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Update History


Tier 5 Pets


 The Adventurer's faithful companions can now be trained to Tier 5 and also be appointed as Alpha Pets.
You can now train Tier 4 pets up to Tier 5 pets, who will also gain the ability to be appointed as Alpha Pets.

Alpha Pets will keep other pets in your pack in line to make sure they will all work together to aid you in your adventures.
The Alpha Pet's Talent will increase by 1 additional level, and their "Pack Leader" skill will increase the looting speed of all of your other pets nearby.

You can only appoint one Tier 5 pet as the alpha, and any other Tier 5 pets checked out will display the same stats as other Tier 4 pets.

We originally designed the Tier 5 pets to boast a greater variety of skills or effects, akin to an upgraded Tier 4 pet, so to speak.
However, we felt that the process to "upgrade" to a Tier 5 pet would prove too taxing on our Adventurers, so we decided to change the focus to increasing the pet looting speeds.

We bid you happy adventuring with your cute pets and their alpha pack leader.


  • Added Tier 5 Pet Training and Alpha Pets.
    • You can now train Tier 4 pets into Tier 5 pets.
    • Tier 5 pets gain the ability to be appointed as Alpha Pets by the Adventurer.
    • An Alpha Pet's Talent will increase by 1 additional level, and their "Pack Leader" skill will increase the looting speed of all active pets nearby.

Tier 5 Pet Training Questline

  • You can now train Lv. 10 Tier 4 pets to Tier 5 through Obi Bellen at the Old Wisdom Tree in Kamasylvia.
    • Summon the Black Spirit (,) to accept the "[Pet] Domesticated Squabbles" quest. Complete it to unlock the "Tier 5 Pet Training" button through Obi Bellen.
      • You can start this quest from Lv. 50 via the Black Spirit (,) and can check your progress through Quests (O) - Suggested tab.
      • Make sure you've ticked [Life] quests under Quest Type if you cannot see the quests.

Tier 5 Pet Training

  • Training a Tier 5 pet requires one "Royal Plume." You can craft one via Simple Alchemy (L).
Simple Alchemy Product
Magical Shard x40
Growth Reagent x10
Fine Lightweight Plume x800

Royal Plume
* You can purchase "Growth Reagents" from Old Moon shops for 60 million Silver each.

Royal Plume Crafting Details

Item How to Obtain
Growth Reagent
Purchase from an Old Moon shop for 60 million Silver each.
* You can find the nearest Old Moon shop by looking for "Old Moon Manager" via Function (F8) - Find NPC in the menu.
Magical Shard
Use Heating (L) on "Sealed Black Magic Crystal" or other Black Magic Crystals of yellow item grade.
* You can find where Sealed Black Magic Crystals drop via Adventure (F5) - Monster Zone Info in the menu.
Fine Lightweight Plume
Use Filtering (L) with items such as Lightweight Plume, Soft Ferri Feather, and Soft Kuku Bird Plume.
You can gather Lightweight Plume and Soft Ferri Feather by skinning Ferris and Ferricas of Navarn Steppe.
* You will need certain Filtering knowledge to successfully filter this plume.
You can obtain this knowledge by completing Quests (O) - Suggested - "[Life] [Certificate] Training Paradigm."

● Once you acquire a Royal Plume and have your Lv. 10 Tier 4 pet checked in, you will be able to train a Tier 5 pet through Obi Bellen.
- Tier 5 pet training will always succeed.
- Tier 5 pets do not gain a special appearance or skill. (You can still use Pet Appearance Change Coupons.)


Alpha Pets

  • You can appoint one of your Tier 5 pets as the Alpha Pet through the pet window.
    • You can appoint a Tier 5 pet that is checked in as your alpha by pressing the crown-shaped icon.
    • Alpha Pets grant the following effects when checked out.
      • Pack Leader: Loot cooldown -15% for active pets
      • Talent Lv. +1: The Alpha Pet's Talent gains one additional level.
        • e.g.) Combat EXP +4% → +5% / HP +100 → +125
      • Special skills (Fishing cooldown reduced, gathering amount increase, etc.) are not affected.
      • Tier 5 pets who have not been appointed as alpha will retain the same stats as a Tier 4 pet.
      • Tier 5 pets cannot be exchanged with any other pets after training is complete.


Pet Group Name Edit

  • Added a feature to change pet group names.
    • Press the Rename Group button at the bottom of the pet list window to change the name of each group.
    • Each group's name will be displayed on the group button tooltips.
  • Changed the pet group name to be displayed in yellow in the description text if you've named them.


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