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Update History


Elvia Realm in Calpheon

Elvia Calpheon invades the live servers today.
There, you will be able to face the even more powerful Saunil, Rhutum, Giants, Hexe Skeletons, and Trolls.
Each of the old and familiar monster zones were given unique and interesting mechanic due to the "Elvia Distortion Phenomenon" and the Rift of Despair at its center.
The mechanics that can increase your efficiency are listed below, so be sure to take note of them.
Elvia Calpheon will drop materials required to obtain the new "Godr-Ayed" weapons and their enhancement materials. It also drops new loot items required to upgrade alchemy stones as well. We hope this will become a new challenge that our Adventurers will eagerly charge in to take on.
● Hadum, the God of Despair, who spread her corruption upon Serendia, has raised the cursed Black Sun bursting with destructive energies over the skies of Calpheon.
- With Calpheon corrupted by the Elvia Realm, its ecology has begun to distort.
- Saunil Camp, Rhutum Outstation, Gehaku Plain, Hexe Sanctuary, and Quint Hill have fallen to the corruption, as Hadum-infested monsters now appear in these zones.
- During combat, the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon can occur in Elvia Calpheon, which will alter the weather and affect which Shadow of Nightmares monster will spawn.
- You can loot materials for exchanging/enhancing the Godr-Ayed weapon and upgrading alchemy stones in Elvia Calpheon.
- You can loot the "Ancient Spirit Light" item from monsters, and upon purifying Rifts of Despair with it will grant you a powerful buff.

The Elvia Distortion Phenomenon

● "Rifts of Despair" have begun to tear open throughout Elvia Calpheon, causing occurrences of the so-called "Elvia Distortion Phenomenon" wherever they appear.
● Defeating monsters near a "Rift of Despair" has a low chance to cause the "Elvia Distortion Phenomenon" to occur.
● The "Elvia Distortion Phenomenon" will spawn a powerful boss monster and change the weather.
- If lightning begins to strike, Gigagord will appear with its minions.
- If icy winds begin to blow, a Cyclops boss monster will appear.
- If a meteor falls from the sky, an Ogre boss monster will appear.


▲ The Elvia Distortion Phenomenon occurs near a Rift of Despair which can be found all over Elvia Calpheon.

▲ The weather changing due to the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon

▲ Gigagord, Ogre, and Cyclops        

● When the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon occurs, defeating the following monsters will apply damage and DP reduction debuffs to the Elvia Calpheon boss monsters.
- Saunil Camp: Saunil Siege Captain, Saunil Commander, Saunil Siege Tower
- Rhutum Outstation: Glorious Rhutums, Rhutum Tower, Grand Rhutum Chief
- Primal Giant Post: Giant Fighter, Gehaku
- Hexe Sanctuary: Green Orc Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Witmirth, Hexe Marie
- Quint Hill: Ancient Troll
● Defeat the bosses of the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon to receive the "Corrupting Darkness" buff and "Remnants of Darkness" debuff.
- Corrupting Darkness: Significantly increases damage dealt to Elvia Calpheon monsters (for 5 minutes)
- Remnants of Darkness: Cannot obtain the Corrupting Darkness buff with this debuff (lasts for 30 minutes)
● Added four entries to the "Elvia's Shadow" Ecology Knowledge for Elvia Calpheon.
- Defeat the following Shadows of Nightmares from the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon to obtain Ecology Knowledge entries.
- Kitskala, Calestra, Charpene, Gigagord

Ancient Spirit Light

● Defeating monsters in Elvia Calpheon has a low chance to drop the "Ancient Spirit Light" item, which can be used to purify Rifts of Despair\.
- Using the Ancient Spirit Light near a Rift of Despair will grant the "Blessing of the Ancient Spirits" buff, which greatly increases your damage for 5 minutes.
* Blessing of the Ancient Spirits: Significantly increases damage dealt to Elvia Calpheon monsters during the buff duration
- The Ancient Spirit Light item will last for 6 hours once looted and will disappear once the duration is over.
- Using the Ancient Spirit Light without a Rift of Despair nearby will not grant any buff.
- The Corrupting Darkness buff cannot stack with the Blessing of the Ancient Spirits.


