need to forfeit all quests, excluding Family quests, in order to begin with the renewed Balenos main questline.


New Faces

Red Nose, the Imp Boss

After awakening in the Forest of Seclusion and wandering through the Ancient Stone Chamber, you join forces with an Imp expert to chase after the Imp Boss on a mission that will forever engrave your name in this strange new world.         

Giath, King of the Goblins

Chase after the Goblin King with Eileen, the alchemist's daughter, to unravel the mystery of the nightmares plaguing Emma, the granddaughter of Velia's chief.

The Phantom Knight

Encounter this mysterious foe in Cron Castle to discover the connection between Emma's nightmares and the fallen Kingdom of Cron.

Jarette Domongatt, Princess of Serendia

"If you would just hand over the Black Stone that was in Red Nose's possession..."


The sassy princess who would do anything for love... Will she ever open her heart to us?


Eileen, the Famous Alchemist's Daughter

"And remember, when you're in Velia, you shop at Eileen's! If I catch you around Clorince's store…"


Despite having an inferiority complex, Eileen retains a sunny disposition as she joins you in your adventure. 


Emma, the Velia Chief's Granddaughter

"Hello, my name is Emma. I'm Igor Bartali's granddaughter. You must be a guest of his."

Looking for an Adventurer who can cure Emma of her daily nightmares. 

Grusha Norc, Head of the Goblin Infiltration Task Force

"#@!!#?? $@!@@$!...!! $#$!... Ah, a Human. I'm Grusha, the head of the Velia Vigilantes' special task force."


What is to be the fate of Grusha, the man who lives as both Goblin and Human?


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