Update History


Rift's Echo

Added Rift's Echo, a [Party] Boss Summon Scroll only for Season Servers.


Rift's Echo can be obtained by combining 5 Rift's Fragments. Rift's Fragments can be gathered from defeating monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan, as well as from Savage Rifts.

Rift's Echo can only be used in Season Servers, and using Rift's Echo will summon waves of Violent Boss monsters. Defeating the Violent Boss will grant items that will further aid your Season Character's growth.

Rift's Echo consists of 3 total stages. Completing the Rift's Echo's 2nd stage has a low chance to summon special monsters from the rift, and defeating certain monsters within the given time limit will grant an item that will definitely help you in growing stronger. During the Rift's Echo's 3rd stage, a Most Violent Boss has a low chance to appear. These bosses are quite powerful, yet defeating them will grant better quality loot compared to other 3rd stage Rift's Echo bosses.

Bosses that are drawn to the Rift's Echo are all Violent, so we recommend facing them with a party.

※ Rift's Fragments can only be obtained on Season Servers.