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Update History


Heart of Kutum

● Added the new item "Heart of Kutum," which contains the might of Thundercloud Kutum.


- The Heart of Kutum is used to upgrade sub-weapons. The upgraded sub-weapons will gain the "Earthshaking" prefix.
- "Earthshaking" sub-weapons gain the "Special Attack Evasion Rate +7%" effect.
- The Heart of Kutum is dropped as loot by Thundercloud Kutum according to a set probability.
- "Fiery" sub-weapons cannot be upgraded further with the Heart of Kutum.
- You can use the Mirror of Equilibrium via blacksmiths in each of the towns and cities to extract the Heart of Kutum from "Earthshaking" sub-weapons.
* With the addition of the Earthshaking sub-weapons, the Old Moon Guild manager Jetina has new quests, "Old Moon's Resplendent Sub-weapon: Earthshaking Sub-weapons" and "Old Moon's Brilliant Sub-weapon: PEN (V) Earthshaking Sub-weapons" to exchange them.


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