Elvia Calpheon Monster Zones
Saunil Camp
Recommended AP/DP Zone Info
270 AP
330 DP
Defeat Hadum-infested Saunils and the Saunils will charge with siege towers to take down the flags of Calpheon.
Defeat the Saunil Siege Towers and enraged Saunil soldiers will rush in to attack Adventurers and Calpheon's soldiers.
Defeat all of the enraged Saunils to obtain a buff near the flag that greatly increases your damage. 
▲ Defeat enough Saunils and they'll bring out their siege towers.
▲ Destroy the siege towers and enraged Saunils will rush in.
▲ Defeat all the enraged Saunils!
[TIP] Once the Calpheon flag is safe, you can obtain its buff.
(Extra AP Against Monster +10)
Rhutum Outstation
Recommended AP/DP Zone Info
280 AP
360 DP
Defeat all the Glorious Rhutum guarding the Rhutum flag and Rhutum warriors will rush in.
Defeat all the Rhutum warriors and the Rhutum will retreat after burning the supply boxes. Destroy these boxes before they burn down to obtain their loot.
Destroy the three Rhutum watchtowers installed near Rhutum flags to summon the Rhutum Wizard, untouched by Hadum's corruption, who will cast a barrier buff to reduce damage taken from monsters for Adventurers.
Defeat Rhutum for a low chance to summon the Grand Rhutum Chief.
▲ Defeat [Glorious] Rhutum near the flag and more Rhutum will rush in.
▲ Defeat the Rhutum and even stronger Rhutum will rush in.
▲ Defeat all the Rhutum and destroy the supply boxes to obtain additional loot.
[TIP] Defeat the three watchtowers near the flag and a Rhutum Wizard will cast a barrier that will grant a damage reduction buff.
Gehaku Plain
Recommended AP/DP Zone Info
290 AP
370 DP
Defeat Giants and "World-weary Souls" will appear. The more souls gather, the more powerful Giants will rush in.
Once enough souls have gathered, Ravening Giants will rush in to steal the souls, which ultimately ends with the Giant Fighter appearing.
Defeat the Giant Fighter to free the souls who grant an attack/cast speed buff and also has a low chance to summon Gehaku. 
▲ Defeat the Giants and World-weary Souls will appear.
▲ Defeat Giants near the World-weary Souls, harvesting their resentment to summon more powerful Giants.
▲ Defeat the Giants and the Giant Fighter will appear.
▲ Defeat the Giant Fighter to free the souls for their buff and summon Gehaku (low chance).
(Attack Speed +15% during its duration, Casting Speed +15% during its duration)
Hexe Sanctuary
Recommended AP/DP Zone Info
300 AP
390 DP
A new form of death spreads throughout Hexe Sanctuary corrupted by Hadum's influence.
Fueled by Hadum's aura, "Hexe Marie" keeps a watchful gaze on all intruders to her sanctuary.
Howling Dead Green Orc Skeleton Warriors command nearby undead to attack Adventurers.
Struggling with Hadum's corruption, Soul Harvester Skeleton Witmirth appears, craving intact souls.
- Defeat the Hexe undead and "Soul of the Dead" will appear where they fall. Soul Harvester Skeleton Witmirth will collect these souls.
- You cannot attack Skeleton Witmirth if it hasn't harvested enough souls.
- Once Soul Harvester Skeleton Witmirth has harvested enough "Souls of the Dead," it will crave the soul of Adventurers and attack.
Souls harvested by the Soul Harvester Skeleton Witmirth will summon forth even more undead.
- Defeat Unstable Soul Green Orc Skeleton Warriors and their souls will explode to deal much damage to undead nearby.
Once enough deathly energy has gathered, Hexe Marie will appear herself to mercilessly attack Adventurers.
- "Hexe Marie" will demand "Skeleton Soldiers" nearby to sacrifice themselves for her.
- The souls of these "Skeleton Soldiers" will explode to show their devotion.
- These explosions will deal powerful damage to Adventurers and undead alike.
▲ Defeat the undead near [Soul Harvester] Skeleton Witmirth, who will harvest their souls.
* Unable to attack/take damage
▲ Once Skeleton Witmirth has harvested enough souls, it will attack the Adventurer. Defeat Skeleton Witmirth and the undead will rush in.
▲ Continue the fight and Hexe Marie will appear to attack the Adventurer with more undead.
[TIP] [Soulless] red-blinking undead will explode if they get too close to an Adventurer.
The ensuing explosion deals much damage to both Adventurers and undead nearby.
Quint Hill
Recommended AP/DP Zone Info
310 AP
400 DP
Once an Ancient Troll's HP goes below a certain point, it will unleash its HP to charge its Stamina. Petrified Trolls nearby hit by this burst will awaken. Awakened Ancient Trolls will also gain a powerful DP buff for a short time immediately after their resurrection.
Sealed Troll Shamans remain dormant but if destroyed, will petrify all Trolls nearby, applying a DP Reduction debuff as well.
* Once risen, Ancient Trolls will not return to a petrified state, but a paralyzed one.
▲ Defeat 3 Trolls near an Ancient Troll to disturb its slumber.
▲ Defeat the risen Ancient Troll to break the seal of petrified Trolls, who will rush in.
The Ancient Troll will resurrect from its slumber in a moment to attack the Adventurer once more.
▲ Sealed Troll Shamans do not attack Adventurers, and petrify those around it when it falls.
[TIP] Use the Troll Shaman's petrification effect to easily take down a large number of Trolls at once.
● Added new materials which drop from all monster zones in Elvia Calpheon.
- Scorching Sun Shard: material used to craft Scorching Sun Crystal (for exchanging Godr-Ayed weapons) and Scorching Sun Gemstone (for enhancing Godr-Ayed weapons).
- Crystalized Despair: material used to craft "Blessed Soul Fragment" for upgrading alchemy stones.
- Corrupted Breath: material processed via Simple Alchemy with "Frenzy Draught" to make "Frenzy Draught of Corruption."

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